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Vroozi strives to bring better business purchasing to all. As a web-responsive platform, Vroozi takes procurement management online. Now users can compare, purchase, and approve with real-time analytics from any device.

Vroozi is easy. Purchasing becomes simple with a familiar, user-friendly shopping platform. (No training needed!) Purchasers can shop by budget, cross-supplier comparisons, and contracts for savings and impressive ROI. Approvals are easy with automatic routing and access to approve from any device. Vroozi seamlessly integrates with existing systems like ERP and SRM and can build and upload a supplier catalog in minutes.

Vroozi empowers procurement managers to make better spending decisions. Full invoice and receipt management systems mean you’ll never waste money on duplicate or incorrect invoices again. Instead of wasting hours on a manual filing system, every invoice is right at your fingertips. Spend Analytics provide user-friendly, powerful insights into every business spend category for ultimate visibility. You now have access to a wealth of information to rely on for strategic spending and sourcing. Vroozi is all about empowering purchasers, while saving time and money.

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Spend Matters 50/50: Vroozi – A Provider to Watch in 2015

Spend Matters Almanac There’s no shortage of tech vendors in the purchase-to-pay (P2P) market, an area of procurement technology that on the surface would appear somewhat commoditized. But the nuance we can affix to transactional shopping and buying in a corporate setting can be as complex and dizzying as the different types of businesses that procurement serves. And increasingly, procurement is serving its customers in more and more ways. Vroozi – funny name, serious product (and customers) – is one such e-procurement provider making a growing name for itself among a small community of P2P process owner connoisseurs that value certain features, such as putting forth a full mobile-first vision for buying – as well as managing the true complexities of complex catalog procurement and all of the content management and control requirements it brings. Vroozi is not all things to all people. A suite? Nope. A full accounts payable (A/P) automation and global e-invoicing suite? Not yet. But for those organizations that want to push the limits of what transactional buying will look like, Vroozi’s capability is compelling – and its vision is unique. We’re excited to name Vroozi to our 50 Vendors to Watch list. Organizations that are likely to gravitate to Vroozi include:
  • Firms looking to replace legacy e-procurement tools with the latest in search, shopping and catalog management capability
  • Organizations that want to apply a buying front-end to ERP systems, including SAP
  • Those with a distributed and/or field-based structure with employees working outside of an office environment and favoring mobile platforms as the dominant form for shopping, ordering and buying
  • Companies that want to add a creative wildcard to their e-procurement shortlist compared with better-known providers
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