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Doug Leeby on the Future of Contingent Workforce Management: ‘You’re Not Going to Like This’ — Beeline Conference 2016 Dispatch

Beeline Conference 2016

Beeline President Doug Leeby cracked open the 2016 Beeline Conference with an address that focused on how Beeline is preparing for radical shifts in the contingent workforce space. Leeby began by covering some history and basic statistics about the company and some favorable benchmarking comparisons, but he quickly diverted into talking about his vision of the future and some predictions. These were often punctuated by the statement, “You’re not going to like this.”

Self Sourcing, Services Procurement and More: Beeline Conference 2016 Dispatch

Beeline Conference 2016

At the 2016 Beeline Conference, I’ve now spent a couple of hours in and around Beeline’s Tech Expo (demo floor) between last night and today. Two of the product areas that I wanted to investigate further stand at two opposite ends of the services buying spectrum: complex services procurement (MSA/SOW/project-based) and the freelancer management system (FMS) area.

Beeline Conference 2016 Kicks Off: A VMS Grows Up

2016 Beeline Conference

Andrew Karpie and I are down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the 2016 Beeline Conference, an event that has grown up considerably over the years. There are 137 people in attendance this year, including, as Beeline shared, more than 60 customer organizations and more than 40 partners. The last time I attended a Beeline event, in 2014, it was nearly half the size. But the numbers alone only tell part of the story.

IQNsiders 2016 Conference Kicks Off: VMS Reimagined

Global Procurement Tech Summit

The IQNsiders user and partner conference formally kicked off Thursday morning with a series of presentations on where IQNavigator is today and where it will be heading this year and beyond. The main themes have been reimagining VMS, customer experience and “technology in action” in the “enterprise labor management” space. IQN President and CEO Joe Juliano’s opening address, covered here in our first post, set the stage for the rest of the conference.

The Economist’s Innovation Editor on the Next Tech Megatrends: Procurious Big Ideas Summit 2016

Procurious Big Ideas Summit

Paul Markillie, innovation editor for The Economist, kicked off the second morning session at the Procurious 2016 Big Ideas Summit with a talk centered on technology megatrends that may “transform” the way businesses operate. Theming his talk around “The New Industrial Revolution,” Markillie started the centerpiece of his talk by describing a number of converging themes that are reshaping industry.

Procurious Kicks Off Its Big Ideas Summit: Cognitive Procurement and Thinking the Unthinkable

cognitive computing

I’m in London today, attending Procurious’ Big Ideas Summit. This is the second year for the event, which got off to a great start last year — and this year is looking promising as well. The Summit, which generated “1 million social media impressions in 24 hours” in 2015 and is available streaming online again this year, is actually a small, intimate affair in person. With roughly 50 live attendees, many of whom are speaking, it’s easy to talk to anyone attending or follow-up on the words said on stage. We were even given a pre-reading/homework assignment for group discussion. (No comment from me on whether my own assignment is complete yet!)

Check Out Jason Busch in Art of Procurement Podcast

Art of Procurement Podcast

Spend Matters’ Founder and Head of Strategy Jason Busch was recently featured on an Art of Procurement podcast, where he shared his insights on our recent Global Procurement Tech Summit put on in partnership earlier this month with the Institute for Supply Management. Art of Procurement host Philip Ideson was at the conference and interviewed Jason on how the tech-focused event went.

Platforms Take the Stage at the Global Procurement Tech Summit

Global Procurement Tech Summit

Just back from the ISM and Spend Matters Global Procurement Tech Summit in Baltimore, I find myself recollecting the session I conducted, “Supplier Networks or Much, Much More? Making Business Platforms Work for You,” with my fellow platform passionista Bob Solomon of Software Platform Consulting Inc. The fact that a session on platforms occurred at a procurement conference certainly indicates that platform models have come of age and must be taken seriously by procurement practitioners planning their technology next steps.

Global Procurement Tech Summit: A Wrap!

Global Procurement Tech Summit

The ISM and Spend Matters Global Procurement Tech Summit (#ProcureTech2016) is a wrap. Despite the hurdles in marketing an event at the same time as Ariba LIVE (not by design!) and with less than seven months from finalizing the idea through to executing it, nearly 300 people took a chance to attend the first-time event. While the perfectionists in us would have liked to tweak a number of things, the event was, based on the feedback we received from participants, a smashing success. And next year will be even better.

The Cloud is a ‘Fluffy Bunny’: Lessons from Shark Tank Star at Ariba LIVE

Ariba LIVE

The Ariba LIVE 2016 conference is taking place in Las Vegas this week. And while, unfortunately, the Spend Matters team couldn’t be there in person — the ISM and Spend Matters #ProcureTech2016 event in Baltimore took place on the same days — Ariba set up a live streaming channel, allowing me to catch a glimpse of one of the events featured speakers: Robert Herjavec.

Robert Handfield on the Future of Procurement Technology: GPTS 2016

Robert Handfield NC State

Earlier this morning at #ProcureTech2016, Professor Robert Handfield, of the Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University, gave a must-attend talk on rethinking the future of procurement technology by putting data first — and how to ensure you’ve got the right set of information at the core of sourcing, supply chain and supplier engagement activities.

DuPont’s Craig Reed on Using SharePoint, Being at Home with Data: GPTS 2016

Craig Reed DuPont

DuPont’s Craig Reed, a supply chain and procurement executive running direct spend across all of DuPont, gave a nuanced, engaging and insider talk this morning at #ProcureTech2016. Craig also shared an important secret, which I’ll let you in on here. Besides ERP/MRP, supply chain planning, collaborative logistics optimization, P2P, e-sourcing and many other systems of record and systems of stakeholder and supplier engagement, DuPont leverages Microsoft SharePoint as a key piece of technology infrastructure that weaves together knowledge across the organization as well.