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Final Thoughts From Zycus Horizon: It’s All About the Customer

Zycus Horizon

The more time I spend in and around technology companies, the more I am struck by the dichotomy of vendors that tend to fall into two camps regarding R&D and technology investment. To wit, there are those that spend nearly all their time listening to customers to guide investment decisions and there are those that take the opposite approach by focusing on disruptive innovation that they believe customers will want to consume.

Services Sector Growth Slows Amid Global Economic Contraction


Growth in the U.S. services sector slowed in September, driven largely by a softening retail market and weakening of the global economy, the Institute for Supply Management reported this week. ISM’s latest Report on Business showed the non-manufacturing index (NMI) registered 56.9% last month, down 2.1% from August. In a conference call with reporters on Monday, an ISM official pointed to contractions in the mining and retail industries, as well as economic activity both domestically and globally for the slowdown in the services sector.

A Common Supplier Portal Vision at Zycus Horizon

supplier portal

Rework should be a supplier’s middle name. In today’s procurement technology world, suppliers are expected to log into multiple portals to check on invoice status, inquire about payments, register their interest in working with organizations, collaborate around performance management and development initiatives and more. Through both its application and supplier network vision, Zycus is hoping to tackle some of these inefficiencies today by providing a common portal for suppliers to work with buying organizations.

ISM-NJ Holds Annual Women in Leadership Conference Next Week


On Oct. 15 and 16, the New Jersey affiliate of the Institute of Supply Management will hold its seventh annual Women & Leadership Conference, a unique event focusing on women in the supply chain and procurement industry and featuring presentations by female corporate and procurement leaders. The conference will discuss the underrepresentation of women in senior leadership positions as well as feature presentations on topics such as salary negotiation and a panel discussion on professional and personal advancement.

Plunging Into and Analyzing the Solution Roadmap at Zycus Horizon

Zycus Horizon

Suite is the word of the day at Zycus Horizon 2015. As Aatish Dedhia, Zycus’ CEO, put it earlier today during his keynote, the “integration of operational and strategic procurement is critical.” Zycus’ suite vision is a bit different from competitors that tend to emphasize modular strengths. In contrast, Zycus emphasizes integration over the sum of the parts and the underlying stack-level innovations that tie it together in new ways.

Aatish Dedhia Comments on Vision, Roadmap and More at Zycus Horizon


Earlier Monday morning, Zycus CEO Aatish Dedhia shared his firm’s vision and product roadmap in a speech that could have been taken in one of two ways by the audience. On the one hand, Aatish came off as highly conservative, offering almost a “fast follower” perspective on building out his firm’s suite of products on a modular basis that sounds identical to peers. But on the other hand, Aatish dove into the core of Zycus’ technology and innovation outside of simply modular areas by showing the “how” and not just the “what.”

Study: The Global Diamond Supply Chain is Tarnished

conflict diamonds

Companies buying diamonds from the Central African Republic (CAR) are not doing sufficient due diligence to determine who specifically is benefiting from the purchases, according to a new report out last week from Amnesty International. The CAR’s largest traders have been buying diamonds worth several millions of dollars without determining if that money is going to armed groups responsible for the ongoing conflict in the country.

Upwork and Freelancers Union Release ‘Freelancing in America: 2015’ Study Results


Upwork and Freelancers Union released their jointly-commissioned study “Freelancing in America: 2015” Thursday. The report includes a sizing and segmentation of the freelancer population, as defined within the study, and assess a range topics, including freelancer motivation, earnings, attitudes and outlook for the future. This report is important for contingent workforce managers for gaining insight into this important workforce population, which will likely be a growing part of contingent workforce programs.

Report: Seasonal Demand Management Wreaks Havoc on the Supply Chain

demand management

It’s officially fall, which means we can expect to see the color orange and “pumpkin spiced” everything on grocery store shelves. Starbucks may make a killing with its successful pumpkin spiced seasonal latte each year, but the coffee giant could be the exception. A new retail industry report shows it’s often not profitable for companies to invest in creating new or seasonal products each year. Such products bring new supply chain management challenges to procurement, including the difficulty of predicting what the demand will be for a new item.

The Supply Chain Talent Gap: What’s a Procurement Team to Do?

Spend Matters welcomes this guest article by John Ryan Shaw, vice president of customer success at BravoSolution.

The clock is still ticking for procurement. The pressure is not new – we’ve known for years that by 2025, 60 million baby boomers will exit the workforce, leaving a gigantic gap in talent, with only 40 million millennials ready to take their place.