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When is the Best Time to Automate Supplier Payments?

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Karla Friede, co-founder and CEO of Nvoicepay.

Today’s cloud payment solutions are relatively easy to implement, and deliver such a large return for a nominal investment, that there’s never truly a bad time to automate supplier payments. But the best time is when accounts payable (AP) can take a leadership role, rather than having automation thrust upon them by circumstances. This is an opportunity for a rare career win for accounting.

Calculate Your True Savings Target Using Predictive Analytics


Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Maulick Dave, of GEP.

One of the most popular KPIs used to measure the performance of a procurement organization is savings realized. However, the magnitude of the savings projected at the goal setting phase for the year, or at the start of a sourcing project, is often looked upon with skepticism. How can you verify such cases and set a practical savings target that will improve your planning and decision-making abilities?

Leveling the Playing Field with a Purely Vendor-Neutral Contingent Workforce Management Model

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Allie Ben-Shlomo, executive vice president and chief operating officer at PRO Unlimited.

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries continue to face dramatic operational transformations as competition for talent remains fierce, yet pressure to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and substantiate value continues to ramp up. As the war for talent continues to be waged, developing a cohesive contingent workforce strategy supporting total workforce management will ensure your company is leveraging proven best practices to access talent, drive savings and efficiencies and mitigate risks.

A Little Bump in SAP That Can Make Your Planning Crash


Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Daniel Martinez, manager at GEP.

Over the last 10 years there has been a surge in ERP implementation based on supply chain transformation projects, aiming to get complete and correct information about the flow of goods. But how effective have these implementations been in delivering results?

Accounts Payable: The New Tax Department

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Steve Sprague, vice president of product strategy at Invoiceware International.

As governments worldwide continue the fight against tax fraud, they are requiring more and more data from enterprises, even down to the individual invoice level. In fact, a recent EY survey on “VAT/GST electronic filing and data extraction” reported that 16 countries currently require taxpayers to submit individual tax invoices to the tax authority — and that number is only showing signs of growing.

Worried About Third-Party Risk Management? Your Procurement Team Can Help!


Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Wayne Weil, director, performance improvement at Alvarez & Marsal.

One of the hottest topics in the financial services regulatory world is third-party risk management (3PRM). While regulated firms scramble to meet new guidelines, they may be surprised to find there is a group within their organization that has been working to accomplish many of the same goals for years: the procurement organization. The people, processes and tools found within most procurement organizations can provide a powerful complement to the compliance organization’s third-party risk management aims. As firms grapple with developing compliant 3PRM programs, they would be well served to partner with their procurement teams to jump-start the implementation, as well as to capture the additional hard-dollar benefits that have been the yardstick for success in traditional vendor management.

5 Reasons Your Marketing Procurement Strategy is Doomed

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Peter Portanova, senior project analyst for Source One Management Services.

Marketing Spend: The last bastion holding out against procurement’s advances. Looking toward this previously untamed category, you dust off your copy of “Sourceror’s Guide to the Galaxy” and pick the ideal strategies for wrangling this seemingly unmanaged spend. You are riding a high from recently optimized spend in the MRO, HR, and IT categories, where your tried-and-true classic approaches have proven themselves time and again. The expectation for marketing is no different; however, like dominos, countless strategies topple, expectations are not met and stakeholders are disappointed with your efforts. So where did you go wrong?

Procurement Lessons From the Cast of Friends


Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Nitin Khandelwal, manager, consulting, at GEP.

I am a huge fan of the NBC sitcom Friends. Who isn’t? Such has been the craze of the show and the characters that even after 12 years of the show getting off air, it’s still a part of our daily lives and conversations and it still runs on our TV with high TRPs. There is never a dull moment on Friends, but was the show all about situational comedy? I believe we as procurement professionals have a whole lot to learn from each of the characters on the show.

Why You Need to Push Your Business Through the Pain of Transformation


Spend Matters welcomes this guest post by Conrad Smith, senior director of global procurement at Adobe. Like running, procurement transformation can be painful at first, but it’s worth it. Here’s how, and why, you should be pushing for transformation in your people, your processes and your systems; in procurement, or whatever else you own.