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Wendy’s Releases Annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report

Wendy’s moves to phase out antibiotics from its chicken supply is a laudable step, if not particularly cutting-edge. With its peers, including McDonald’s, setting and reaching similar goals regarding antibiotics in their food supply chains, Wendy’s would be left behind if it did not do the same. Spend Matters has reported on this trend before. In a survey of consumers, 74% said they would “pay a higher price for antibiotic-free food and beverages. Similarly, 76% of consumers would pay more for preservative-free food and beverages and 75% said they would pay more for hormone-free products.”

From Toyota to Trump: Our Top Risk Management and Compliance Posts from 2016

Wherever there is a supply chain, there is risk. Whether that risk is a result of natural disasters or a sub-supplier’s labor violations, uncertainty and surprise are a central element. We started out the year with big headlines in the world of supply chain risk. In January, a fire at an Aichi Corp. steel plant in Japan led Toyota to halt production for a week, which was likely to hurt the company’s sales by more than 80,000 vehicles.

Looking Back at the “Billion-Dollar Baby”: Our Top Amazon Posts of 2016

You guys really like reading about Amazon. So much so, that when the editors of Spend Matters were discussing how to approach our end-of-the-year Best Ofs, we said, “The heck with it, let’s just give Amazon its own category.”

But on a more serious note, this year saw some pretty big headlines related to the company, whose supply chain Pierre Mitchell (Chief Research Officer at Spend Matters) called possibly the most advanced in the world. So let’s take a look at our top posts on Amazon from 2016.

Don’t Fear the Candid Photo: Taking a Snapshot of Accounts Receivables

With the advent of Facebook and the digital camera, we realized that we don't look attractive doing a lot of things, whether that be snacking, dancing or just living. This can make us either avoid the camera or try to look better, and the latter is the approach you want when it comes to taking a candid shot of your accounts receivables. Spend Matters has a free downloadable white paper on how to assess and improve your A/R data.

After Brexit, Trump and Dead Cows, Is There an Elf on the Procurement Shelf?


What began as an investigation of whether procurement has been good or bad this year turned into whether this year as been good or bad to procurement. After all, is Brexit (and its accompanying unknown consequences and risks) really procurement’s fault, for example? Or earthquakes? Or dead cows? Of course not, but recurring supply chain scandals are no good – not that cheerier things haven’t happened this year. Read on for a recap.

Apple Inc. Denies iCloud Breach in Celebrity Photo Hacking, CVS Changes Name, Stops Selling Cigarettes

To restore confidence before its new iPhone launch, Apple, Inc. says that its systems were not directly breached in this past weekend’s celebrity photo scandal, in which numerous private photos were leaked through hacking iCloud accounts. Home Depot, however, is investigating a possible credit and debit card breach. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest news in supply chain and procurement.

New Site! Public Spend Matters Europe is Officially Launched

On Monday, when much of the U.S. (including Spend Matters) took the day off and went to barbecues or did whatever people do on Labor Day, Public Spend Matters Europe had its official launch. Public sector procurement has become more and more core among the topics we cover. It was time to have a separate site focusing on procurement in the European public sector. Check out some screenshots of the new site, or, if you prefer, go straight to Public Spend Matters Europe!

2.2 Million Bean Bag Chairs Recalled, Apple Inc. Suppliers Struggle to Meet Demand for iPhone Screens

Ace Bayou Corp. is recalling 2.2 million bean bag chairs after two children died from suffocation. The zippers on the chairs are not locked, which means children can climb inside and inhale the foam beads. Apple Inc.’s suppliers are reportedly struggling to make enough screens in time for next month’s expected launch of the new iPhone 6 smartphone. Friday Latte brings you the latest news in supply chain and procurement.