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Sourcing and Engaging Business Talent — Platform It!

The dreaded "talent gap" is here and plaguing businesses everywhere, calling for the need to rethink the ways in which you engage and work with highly-skilled talent. Andrew Karpie, research director of services and labor procurement at Spend Matters, has more in the complimentary research brief: The Role of Platforms in Sourcing and Engaging Business Talent.

This paper covers the following:

  • The struggle enterprises are facing in finding highly-skilled, specialized talent
  • New changes in employment arrangements
  • Why traditional talent intermediaries are no longer an optimal solution
  • How platform intermediaries are offering a solution that is low cost, yet yields better outcomes

Labor Automation & The Contingent Workforce Opportunity – Webinar April 6


The on-demand economy has grown to a multi-billion dollar entity, calling in spades for businesses everywhere, no matter the size, to utilize a flexible workforce. How are these companies adopting the technology and governance necessary to build this contingent workforce?

Join Andrew Karpie, research director of services and labor procurement at Spend Matters, and Mousa Ackall of Work Market on Thursday, April 6 at 12 p.m. Central for Labor Automation & The Contingent Workforce Opportunity.

This presentation will analyze how leading businesses are overhauling their outdated labour sourcing management processes and onboarding the software necessary to enhance productivity and drive revenue.

Key Procurement Software Trends for S2P, Contract Management: Still Time to Register


The case study results are in. The University of Chicago Medicine (UCM) deployed a source-to-pay (S2P) contract management technology platform to address their non-labor expenditure reductions. Spend Matters' Xavier Olivera will join the discussion to address the key procurement software trends within the S2P landscape. This webinar will take place March 8th, at 1 p.m. CST, and is sponsored by Ivalua.

Save on Indirect Spend via New Technologies: Webinar Wednesday

The University of Chicago's School of Medicine saved $12 million after successfully deploying a cloud-contract management technology platform. How did they do it, and how can you apply their strategies to your organization? We have the case study results and will present them this Wednesday, March 8, at 1 p.m. CST, during the Spend Matters webinar Keeping Pulse of Your Suppliers and Contracts Using Technology. Sign up today!

Deploying S2P Procurement Software Yields Big Savings: Case Study Results

category management

Join Spend Matters, MetalMiner, Ivalua and the University of Chicago Medicine for our upcoming webinar that will outline the results of a case study on UChicagoMed's successful deployment of a cloud-contract management technology platform. Spoiler alert: It yielded major savings. Xavier Olivera of Spend Matters Mexico-Latin America will frame the discussion with the evolution of procurement software in the S2P software landscape, spend management trends in healthcare and more.

New Research: Bridging the Contract Lifecycle Management Technology Gap

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) has its fair share of technology dedicated to it, but unfortunately not all of it addresses the comprehensive set of issues facing procurement professionals. In fact, much of the technology focuses too much on the contract while neglecting the lifecycle management aspect. In response, Spend Matters and SirionLabs have teamed up for Where Contract Lifecycle Management Technology Approaches Come up Short and How to Fix Them. This complimentary research brief is now available for download, and it provides a reimagining of CLM technology to drive engagement and value in your commercial relationships.

Emerging Procurement Platform Trends and Technologies: Webinar Tomorrow

Is your procurement function using a platform-inspired approach to transcend savings from simply spend management? If not, then now might be the time. Join Pierre Mitchell and Julien Nadaud, chief product officer at Determine, tomorrow at 10 a.m. CST for Designing the Procurement Virtual Factory — Reinventing Procurement Through a Platform. Pierre and Julien will focus on the digital requirements to support new procurement and spend approaches, as well as how technology firms are trying to cope in a brave new world.

Reinventing Procurement by Platform: Pierre Mitchell Joins Upcoming Webinar

We don't have to reinvent procurement, but we do need to reinvent how it's made. On Wednesday, February 22 at 10am Central, our own Pierre Mitchell will join Julien Nadaud, chief product officer at Determine, for an in-depth discussion and debate on emerging procurement platform trends and technologies. Designing the Procurement Virtual Factory – Reinventing Procurement Through a Platform will specifically focus on the digital requirements to support new approaches, as well as how technology firms are coping with a new frontier. What can you take away from this webinar? Read on!

Trump, Digital and Commodities — Which is the Riskiest Risk of Them All? Webinar Today!

There is still time remaining to register for today's webinar with Jason Busch and Pierre Mitchell. The Supply Chain Devil's Dozen: Top 12 Supplier Risks for 2017 will show 2016 the door and usher in 2017 as it relates to the supply chain and supplier risks, including areas of focus for your organization to succeed in the new year.

How should procurement organizations shift their investments and strategies to account for major global changes? How can you map these risks to their underlying causes? Get your questions answered by the Spend Matters analyst team by attending today's presentation.

Sign up here!

Top 10 (And Then Some) Supplier Risks for this Year: Webinar Tomorrow!

Join Jason Busch (founder and head of strategy at Spend Matters) and Pierre Mitchell (chief research officer) tomorrow at 12 p.m. Central for The Supply Chain Devil's Dozen: Top 12 Supplier Risks for 2017.

What does 2017 have in store for your organization? When it comes to supply chain and supplier risks, Spend Matters analysts believe you have 12 areas to focus on for the year ahead.

How can you shift your investments and strategies to account for major global changes? How do you "map" these risks to their underlying causes and to the causes of different types of risk?

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Technology Solutions for Self-Sourcing Independent Talent: Webinar Today


Today at 1 p.m. CST, join our resident contingent workforce management expert, Andrew Karpie, research director, services and labor procurement at Spend Matters, for Self-Sourcing Talent Goes Mainstream: How Technology Gives Procurement and Operations an Advantage. What are the current developments in talent self-sourcing? What technology solutions are at your disposal? What does the future hold? Andrew will answer these plus any questions from you, the audience.