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Ask the Expert is Back: Intellectual Property, Patents, and Proprietary Procurement Solutions

- July 15, 2014 9:03 AM | Categories: Ask the Expert

We’ve been running a series on patents in procurement solutions in general, and Ariba’s stash of IP goodies in particular (check in on Spend Matters to read them). This week’s Ask the Expert, run by Thomas Kase, VP Research at Spend Matters is more of his layman’s perspective on Ariba’s cache of patents, what they cover, and who might be in violation. Plus and PRO members, this one's for you! Click on through to register.

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Live This Thursday: Strategies for VMS and Services Procurement Selection in the New ERP World

- June 18, 2014 6:01 AM | Categories: Ask the Expert

Don't forget! Procurement school is in session this Thursday, with Jason Busch giving a live 20-minute webinar titled Fieldglass and SAP: Prepare for SAP Dominance, or Hedge Your Bets? What is the vision of the combination? What does the Spend Matters team think of it? What are potential solution scenarios? We'd love to see you on Thursday from 1-1:30pm Central.

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Join Jason Busch Live on Thursday: Prepare for SAP Dominance, or Hedge Your Bets?

- June 17, 2014 9:03 AM | Categories: Ask the Expert

Fieldglass and SAP: should you prepare for SAP dominance, or hedge your bets...or both? Jason Busch will be live this Thursday from 1-2pm Central to give some background on scenarios for services procurement and ERP (all in 20 minutes or less). This webinar is open to all procurement practitioners and Spend Matters Plus/PRO members, so get in while the getting is good! Specifically, he'll dive into the vision of the combination, our commentary/analysis, potential solution scenarios (e.g. what might a services procurement marketplace look like), and strategies for VMS and services procurement selection in the new ERP world. Click through to register!

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This Friday: Jason Busch and Thomas Kase Live Q&A on Selectica and Iasta

- June 10, 2014 6:11 AM | Categories: Ask the Expert, Procurement Commentary

We've written a ton of content on the Selectica/Iasta deal since it was announced late last Thursday, and this Friday we're putting together a special Ask the Expert Q&A session with Jason Busch and Thomas Kase. They'll be online from 9-9:30am Central this Friday to take a look at Iasta’s and Selectica’s combined technology assets and how they compare to those of peers and competitors before taking your questions about the deal and broader landscape. Spend Matters Plus/PRO members, click on through to register.

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Procurement School This Week: Proposals, Bids, and Tenders, Oh My!

- May 28, 2014 9:06 AM | Categories: Ask the Expert

Last week's short-format Ask the Expert webinar proved so successful and popular that we're forging forth. On the docket this week? Bids and tenders in 20 minutes or less. From this week's expert, Peter Smith (of Spend Matters UK/Europe): "Bids and tenders are a much neglected element of the procurement toolkit, and one that is far more strategically important than most people realise. Find out why - and hear about the illogicality of many price scoring methods. Plus, we'll share the two factors that most organisations forget when they're choosing the 'best' bid." Plus and PRO members, join us this Friday, May 30, 2014 from 10-10:20am Central for some quick-hit info on bids and tenders.

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You. Jason Busch. Spend Analysis. 20 Minutes. Join Us.

- May 22, 2014 9:25 AM | Categories: Ask the Expert, Spend Analysis

If you'd like to join us for our quick-hit Get Smart on Procurement Briefing Series: Spend Analysis (in 20 minutes or less) webinar tomorrow at 10am Central, then you might want to consider registering now. As you may have read previously, Jason Busch is going to dust off his undergraduate and graduate degrees in history (yes, he once studied something entirely impractical) to provide an entertaining yet nuanced look at the history and future of spend less than 20 minutes.

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Yes, You Can Learn Spend Analysis in 20 Minutes or Less

- May 21, 2014 6:23 AM | Categories: Ask the Expert, Spend Analysis

Well - the basics at least. If you have 20 minutes to spare, we can promise you’ll come away with both a grounded understanding in the basics as well as tons of ammunition points next time you want to look smart with colleagues and bosses about where spend analysis is headed and what it means for your organization. Join Jason Busch this Friday, 5/23/14, from 10-10:15am Central for Get Smart on Procurement Briefing Series: Spend Analysis (in 20 minutes or less).

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Introducing 20-minute “Procurement School” With Spend Matters Analysts

- May 20, 2014 6:53 AM | Categories: Ask the Expert, Spend Analysis

As you may have noticed, we do a LOT of webinars at Spend Matters. A lot. And we completely understand that an hour of your time is extremely valuable. So we decided to try a new format to target our practitioners out there who need a quick hit of procurement info but who, like us, are short on time. Our inaugural event is this Friday from 10-10:20am Central and features Jason Busch on spend analysis: From Access Databases & All Nighters to Big Data and Supply Analytics. He'll cover the history, evolution, and future of spend 20 minutes or less. Click through to register and see the syllabus!

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From Russia With Risk: Sanctions, Embargos, and Your Supply Chain

Supply Risk is coming to you! We couldn't convince Putin to join us on this week's Ask the Expert webinar, but we did secure Gert van der Heijden of Spend Matters Netherlands. He plans to cover how Russian sanctions might impact your supply chain, risk management tactics for this specific situation, different scenarios to consider, and solutions to support your contingency strategy. Plus and PRO members, please join us on Friday, May 16 from 10-10:30am Central for the latest Ask the Expert webinar, From Russia With Risk: Sanctions, Embargoes, and Your Supply Chain.

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ISM: Brand Yourself as a Procurement Professional Using Social Media

- May 13, 2014 6:26 AM | Categories: Conferences, Procurement Commentary

Well, I’m down $40 (stupid roulette tables), but I am much richer in knowledge and experience having both attended and survived my very first procurement speaking gig at this year’s ISM conference. I was asked to be a part of the Emerging Practitioners track, speaking in a session called “From Wikis to Whitepapers: Brand Yourself By Leveraging Social Media and Other Resources.” I was honored to share the stage with Kim Cullen, Director of Marketing at Bidnet, and Helen Eckmann, a faculty member at Brandman University. I thought I’d give a quick overview of what we covered.

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Ask the Expert – NMSDC, Supplier Diversity, and San Diego

- April 30, 2014 9:03 AM | Categories: Ask the Expert

We're pleased to announce that this week's event features TWO experts: Thomas Kase, our VP of Research and resident supplier diversity expert, and Ronald Garnett, the head of San Diego’s Council for Supplier Diversity. In the second half of 2014, the Council was forcibly disaffiliated from the NMSDC (National Minority Supplier Development Council) and has since opened its doors as a more inclusive Council working with most diverse categories – covering minorities, women, and service disabled veterans. Thomas and Ron will discuss the background of the organizational change, with some details around what transpired after the NMSDC reorg last year, and then look closer at what the San Diego Council is doing in Supplier Diversity more broadly defined. Plus and PRO members, click through to register for NMSDC, Supplier Diversity, and San Diego held this Friday, May 2, from 10-10:30am Central.

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Ask the Expert: Sourcing and Market Research (Or – How to Eat the Elephant)

- April 23, 2014 6:13 AM | Categories: Ask the Expert, Sourcing

In an era where "information overload" is an understatement, how do you even begin to think about what information sources you should pay attention to in your sourcing activities? Spend Matters Netherlands' Gert van der Heijden wants you to put on your bib and grab your fork and knife, because it's time to eat the elephant, one bite at a time. We invite Plus and PRO members to join us this Thursday, April 24, from 10-10:30am Central for Sourcing and Market Research: How to Eat the Elephant.

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