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Studying Ariba’s Reinvention: Beyond the Headlines and LIVE Announcements


At vendor conferences, the big headlines typically show what e-procurement provider marketing and communications executives want to highlight. But these areas are often out of touch with what customers really care about. Fortunately at Ariba LIVE this year, there were several quieter announcements and center points in the break-out sections focused on product capabilities and features – the items customers actually are interested in hearing. Some of these jumped out and grabbed my attention. While I won’t do justice to all of them, I will share a few...

Tungsten Insights: E-Invoicing Lessons From a Panel of Suppliers


Earlier today, I facilitated a panel of 4 suppliers at Tungsten’s customer conference. I’ll spare all the details to protect the names (and companies) of the innocent, but I'll share some of the key lessons learned from this discussion, including the fact larger suppliers are clearly learning to play the e-invoicing game with vendors and network providers.

Tungsten Insights – Thinking Through Global Compliance vs. Global E-Invoicing


At Tungsten Insights 2015, the provider’s customer conference, I’ve had some great banter the past 2 days with members of the Tungsten team on the concept of global enablement in the e-invoicing market. It’s my personal perspective – I don’t speak for the broader Spend Matters team here – that the global market is still largely untapped, and e-invoicing generally still pales in penetration compared to direct materials EDI-centric capabilities. At this point, to call someone a clear leader would be as wrong in this market as it is to call Ariba the leader in e-procurement – which it is no longer (there is not one single leader here, either). However, Tungsten takes a slightly different perspective when it comes to thinking through global leadership.

Lessons in Maximizing Supplier Enrollment from Tungsten Insights 2015


In between presenting this morning at Tungsten Insights 2015, and facilitating a panel discussion later today with suppliers on supplier networks and e-procurement solutions (or marketplaces), I sat in for a breakout session led by Selina Yankson, head of campaign management for Tungsten. Selina shared a number of items in her “secret sauce” to maximizing supplier enrollment. She also talked about new approaches Tungsten is taking, as well as enrollment components of Tungsten’s next generation supplier portal. We’ll leave the details of the portal for future analysis as well as some of the key lessons learned over the years in scaling global programs. But here are a few of Selina’s quick tips that jumped out from her talk.

Is Ariba Reinventing Itself? E-Procurement Vendor Overcomes Historical Legacies


Ariba LIVE took place earlier this month, and while some may dismiss the latest happenings from the vendor that led the charge in creating the e-procurement market as simply trying to keep up with the Joneses (or Coupas), there was actually quite a bit of news announced at the event. And this goes beyond the headlines that suggest Ariba is beginning to assume some product leadership and innovation roles in the broader source-to-pay (S2P) market again. In a series of posts covering the event, we will tackle what we learned at LIVE and share our analysis of what the announcements mean for Ariba, its customers and competitors. In many ways, Ariba has a hard set of simultaneous battles to fight as it slashes its way to the frontlines of innovation in the S2P battleground again.

Tungsten Insights 2015: Key Observations From Day 1


I’ve been at Tungsten Insights 2015 in Atlanta throughout the day (I’m moderating a supplier panel and giving the morning presentation on Thursday) and have been jotting down notes from the formal talks and conversations with various attendees – employees, suppliers and, of course, those from procurement and A/P departments using Tungsten. Check out what items have stood out to me thus far...

Kicking Off Tungsten Insights 2015 – Invoicing Scale, Analytics and Financing


Earlier this morning, Edmund (Edi) Truell, group CEO at Tungsten, kicked off the core of the US edition of Tungsten Insights 2015, the e-invoicing and trade financing provider’s customer conference. Before the first keynote and a quick introduction to the attendees from Rick Hurwitz, CEO of Tungsten Americas, I had the chance to talk to a couple of customers at breakfast, who were interested in global expansion of their supplier connectivity and e-invoicing programs (global appears to be a key theme). Check out our live coverage from the event!

Building a Program Office: Tying Organizational Transformation to Services Procurement (Part 3)


Throughout this series exploring a case example of a services procurement transformation program aligned to overall company transformation efforts, we have centered our exploration on the program itself: its past and current state. In this final installment of the series, we explore the actual program office structure and operating model itself that the firm put in place as part of its transformation efforts.

In the Desert on a Horse with No Name – Reflections on the IQNsiders Conference, Talent Pools and the Shimmering Future of Contingent Workforce Management


IQNavigator’s recent client conference in Phoenix, Arizona, where Jason Busch and I saddled up earlier in the month, provided a perfect environment for attendees' further thinking about the changes, challenges and opportunities that are now emerging in the services procurement category of contingent workforce management. I share my top observations of the event and the current contingent workforce market.

SciQuest 15.1: Contract Management + E-Procurement, E-Invoicing (Transcepta) and More


This is our fourth and final installment of our ongoing series on SciQuest. As our analysis of SciQuest’s 15.1 release continues, we turn our attention to the latest contract compliance and P2P capabilities in the product as well as its new partnership with Transcepta for e-invoicing and supplier network connectivity and vendor enablement. The combination of these features (and extended partner capabilities) is likely to make SciQuest more competitive in the overall P2P suite market – and provide some clever areas of differentiation that are likely to increase in the contracts area as the legacy and updated Upside contract management IP is increasingly embedded alongside the e-procurement and accounts payable automation compliance capabilities – and as a separate, but fully integrated, module in the upcoming 15.2 release. This Spend Matters PRO research brief will conclude our initial analysis and research from the SciQuest NextLevel event.

Changing a Program From the Inside Out: Tying Organizational Transformation to Services Procurement (Part 2)

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At the IQNavigator IQNsider’s event earlier this month, the contingent workforce program leader from a large financial services institution took the stage to talk about how his firm’s overall transformation efforts included a new focus on services procurement programs as part of the overall change elements for the company. As part of this initiative, the organization focused on creating a hybrid top-down and bottoms-up approach to managing an overall program office to “show value through stakeholder partnerships” and to engage line-level managers.

Tying Organizational Transformation to Services Procurement: A Case Example (Part 1)


At IQNavigator’s customer event earlier this month, I had the chance to listen to a case study from the services procurement program leader for a financial services firm, a story that offers lessons for procurement organizations regardless of industry. Most curiously, the company has started to tie elements of its overall organizational transformation efforts – the firm promoted within a chief transformation officer who is on the executive team – to its services procurement efforts.