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Amazon Business, DuPont, IBM and the Public Sector: Breaking Down the #ProcureTech2016 Keynotes

Attention CPOs, procurement executives and other industry professionals: Are you still feeling the hurt from a struggling economy? Do you need to get the most out of your spend with fewer employees at your disposal, while using the technology available to reduce human cost? Let Spend Matters and ISM inform your spend decisions and clue you in on the technological capabilities coming down the pike at the first ever Global Procurement Tech Summit.

Contingent Workforce Procurement, Supplier Diversity Programs, and Inclusiveness at VMSA Live

supplier diversity

VMSA Live, which will be held Feb. 8–11 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, brings together and sets in motion all the parts of the contingent workforce supply chain in an intimate setting designed for interaction and practical learning. “Inclusiveness” is one of key principles that defines this conference. Inclusion can occur in a variety of settings, but one important manifestation is diversity supplier programs, a topic that will be featured this year at VMSA Live.

Direct Procurement in 2016: Manufacturing, Commodity Management, Supply Chain and More

direct materials sourcing

There are many who would argue that direct procurement is procurement. Yet I typically define direct procurement, in the broadest sense, as referring to the sourcing, buying and management of ingredients, materials, parts, components, assemblies, packaging and related items, and services associated with “spend” that is accounted for under costs of goods sold (COGS) from an accounting perspective.

Tradeshift and the Disruption of Big Business, Live from Davos

Spend Matters welcomes this sponsored guest post by Vishal Patel, head of solutions marketing at Tradeshift.

The 2016 World Economic Forum gets under way in Davos, Switzerland, today. What’s on everyone’s minds and lips is the potential that technology has to truly transform and disrupt business. CEOs of the Fortune 1000, journalists and world leaders will be speaking all week to the theme of tech transformation.

Why Contingent Workforce Buyers ‘Think Different’ at VMSA Live: The Innovation Factor


As we’ve noted before, VMSA Live brings together and sets in motions all the parts of the contingent workforce supply chain/ecosystem in an intimate setting designed for interaction and practical learning. But there’s more — something that is highly important today to contingent workforce buyers and all other participants in the contingent workforce ecosystem: innovation. But innovation, we shall see, does not happen in a vacuum — it happens in an ecosystem where a virtual circle is established.

Contingent Workforce Buyers Put VMSA Live into Overdrive: A Talk with Uber’s Steve Kekich

Leo Lintang/Adobe Stock

We recently had a chance to talk with Steve Kekich, global contingent workforce program manager at Uber, about the contingent workforce program at Uber and about the value he sees in VMSA Live. Steve was an attendee at VMSA Live last year, and this year he will be a speaker, discussing his experience at Uber. Our conversation with Steve gave us an opportunity to offer a small taste of what he will be speaking about in Ft. Lauderdale.

Why Contingent Workforce Buyers ‘Like’ the VMSA Live Conference: It’s Different


As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Doing the same thing day after day or year after year with the same people may not be the best way to discover and adopt new perspectives and learn new things. Now contingent workforce procurement managers have begun to realize that a conference like VMSA Live, which brings together all the parts of the contingent workforce supply chain in an intimate setting designed for interaction and practical learning, is different and can lead to entirely new insights and learning.

Why Contingent Workforce Professionals are Heading to VMSA Live – A Peer Review


We are not surprised to learn that enterprise contingent workforce procurement professionals are realizing that a conference like VMSA Live, which brings together all parts of the contingent workforce ecosystem in an intimate setting, can be uniquely valuable. Today, we report on our interview with two such professionals from MetLife, Mike Schiappa and Melanie Temkin, who will be participating in VMSA Live in February.

VMSA Live — Where the Contingent Workforce Management Ecosystem Comes Together

VMSA Live 2016

VMSA Live, a semi-annual executive conference for members of the contingent workforce community, will be held Feb. 8-11 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Spend Matters is honored once again to be the procurement analyst and media firm covering the conference. If you are an enterprise contingent workforce or services procurement professional, read on to hear why you will find it compelling to attend.

Is a Woman the Next CPO of Your Procurement Organization?

Women in Procurement

Gender diversity in the c-suite doesn’t just benefit women, it significantly contributes to a company’s bottom line. Yet the gender gap looms large in many corporations and specifically in the supply chain and procurement industry. We discussed this issue yesterday in our initial coverage of the Gender Equality in the C-Suite and Board Room symposium, which took place in Chicago this week. One message from the conference was clear: diversity pays — it leads to better financial returns, better performance, investor interest, innovation and a better company reputation.

Underrepresentation and Future Advancements: ISM Women & Leadership Conference Coverage (Part 2)

Spend Matters welcomes this guest event coverage from Barbara Ardell, vice president at Paladin Associates.

Women make up just 5% of CEOs at large corporations in America. This is something Elba Pareja-Gallagher, founder of the nonprofit ShowMe50, is trying to change. Elba was one of the speakers at the ISM New Jersey Women & Leadership Conference. Her presentation, Understanding the underrepresentation of women in Senior Leadership, hit on the following stats.

Becoming a Leader and Addressing Barriers: ISM Women & Leadership Conference Coverage Part 1

Spend Matters welcomes this guest event coverage from Barbara Ardell, vice president at Paladin Associates.

ISM’s New Jersey Affiliate hit a home run last week with its seventh annual Women & Leadership Conference. The conference drew 100 women (and a handful of men) representing a range of industries, ages and experience. Although primarily a regional conference, it was a top-notch, national-quality conference with attendees from as far away as Calgary, Canada. Overall, it was an upbeat event with a wealth of thought-provoking content