The Smart Cube

No 1. Farriers Yard, 77 Fulham Palace Road | London, Greater London | W6 8JA United Kingdom
020 3301 3940
Provides solutions and/or services in the following categories:

The Smart Cube is a global provider of research and analytics solutions, primarily serving the CPG, energy and chemicals, financial services, industrials, life sciences and retail sectors.

Addressing the needs of businesses in the intelligence age, our customised solutions provide a truly connected approach, delivered by talented minds and strengthened by Amplifi, our organisational intelligence platform, rich with knowledge, cutting-edge tools and advanced analytics.

We work with a third of companies in the FTSE and Fortune 100, helping them make smarter decisions, accelerate value and gain a competitive edge.

We are headquartered in the UK with additional offices in the USA, Switzerland, Romania and India.

The Smart Cube has a strong procurement and supply chain heritage, with solutions including:
– Category Excellence: Achieve your goals faster. Our integrated, dynamic solution delivers proactive, category-specific insights, all bespoke to you and your business.
– Commodity Volatility: Manage your exposure to commodity price risk. Our leading-edge solution provides frontline support so you can plan your budget and drive cost avoidance.
– Supply Chain Excellence: Understand, map and connect disparate data to unearth opportunities to optimise, strengthen and enforce decisions across your supply chain.
– Supplier Engagement: Measure, analyse and manage the performance of your strategic and critical suppliers. Drive continuous improvement and innovation.

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