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Spendency is an easy-to-use and effective spend analysis tool that gives you an excellent overview of, and also deep insight into, your company’s cost base. This helps you make good analyses and create a better understanding for both you and others, in your efforts to create better business for your company. Spendency is a modern spend analysis tool and differs from its competitors in three significant ways: user-friendliness, self-service and cost.
Spendency was launched onto the Swedish market in 2015 and has already become the most-used spend analysis system in the Nordic countries. Spendency has over 1000 users, manages a total spend of around EUR 50 billion, and has less than one support issue per week. Spendency is now used in over 10 countries. Our cloud-based system is highly valued, primarily because it is so intuitive, functional and cost-effective. It generally takes less than a month to implement it into a medium-sized company.
The system has been designed by purchasers who have solid backgrounds in analysis, in order to enable everyone to work with factual purchases. We are passionate about what we do, and everything we do centers around purchasing and how this field can be used better, more smoothly and more efficiently. Using Spendency for your spend analysis means that you always have factual data for your strategic purchasing work. It has never been easier to show the actual value that purchasing contributes!

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