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IACCM’s 2014 Conference: Contract/Commercial Management Person? YOU ARE IMPORTANT! (Part 2)

- October 16, 2014 1:25 PM | Categories: Conferences, Contract Management

you are imporatnt image In my last post covering IACCM’s Americas Conference, I covered some risk management strategies that contract/commercial people can take before leaving you with a thrilling cliffhanger on how both personal and department branding can be the key to internal and external success. There was an overall encouraging undertone throughout the day of “You are important. Your job is important. Contracting is important. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” So let’s dive into some feel-good personal stuff, shall we?

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IACCM’s 2014 Conference: Holistic Risk Management Through Contracting (Part 1)

- October 15, 2014 2:52 PM | Categories: Conferences, Contract Management

As CEO Tim Cummins said in his keynote speech on the first day of this year’s IACCM Americas Conference: “The journey for recognition of the contracting function has taken 15 years - most of it wandering through a desert.” Dry (heh) British humor aside, the overall feeling at the event was that contracting as a whole is finally getting the corporate recognition that it deserves, as a “professionalized community that operates with respect in the business world.” Here are some highlights from the sessions I attended on holistic risk management (through contracts, of course!).

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Greetings From SIBOS: Is A P2P and Financing Comet About to Hit Bank Factoring and Lending?

- October 2, 2014 10:12 AM | Categories: Analysis, Conferences, P2P

file0001619579332 I attended SIBOS (a large banking conference put on by SWIFT) yesterday with my Trade Financing Matters colleague David Gustin. We co-presented (debated, in fact) at a lunchtime session focused on the potential for bank disintermediation in the trade financing area. I was, of course, on the side of the good and the great – namely that a new era of capabilities brought forth by the rise of purchase-to-pay (P2P), order-to-cash (O2C), e-invoicing and supplier/business networks combined with third-party capital sources is going to render the existing bank ecosystem a dinosaur in the trade financing area.

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Taulia Connect – Additional News, Happenings and Milestones of Note

- October 1, 2014 10:33 AM | Categories: Conferences, Procurement Financials

1401192122hhiom Last week, I attended Taulia’s Annual Customer Conference (Taulia Connect) in downtown San Francisco (see previous coverage from the event at the end of this post). I’m actually saving the best for last in terms of discounting and supplier adoption metrics that Taulia shared – check back next week on Spend Matters PRO for our analysis of enablement and adoption data from more than 3,800 suppliers. But in the interim, I thought it would be worth sharing a few company trends of note that we’ve not covered yet.

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Lessons and Key Takeaways From Taulia’s Customer Conference: Tips, Insights and More

Last week, Jason Busch, founder and managing director of Spend Matters, spent two days at Taulia’s Customer Conference. Jason also facilitated a panel with two CPOs and a P2P process owner, each of which offered a candid take (and different perspective) on bridging working capital strategy and invoice discounting and adoption in the supply base. In this Spend Matters Plus analysis, Jason shares some of the key takeaways and lessons learned from the event talking with Taulia customers as well as those on the front lines of deploying invoicing and trade financing solutions. His observations are divided into three sections: accounts payable/procurement, the supplier perspective and external forces impacting (and driving) adoption.

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Invoicing Discount Capture Goals: Taulia Customer Conference Dispatch

- September 24, 2014 12:14 PM | Categories: Analysis, Conferences, Industry News, Invoicing

Earlier today, I shared some of the highlights from an e-invoicing and discounting program implemented by a major North American telco provider. The results of combining e-invoicing with discounting together helped accelerate the hard-dollar return the program delivered outside of just A/P processing efficiency. In this post (Part 2 of "Phoning Home for Invoicing Discount Capture"), Jason Busch delves deeper into the company's goals with this solution.

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Phoning Home for Invoicing Discount Capture (Part 1) – Taulia Customer Conference Dispatch

- September 24, 2014 11:02 AM | Categories: Accounts Payable, Analysis, Conferences, Industry News, Invoicing, Technology

Yesterday at Taulia’s Customer Conference, a regional telecommunications provider shared its experience rolling out the Taulia solution for e-invoicing and discount capture. The firm, a $10 billion+ company, was previously receiving 15,000-20,000 paper and PDF invoices per month that were manually scanned before going into a traditional A/P process. Efforts were entirely manual, which resulted in the company only capturing 200 discounts per month from suppliers – as well as many data errors from duplicate and miss-keyed information.

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Party Like the ‘90s – When is May 2000 Coming?

- September 24, 2014 10:36 AM | Categories: Analysis, Conferences, Supply Chain

Dr. Laura D'Andrea Tyson, business and economics professor at Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, delivered the keynote presentation at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, the other week. The key question: when is the new May 2000 coming (i.e., major economic reversal)? Let me be clear that Dr. Tyson didn’t come across as bullish. In fact, she raised several points of concern. Here are my notes from her speech, with my own thoughts added, spanning topics from Europe to China to Japan -- as well as interest rates, supply chain risk and other macroeconomic variables. Ultimately, our supply chains (and top line) are only as strong as the weakest links.

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More Dispatch From Taulia Customer Conference: Exploring Government Early Payment Moral Suasion in the UK, US and Canada

- September 23, 2014 3:58 PM | Categories: Breaking News, Conferences, Industry News

During his opening keynote earlier today, Taulia’s CEO and Co-Founder Bertram Meyer introduced how the UK, US and Canadian governments are all getting involved in the moral suasion game in various ways when it comes to getting corporations (and/or government) to pay suppliers earlier. Bertram also suggested France was not far behind in its own efforts, as more “governments [will] join the cause.” Read on to hear more of Jason's coverage of this event.

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Taulia Customer Conference Dispatch: P2P, Discounting and More

- September 23, 2014 12:25 PM | Categories: Breaking News, Conferences, Industry News

I landed in San Francisco late on Monday to attend the Taulia customer conference (Taulia Connect) that kicked off this morning. The event is growing fast with more than 200 attendees. Last year it was half that size, and before that, it was just a small get-together. Moreover, Taulia is still very much a recent entrant in the trade financing and P2P sector. While its roots are in dynamic discounting, Taulia now does quite a bit more, including delivering a broader e-invoicing platform, supplier portal as well as offering the option for third-party financing.

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Supply Chain Insights: Robotics and Automation – Prepare For Operations, Procurement Disruption

- September 17, 2014 10:30 AM | Categories: Conferences, Technology

Tom Bonkenburg, head of European Operations for St. Onge, a privately held consultancy focused on supply chain strategy and logistics, gave us perhaps the most critical observation in his presentation at the Supply Chain Insights conference – why we haven’t seen more ASIMO-type automation – when he cleverly brought in an aspect of Moore’s Law that is relevant to automation. This “law” states that the price paid for a given level of computing power will be cut in half every two years – which in turn means that we are on the verge of attaining price-competitive robotics (versus humans) very soon. So which industry leaders are making this possible? This Spend Matters Plus research brief explores the potential for robotics- and automation-led disruption to forever change global supply chains and procurement – and why (and what) we should pay attention to today to get smart on the topic.

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Supply Chain Insights Global Summit – The Supply Chain Index

- September 16, 2014 10:33 AM | Categories: Commentary, Conferences

Lora Cecere, the founder of Supply Chain Insights, is a CPG industry specialist from the beginning, and she (and her team) are trying to come up with a better way to assessing the company value impact of well-performing supply chains. For this purpose, she has developed a Supply Chain Index. This is a commendable effort – and probably something that many outside of procurement would love to see, as it has significant stock picking investment strategy potential.

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