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Tying up T&E Loose Ends: T&E Meets Risk Management (Part 3)

- November 28, 2014 2:31 AM | Categories: Risk Performance and Compliance, Travel

In previous installments of this PRO series, Spend Matters VP of Research Thomas Kase discussed the amount of risk companies face when deploying workers around the globe and what precautions the company and its workers must take. In Part 1, he specifically talked about duty of care provisions, and in Part 2, he continued his analysis of corporate travel risks. Today, he completes the series, offering a number of recommendations companies should take regarding T&E management.

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Identifying And Responding to Risks Faced By A Global Workforce: T&E Meets Risk Management (Part 2)

- November 26, 2014 6:37 AM | Categories: Risk Performance and Compliance, Travel

What do companies need to be aware of when managing corporate travel and a global workforce? Spend Matters VP of Research Thomas Kase, who has experience working abroad and is our main source for T&E management, started this PRO series discussing the amount of risk a company faces when deploying workers around the globe, how much money a company should allocated to risk mitigation and what is required under duty of care provisions. You can check it out here. Here, in Part 2, Thomas continues this analysis of travel risks and corporate obligations.

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Understanding “Duty of Care” When Managing Corporate Travel: T&E Meets Risk Management (Part 1)

- November 25, 2014 6:28 AM | Categories: Risk Performance and Compliance, Travel

Vendors hawking T&E software that spans travel booking and expense management claim that it is not just about policy compliance, but that it is also about the risk management benefits of actually seeing where employees (or contractors) are and, in the event of an emergency, being able to provide support as quickly as possible. In this multi-part Spend Matters PRO research brief, Spend Matters VP of Research Thomas Kase provides a primer on managing travel and the global corporate workforce, including the requirements and limits of duty of care provisions – and what procurement needs to know and how far it should consider going both as good business practice and under the law.

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Choosing Procurement Technology – Where Maturity Meets Solutions

Selecting procurement technology that grows with an organization as it matures is no easy feat. This Spend Matters brief, Part 2 in a series on the topic, explores how to think about evaluating and selecting procurement technology that “grows with you” based on the typical technology needs and buying criteria for procurement organizations at different stages of maturity.

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AmEx’s Expense Tool Redesign – Their Employees Leave The Card at Home

- November 21, 2014 2:23 AM | Categories: Friday Rant

At least, I conclude that American Express' expense reporting tool's developers don't use the card themselves. Maybe it isn't popular in India, or wherever the new AmEx site was coded. It certainly could not have been built by an experienced card user here in the US. In fact, the redesign of the AmEx tool is so bad that it has to be labeled as beta - not "client ready," to use financial industry terms. So what are the problems?

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Supply Chain Top Tip: Engage With Your Suppliers – Don’t Beat Them Up!

Spend Matters has reported on the ongoing Apple and GT Advanced Technologies fiasco that is unfolding in the courts at the moment – most recently this article. Those who follow the story know, Apple's situation with GT is a mess.

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Finally, GM Realizes Europeans (and Others) Like to Buy German Products, Especially Cars

- November 14, 2014 6:36 AM | Categories: Commentary, Friday Rant

While in business school, together with 5 other students and the dean, I was given the opportunity to have lunch with GM's then-CEO Jack Smith (GM CEO between 1992 and 2000), and I asked him why GM wasn't using its German brand better. I brought up an example from Japan – where I had lived up until a few months earlier and where GM was actively promoting its full-size vans at the time. Sales of these absurdly large, gas guzzling, and dubious reliable vehicles must have been negligible. I never saw one on the roads. I suggested GM leverage Opel, which already is the right size for the market.

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Supplier Relationship Management: Where Is It Going? Are You Keeping Pace?

- November 13, 2014 10:27 AM | Categories: Supplier Management

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM): there is probably no other solution set in supply chain these days that is sold in so many incarnations – it’s a wild list of acronyms: SM, SIM, SLM, SRM, VRM, SBM, 3PM, even VMS. Some are truly meaningless labels that mainly serve to please the marketing managers that had to choose one over the other – others carry more weight and imply certain functionalities. Let’s look at the acronyms.

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Change Management on the Direct Side – Get the Pain Over With Sooner Than Later

- November 10, 2014 2:16 AM | Categories: Change Management

We usually talk about change management in the context of driving adoption of a new solution, a new process, new compliance or other initiative. For a change of pace, let’s look at managing supplier relationships on the direct side. This can be just as hard – this supplier management case comes from Singapore. The example in this piece originated as a QA or supplier performance issue at the company in question. A global director of supply chain operations at a medical device firm with headquarters in Japan and operations in SE Asia shared the details directly with me.

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GHX Acquires Vendormate – Healthcare Industry Solution Provider Adds Capabilities

- November 7, 2014 10:09 AM | Categories: Industry News, M&A

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) has entered a deal to acquire Atlanta-based Vendormate for an undisclosed sum. GHX provides business network connectivity for the vast majority (4,000 hospitals and 18,000 provider facilities) or more than 80% of US hospitals and their suppliers in the US marketplace according to GHX – as well as a P2P platform. Vendormate, in turn, has a vendor relationship management solution that will add vendor-credentialing capabilities to the GHX supply chain portfolio. The acquisition is expected to close within the next 30 days.

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Marketing Management in Singapore, APAC and Elsewhere

- November 7, 2014 2:32 AM | Categories: Analysis, Conferences

SONY DSC The recent Procurement Leaders event in Singapore had the procurement and marketing relationship as its starting act, with speakers from AIG, Estée Lauder, MediaCom, P&G, Qatar Airways, tag:, and Williams Lea addressing this topic. If any activity is localized, it’s marketing – infamously complicated (to the point of subjectivity – at least in the eyes of outsiders) in the ways it slices market segments, how to reach and how to influence them. This, of course, results in highly varied approaches depending on products and markets – where creativity, flexibility, execution quality and similar qualitative factors are critical.

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Sharing Insight and Making Connections: Coverage from the Procurement Leaders Forum in Singapore

- November 6, 2014 6:24 AM | Categories: China, Conferences, Industry Analysts, Innovation, Procurement

We continue our coverage of the Procurement Leaders Forum event in Singapore, which I attended at the end of October. In Part 1, I shared information on the awards given out at the event and other tidbits like how growth optimism is strong in Asia. Here in Part 2, I summarize some of what the speakers shared during the event.

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