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‘Innovation’ the Connective Tissue to this Year’s 50 to Watch, 50 to Know Lists

The 100 procurement technology solution providers that make up the 2017 50 to Watch, 50 to Know lists represent quite a bit of diversity. From consulting to healthcare, big data to supply risk, there truly is something for every practitioner in this year's lists. But there is one unifying quality that transcends the 2017 listees: Innovation.

Must-Watch Films and TV: Recommendations From and For Procurement Professionals

A few months ago, we published a post on book recommendations for procurement and supply chain practitioners. Textbooks they were not: I solicited recommendations both inside and outside Spend Matters for books that have relevant takeaways for procurement, even if they are about, say, tulips (that would be Mike Dash’s “Tulipomania”). Today we’re back with another round of recommendations, this time in the film and TV show category. The gist remains the same: What films and TV shows, while not nominally about procurement or supply chain, nevertheless contain pertinent lessons?

Pierre Mitchell on the Spend Matters 2017 50 to Watch, 50 to Know Lists

Several weeks ago, the Spend Matters Analyst Team released the fourth annual 50 to Watch, 50 to Know lists. Each year, the analysts spend much of Q1 in a spirited back-and-forth debate over which technology solution providers merit a spot on the year's lists. This year was no different.

50 Providers to Know and 50 Providers to Watch for 2017

After months of debate, we are excited to reveal our 50 Providers to Know and 50 Providers to Watch for 2017. At Spend Matters, we routinely review the latest procurement technology and service offerings. This uniquely positions us to help you with your vendor selection process. The 50/50 lists are the result of intense debate, discussion and refinement among all of the Spend Matters analysts and reflect our unbiased, independent view of the organizations you should know and watch.

Coupa Release 17 Dropped This Week, and Other Top P2P Takeaways


Coupa made some waves earlier this week with its first cloud platform update of the year — the “sector-news pinnacle” of a very P2P-centric week here at Spend Matters. Xavier Olivera and Spend Matters Founder Jason Busch also co-presented “2017: The Most Disruptive Year in P2P Ever?” last Wednesday in a live webinar, which is now available on demand.

From Toyota to Trump: Our Top Risk Management and Compliance Posts from 2016

Wherever there is a supply chain, there is risk. Whether that risk is a result of natural disasters or a sub-supplier’s labor violations, uncertainty and surprise are a central element. We started out the year with big headlines in the world of supply chain risk. In January, a fire at an Aichi Corp. steel plant in Japan led Toyota to halt production for a week, which was likely to hurt the company’s sales by more than 80,000 vehicles.

From Heavy Hitters to Blockchain: The Best of P2P in 2016

When discussing procurement processes and strategy, it’s hard not to mention procure-to-pay (P2P) or the enabling technologies that go along with it. E-procurement, one of the original technology segments to center on automating and improving procurement, has led to numerous internal improvements for procurement groups; e-invoicing automation has led to substantial cost and efficiency gains for both companies and public sector organizations.

And while both these technologies that form the core of P2P have been around for a while, they’re both far from done innovating. To see why, check out our top five posts on P2P from 2016.

Looking Back at the “Billion-Dollar Baby”: Our Top Amazon Posts of 2016

You guys really like reading about Amazon. So much so, that when the editors of Spend Matters were discussing how to approach our end-of-the-year Best Ofs, we said, “The heck with it, let’s just give Amazon its own category.”

But on a more serious note, this year saw some pretty big headlines related to the company, whose supply chain Pierre Mitchell (Chief Research Officer at Spend Matters) called possibly the most advanced in the world. So let’s take a look at our top posts on Amazon from 2016.

WIPs, Crowds and a Renaissance: Our Top Contingent Workforce and Services Posts of 2016

Looking back on the last year, one theme is abundantly clear: The talent and staffing supply chain is becoming increasingly digital. Whether freelancers, traditional staffing agencies or elite professional services firms, leaders in the contingent workforce ecosystem dove headfirst into the online world.

That leaves procurement with an ultimatum: Adapt to the digital evolution or get left behind.

But the rise of digital is nothing to fear. Our resident expert Andrew Karpie, who heads up services and labor procurement research here at Spend Matters, has been on top of this trend all year. Take a moment to reflect on some of his top posts from 2016.

Is the Future Already Here? Best Intelligent Procurement Posts of 2016

It’s been a year of mashups.

In the first quarter of this year, we held the Global Procurement Technology Summit (GPTS) in Baltimore, Md., during which CPOs, ex-CPOs, academics, government officials, NGOs, analysts and providers all joined together to speak, listen and discuss the future of procurement — a nexus of industry intelligence.

Same goes for perhaps the most fascinating company for the industry, Amazon, which is itself a mashup. As Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell put it, Amazon is “the ultimate mashup firm with perhaps the most advanced supply chain in the world.”

Ethical, Critical, Strategic: All Sorts of Sourcing and Supplier Management in Best Posts of 2016

In many ways, the Sourcing & Supplier Management space is the broadest- and farthest-reaching of all the categories Spend Matters covers. There are a ton of aspects to consider when defining “sourcing” (of the “e-” variety or otherwise), while supplier management is a catch-all description for a set of activities and technologies that are often carried out in silos across an organization. Using this admittedly loose rubric, we’ll take a quick spin through some of the top posts on Spend Matters in 2016 that dealt with the challenges of — and best practices behind — sourcing and supplier management.

Announcing the 2017 Editorial Calendar (Plus: Best Ofs!)

Dear Spend Matters Readers:

So much has happened in 2016.

And while that’s a phrase that is routinely written describing every year at about this time in the annual calendar, it really holds true for the past 360 days or so.

Trump. Cubs. Brexit. Syria. Refugee crises. Panama Papers. Pokemon Go. (This is fun...we could keep going.)

But so much has happened in the world of procurement and supply chain in 2016 as well, and rather than outline it all here, our team has been working to bring you the Best of Spend Matters in 2016. Look for Best of Spend Matters posts all through next week (and read on to find out how we’re determining these).

But perhaps our biggest announcement is that Spend Matters has finalized an exciting 2017 Editorial Calendar. Check it out!