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The closest thing to a household name in procurement and supply chain, Jason has led the charge as an advocate, futurist and evangelist since the 1990s. Initially at FreeMarkets and then an adviser to Ariba and other firms, Jason branched out on his own to establish the Spend Matters brand (parent company: Azul Partners), which emerged to become the largest news and information portal covering the sector. Over the years, Azul Partners has expanded this digital portfolio to 12 affiliated properties including leading titles such as Spend Matters UK/Europe, MetalMiner and Public Spend Forum, making it one of the largest independent B2B digital media firms. Jason divides his time between research, speaking, corporate finance advisory and mentoring dozens of firms and procurement organizations in the industry. Prior to Azul Partners and FreeMarkets, Jason worked in consulting and merchant banking. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. Personal investment disclosures: Azul Partners, Inc., Public Spend Forum, LLC, Remitia Ltd., RJSL Group LLC, Sigaria Ltd., Spare to Share, LLC, Spendata LLC, SpendLead, Inc., Spend Matters Europe Ltd., Spend Matters Group, LLC.

Final Thoughts From Zycus Horizon: It’s All About the Customer

Zycus Horizon The more time I spend in and around technology companies, the more I am struck by the dichotomy of vendors that tend to fall into two camps regarding R&D and technology investment. To wit, there are those that spend nearly all their time listening to customers to guide investment decisions and there are those that take the opposite approach by focusing on disruptive innovation that they believe customers will want to consume.

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Which Factors Do Not Define a Complex Sourcing Process?

- October 8, 2015 6:38 AM | Categories: Complex Categories, Research Download, Sourcing

complex sourcing Before diving into what defines a complex sourcing process or initiative, it is instructive to consider what does not. That helps illustrate the issues and clears up some of the confusion that is often seen around sourcing exercises. While there are several critical factors that may make a sourcing process seem complex, few of them are enough to drive true sourcing complexity as Peter Smith defines it in his paper, What defines complex sourcing – and why does it matter?

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Defining a Process for Strategically Sourcing VMS and Services Procurement Technology

- October 8, 2015 2:37 AM | Categories: Services Procurement & Contingent Labor, Sourcing, Technology

mark-516277_640 Today, we conclude our Spend Matters Plus series on sourcing VMS by exploring approaches and tactics to strategically source services procurement technology, including the VMS, and the best-practice role of an MSP in a sourcing process, either independent or inclusive of technology and managed services.

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Zycus Horizon: Welcoming a New P2P Vendor

- October 7, 2015 6:25 AM | Categories: P2P, Solution Providers

innovation It’s about time. Zycus has finally gone mainstream with a full source-to-pay (S2P) suite inclusive of e-procurement after years of almost apologetically positioning procure to pay (P2P) as a beta product — albeit one that was generally available — as it patiently took the time to get the solution right by working closely with early users.

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Will Zycus Build Toward a PaaS Vision, Open Network and Virtualized Suite?

- October 7, 2015 2:39 AM | Categories: Analysis, Innovation, Solution Providers, Technology

binary-system Tuesday at Zycus Horizon, the provider articulated an early vision around platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to connect its applications with the outside world alongside a supplier network approach that will serve as a single portal interface (and more) for procurement and suppliers to enable walk-up open or invited registration, transactional document exchange/connectivity, supplier search/discovery and more. In this Spend Matters PRO article, we talk about how Zycus has an opportunity to become a virtualized suite and PaaS alternative to other procurement technology providers in the market.

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Xchanging’s Procurement Assets: Time to Sell?

- October 7, 2015 2:00 AM | Categories: Analysis, Industry News, Solution Providers

Pay-Off Spend Matters believes a combination of market dynamics and management shifts within Xchanging — for which Capita and Apollo recently made offers — would make it an opportune time to consider placing the procurement assets in different hands in the coming months. Here's why.

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Siri, Procurement and Natural Language Search: Zycus Horizon 2015

big data When building out broad capabilities, vendors often fail to play to their core strengths across the range of capabilities on offer. Zycus is hoping not to make the same mistake as it incorporates capabilities from the artificial intelligence and auto-classification technology that it pioneered in procurement going back well over a decade ago in the spend classification area. Leveraging and extending these capabilities, Zycus is building natural language capability into procurement-centric search. Think of it as Siri for corporate procurement.

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A Common Supplier Portal Vision at Zycus Horizon

- October 6, 2015 11:00 AM | Categories: Conferences, eProcurement / Procurement, Industry News, Technology

supplier portal Rework should be a supplier’s middle name. In today’s procurement technology world, suppliers are expected to log into multiple portals to check on invoice status, inquire about payments, register their interest in working with organizations, collaborate around performance management and development initiatives and more. Through both its application and supplier network vision, Zycus is hoping to tackle some of these inefficiencies today by providing a common portal for suppliers to work with buying organizations.

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The BIQ Legacy – Affordable Spend Analysis

- October 6, 2015 8:13 AM | Categories: Analytics, Contract Management, Technology

big data Since BIQ launched its spend analysis offering roughly a decade ago, other providers have also attempted to move into affordable spend analysis. I was in London for a quick trip in September and had the chance to catch up briefly with James Courtis-Pond of AnyData Solutions. AnyData, which we’ll be featuring a deep-dive review on in the coming weeks on Spend Matters PRO, is an end-to-end analytics platform that can be used for spend, customer and sales and other analytical applications.

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Plunging Into and Analyzing the Solution Roadmap at Zycus Horizon

Zycus Horizon Suite is the word of the day at Zycus Horizon 2015. As Aatish Dedhia, Zycus’ CEO, put it earlier today during his keynote, the “integration of operational and strategic procurement is critical.” Zycus’ suite vision is a bit different from competitors that tend to emphasize modular strengths. In contrast, Zycus emphasizes integration over the sum of the parts and the underlying stack-level innovations that tie it together in new ways.

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Aatish Dedhia Comments on Vision, Roadmap and More at Zycus Horizon

Zycus Earlier Monday morning, Zycus CEO Aatish Dedhia shared his firm’s vision and product roadmap in a speech that could have been taken in one of two ways by the audience. On the one hand, Aatish came off as highly conservative, offering almost a “fast follower” perspective on building out his firm’s suite of products on a modular basis that sounds identical to peers. But on the other hand, Aatish dove into the core of Zycus’ technology and innovation outside of simply modular areas by showing the “how” and not just the “what.”

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Zycus Horizon: Walking Drunk, Procurement and More

- October 5, 2015 9:35 AM | Categories: Commentary, Conferences, Sourcing, Technology

Zycus Early this morning, I landed in Atlanta, on route to the Zycus Horizon event, held at a resort in Reynolds Plantation, Georgia, outside of the city. Horizon is Zycus’ annual customer event, and the majority of speakers are Zycus customers, using everything from Zycus’ original spend classification solution to its modern modular source-to-pay suite. Zycus puts a tremendous amount into this event every year, and I’ve had the pleasure of attending it going back to the inaugural conference.

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