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Join David Gustin at Exchange Summit 2015 in Barcelona

exchange summit

I have spoken at many conferences over the years, and people ask all the time what conferences to attend. The answer is always the same – it depends. A conference like Lendit can draw 2,500 people today, given the hysteria with all things fintech. Traditional lending conferences, however, struggle to get 1,000 at their annual events. I find some of the best conferences come when the material is focused and flows – they don’t try to cover the world. Instead, they come at it from a practitioner's point of view and minimize the number of consultants giving presentations.

The latter approach will be on display at Exchange Summit 2015, at which I’ve been invited to give one of the keynotes. Given the expectations and sophistication of the audience, the pressure will be on to deliver insights that matter.

Standardizing the Research and Delivery Process: Building a Procurement Market Intelligence Center of Excellence


Building a procurement market intelligence center of excellence (CoE) requires more than just hiring the right analyst resources and experts. It also requires a dedicated research model and approach. In the first installment of this series, we covered many of the core elements of functional definition and skills required for success among team members when considering how to build a market intelligence center of excellence. Today, we turn our attention to the market intelligence and research delivery process. And if you're looking for metrics to measure and guide a procurement CoE – in market intelligence efforts and beyond – be sure to take the ISM/Spend Matters snap poll on supply management metrics.

Why Your Procurement Organization Needs a Market Intelligence Center of Excellence

market intelligence

Market intelligence should be a core competency of procurement organizations. Yet far too many companies and public sector organizations either leave market intelligence to individual buyers and category managers to manage informally or outsource aspects of the function to a third party without sufficient internal understanding or investment to leverage the information that comes back. Last week, at the Institute for Supply Management’s Metrics and Analytics Symposium in Philadelphia, Grace Zacharek, DuPont’s global market intelligence team leader, gave a great talk on all the steps involved in building a global market intelligence function for procurement. No doubt some of her advice is best aimed at larger companies, but much of it is extensible even to larger middle market companies that want to develop a proactive understanding to drive market intelligence centered on suppliers, supply markets and categories.

A Perspective on Sourcing Operations and Compliance From Honeywell’s Camille Batiste

sourcing operations

On Thursday at the Institute for Supply Management Metrics conference, in Philadelphia, Camille Batiste, vice president of sourcing operations and compliance at Honeywell, gave an engaging talk on procurement measurement and metrics. At Honeywell, her organization, sourcing and procurement, also owns operational excellence, which manages reporting as part of its charter. While much of the talk engaged the audience in an interactive manner, Batiste also shared both historical and current metrics she recommends for using to measure impact of procurement on the organization. Historical metrics include many focused on delivering costs savings. But there are also more valuable metrics procurement can deploy, Batiste argues, that can help tie its success directly to business success.

Meet the Spend Matters Team at ISM Metrics and Analytics Symposium in Philly This Week!


Will you be attending ISM’s annual Metrics and Analytics Symposium July 30-31 in Philadelphia? If you are, be on the look out for Spend Matters Founder and Managing Director Jason Busch and Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell. They will be joining the likes of Honeywell, MasterCard, DuPont, Nationwide and more to discuss the value of supply management in the c-suite. Pierre will also be delivering the results of a recent snap poll he conducted with ISM. What’s the Procurement Value Mix Today? In 3 Years? outlines what it means to be a modernist procurement organization while also addressing the much talked about “value mix.” If you’re a procurement practitioner, please take a moment to fill out the survey.

Spend Matters Invades Philly for ISM Metrics and Analytics Symposium

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Join Jason Busch, founder and managing director of Spend Matters, and Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer of Spend Matters, in Philadelphia on July 30 and 31 for the ISM’s Metrics and Analytics Symposium: Leverage the Power of Data. This annual event will cover how to become a risk management hero by using analytics to increase your power, benchmarking data to create value and creating your own data team. Spend Matters will be joined by the likes of MasterCard, Honeywell, Nationwide, DuPont and more for this event, which will help professionals uncover and leverage metrics that offer high value for executives. Significantly reduce operational risk in the supply chain by driving risk away from suppliers at this exciting 2-day event!

Week in Review: An M&A, Industry News and Conference Coverage Roundup


The last week as been a busy one for the procurement world, with an acquisition announcement coming from the P2P software space, another provider announcing a new platform and our Spend Matters analysts scattered around the globe covering industry conferences. If you missed any of our coverage on these events, no worries – we have rounded up our recent articles on these topics, giving you an inside look to the latest news coming out of the industry in the past week.

Beeline Conference Wrap: Hacking the Contingent Workforce Supply Chain

beeline 1

The Beeline Conference wrapped up yesterday near Jacksonville, Florida, with a thought-provoking talk about the millennial generation followed by the final conference session in which the results of the software development Hackathon were presented by the “extended” hacker team there (and some members connected online in the Philippines). The hackers – who worked for 2 days and 2 nights, reportedly surviving only on a diet of “Spam and Red Bull”—had taken on the challenge of making conference attendee requested enhancements to the Beeline analytics dashboard. They did just that, impressively creating the capability for Beeline users to personalize and supercharge their dashboards with widgets (little apps). Now, flying back to my home base in Silicon Valley (the home of technology juggernauts and upstarts LinkedIn, Google, Uber, Airbnb, Workday, Upwork, GitHub, Gigwalk, Task Rabbit, et al), I find myself reflecting on how rapidly and extensively new technology and a new generation of thinkers is changing “how the world works” (literally!).

BravoSolution To Become Single Platform S2P Provider


As part of our continuing coverage of BravoSolution and its BravoConnect event that we’ve been attending, CEO Jim Wetekamp took us through the new BravoAdvantage platform, which not only enhances functionality in current Bravo products, but also focuses on a supplier management-centric approach called "supplier value management" (SVM) that is at the core of its platform. But, the bombshell that was quietly dropped (in a good way) was the news that Bravo is expanding beyond its current focus of sourcing and supplier management and working on adding P2P to the source-to-pay (S2P) space.

BravoConnect: The Power of Procurement Community and Innovation


I’ve been attending this year’s BravoConnect event in the UK and have found it to be a true practitioner’s conference. (I am also having a blast.) A few years ago, this conference drew in just a handful of people but now has more than 200 attendees and is chock-full of great content and offers a community vibe. The theme of the conference focused on unlocking the power of procurement and the broader impact it can have on the organization. A few big surprises have come out of the event as well. I round up the main lessons I have learned and biggest takeaways from the conference thus far. Stay tuned, too, as coverage from the event continues on Spend Matters.

Beeline Client Conference Day 1: Becoming a Platform for Enterprises’ Entire Extended Workforces


The Beeline Conference got off to its first full day on Wednesday when company President Doug Leeby addressed a conference hall brimming with well over a hundred extremely interested clients and partners. My interpretation of his overall message: Beeline is here to support you in your contingent workforce management today, but Beeline is also taking concrete steps now to leverage technology to take you into the future. Indeed, Beeline does seem to be leading the way. And with over 140 clients in nearly 70 countries and $23 billion of growing spend under management, Beeline appears to have quite a following as well.

Beeline Dispatch: Exploring the Benefits (and Risks) of Engaging Freelancers


At its customer event this week, Beeline shared a number of benefits that companies can expect to realize from engaging freelancers compared with contingent staffing resources. These include increasing the available talent pool, lowering costs by at least 13% and more. Spend Matters takes a look at these benefits and explores the potential risks (and how to avoid them) when it comes to engaging with a contingent freelance workforce. Also, stay tuned as we continue to provide coverage from the Beeline conference this week!