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Addressing Supplier Diversity: Engage with HR and Partner with SMWBEs

- April 9, 2015 2:39 AM | Categories: Conferences, Diversity, Supplier Management

GWABJH9X4P This is Part 2 of our PRO series that began earlier this week. What should procurement do regarding supplier diversity? There is a clear shared-value benefit for the buy-side to actively finding and engaging with SMWBE firms. We don't need to create artificial reasons to satisfy photo ops and artificial statistical goals. Today's SMWBE is tomorrow's innovative growth success and its acquisition target! For future success, the inherent shared value derived from engaging with SMWBE firms is critical to both companies and country.

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How Should Procurement Tackle Supplier Diversity? Lessons from the ISM Summit

circle-colorful-colors-2091 In February, the Institute for Supply Management held its national Supply Chain Diversity Summit in Atlanta, which covered a range of issues facing procurement and supplier diversity, but it had a particularly strong focus on HR issues, perhaps because those are near and dear to ISM's mission around training organizations and individual practitioners to perform better. We usually hear about various aspects of HR issues at most procurement events - e.g. lack of training, retention difficulties, rotating people across functions, developing a "sales" mindset and more are all evergreen topics, all over the world. The heavy HR component at the ISM event surprised me a little, and I'll share my thoughts on why.

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Selectica Inc to Acquire b-pack: Initial Facts, Figures, Analysis

- March 30, 2015 8:54 AM | Categories: eProcurement / Procurement, Industry News, P2P

Businessman hand touching M & A on virtual screen - merger & acq Earlier this morning, Selectica Inc. (SLTC) announced it was acquiring b-pack, a vendor specializing in purchase-to-pay (eProcurement + e-invoicing) technology with broader source-to-pay suite modules as well. Selectica had previously acquired Iasta, a sourcing specialist, which has since been fully integrated into Selectica from a commercial and management perspective (the technology is still independent). Spend Matters analysis suggests b-pack had several clients of substantial size, but essentially all are French or European. They had relatively few North American-originated deals, and those were mainly small firms (despite the management of the organization moving to the US in recent years). As context on b-pack’s capabilities, their suite grew from early P2P origins, whereas their French competitor Ivalua started out with sourcing and later added P2P. Read on for our exclusive first take on the deal (or just jump right into our deeper analysis on Spend Matters PRO)!

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AGCO and riskmethods Win BME Award for Electronic Procurement

IMG_5924 We're pleased to share the news that a US company has received a German award for procurement excellence! In Dusseldorf, Germany, the leading (yes, really) German trade association BME (Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik or "Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics") has awarded Georgia-based AGCO the 2015 "Excellence in eSolutions" prize. The ceremony took place during the sixth BME eLÖSUNGSTAGE ("eSolution days") in Dusseldorf on March 24.

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Procurement Technology Solution Selections: It’s Time to Show Your Hand to Providers

photodune-5035376-cards--xs copy In this article, we make the case for letting your providers know who their competitors are early on in the selection process and why this ultimately works significantly in your favor. In prior articles, we have talked about the importance – as necessity really – of sharing information about yourself and your goals with providers, all in the context of selecting procurement solutions.

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Procurement Lessons From the Global Soap Project

D3901L7G93 Last week, we began our 2-part Plus series on the recent ISM national Supply Chain Diversity Summit, held last month in Atlanta. We shared the story of event keynote speaker Derreck Kayongo’s Global Soap Project. Today, we continue this story, covering some of the more important supplier diversity takeaways from the summit and offer our analysis in a subsequent research brief. We also talk more about Derreck’s project, how he got where he is today, how he turned his ideas into a reality and, how organizations can apply these lessons to procurement.

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ISM Supply Chain Diversity Summit Dispatch: A “Clean” Lesson from CSR Initiative

- March 12, 2015 2:34 AM | Categories: Analysis, Conferences, Industry News, Procurement Commentary

america-astronaut-astronomy-2422 Last month, the Institute for Supply Management held its national Supply Chain Diversity Summit in Atlanta. I will share more from the ISM event later, but let's go directly to my best takeaway from the event – a tangible, economically sound, life-changing CSR initiative. It came from Derreck Kayongo, founder and leader of Global Soap Project – an initiative that transforms recycled, discarded hotel soap into usable soap for Africa and other countries with limited sanitation opportunities. Find out how Derreck made this idea a reality and how it can be used as an example for procurement organizations.

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The New Intesource (Proactis) SRM Solution: Coverage from the 2015 Innovation Conference

- March 10, 2015 10:24 AM | Categories: Conferences, Sourcing, Supplier Management, Vendor Snapshots

gray-microphone-music-2235 On March 8, sourcing solution and service provider Intesource began its Innovation Conference (also focused on e-Sourcing best practices) held at the Palazzo in Las Vegas. The event, which ended today, is primarily attended by Intesource's customers and prospects. Intesource's new parent company, the procure-to-pay provider PROACTIS, is also attending. Presumably, PROACTIS is showcasing the capabilities of the acquisition to its clients on the transactional P2P side. The big announcement at this event is that Intesource is finally releasing its new supplier relationship management solution.

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Exploring Deem P2P, T&E and the Overall Customer Experience

- March 4, 2015 2:25 AM | Categories: Analysis, P2P, Travel, Vendor Snapshots

DD10104D23 Some may describe Deem (formerly Rearden Commerce) as part of the B2B “undead” – a provider that somehow survived many attempts to bury it. But today, Deem has emerged from a darker chapter in its history with a set of procurement- and finance-oriented purchasing and spend management solutions, some of which are highly differentiated in nature and others that do a basic job in core areas. In this Spend Matters research brief, we provide a cursory look at the evolution and capabilities of Deem’s solution for P2P and T&E. The first installment in this series covered a history of Deem within the procurement sector as well as a quick comparative glance at its spend analysis and contract management and products, including how they stack up in the market. The second installment explored Deem Sourcing, Catalog Management and Contract Management.

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Exploring Deem Sourcing and Deem Catalog Management

- March 3, 2015 2:30 AM | Categories: Analysis, Sourcing, Vendor Snapshots

blur-evening-sun-macbook-air-170 Deem is back from having taken a detour in its original B2B path. And this time, the Spend Matters research team believes it is here to stay, especially if it can carve out a strong niche for itself with creative technology and embedded contracts for the SMB market for procurement (along with solutions it can also sell to larger companies as it continues to expand and develop the solutions it acquired from Ketera and is also developing organically). In this Spend Matters research brief, we consider the evolution and capabilities of Deem’s solution for sourcing, supplier enablement and catalog management. The first installment in this series covered a history of Deem within the procurement sector as well as a quick comparative glance at its spend analysis and contract management and products, including how the company stacks up in the market.

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Deem: A B2B Phoenix Rises Once Again

1A0499C042 Deem is a B2B phoenix. Leveraging a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) strategy a decade before anyone knew what PaaS was, Deem rose to fame but succumbed to the lures of custom development – in part by accident, as its customers and board members coerced it in this direction – on its platform along with unexpected legal nastiness following an acquisition (Ketera). Having risen from the ashes and refocusing on the end user with a proven corporate travel product increasing P2P capability and a broader set of procurement technology assets that tie back to the original PaaS vision, Deem is poised to inject both new competition and ideas into the SMB, mid-market and enterprise markets in 2015 for managing, directing and controlling corporate spending. This Spend Matters PRO analysis provides history and context behind Deem’s challenges in the market and how it tackled them to bring its current suite of spend and expense management products to market – including the evolution of the acquired Ketera product set.

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SM Talks to Coupa CEO and ZenPurchase Founder Following Merger

- February 25, 2015 2:22 AM | Categories: Industry News, M&A

apple-bag-collaboration-154 Following up on the earlier reports on Coupa's announcement that it is acquiring ZenPurchase – a recent startup focused on collaborative sourcing – I had the pleasure of speaking with the CEOs of both companies recently. Find out what the 2 leaders had to say about the merger and what is ahead for the new firm.

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