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30 Under 30 Supply Chain Star Steven Clowney Shares His Top Advice for Young Professionals

Now a global commodity manager at AGCO Corporation, Steven Clowney has worked at a plethora of big-name companies, from Coca-Cola and Kellogg to Best Buy and Target, and made a name for himself as well. At Best Buy, Clowney identified $1 million in parcel shipping costs avoidance, and his leadership of strategic sourcing activities at National DCP resulted in $4.5 million in annual cost savings.

APICS Publishes Report on Supply Chain Salaries, Benefits and Career Satisfaction

First off, here is the figure that everyone is curious about: The average salary for U.S.-based supply chain professionals last year was $85,210. This number, along with a wealth of new data on salaries, benefits and career satisfaction in the supply chain sector, comes from APICS’ first annual Supply Chain Compensation and Career Survey Report. More than 2,600 professionals took part in the survey. About half held positions at the associate level, while 42% were managers and 11% were at the C-suite, VP or director level. More than three-quarters hold an undergraduate degree or higher, and more than half have been in the supply chain industry for at least a decade.

Fiverr Delivers A New Slant on Independent, Specialized Knowledge Workers


Fiverr, a marketplace for creative and digital services, recently published a unique study focused on independent, specialized knowledge workers (ISKWs). The study, conducted in collaboration with the market research firm Rockbridge Associates, seeks to provide a better understanding of ISKWs — “where [they] live, what kind of work they do and how much they’re growing as a population and in terms of revenue earned.” From our perspective, the study is unique in its sharp focus on ISKWs and its sophisticated, transparent methodology. 

Commodities Roundup: Developing European Lithium, Cobalt Supply Chains Under the Microscope

For the buyers and category managers out there, especially those of you deep in the weeds of buying and managing commodities, here’s a quick rundown of news and thoughts from particular commodity markets. From price movements to policy decisions, our MetalMiner editors scoured the landscape for what mattered this week.

30 Under 30 Supply Chain Star Neta Berger on What Predictive Analytics Tools Can Learn from Excel

Supply chain has been a part of Neta Berger’s life for well over a decade, starting from her high school DECA days to her supply chain management studies at Arizona State University to Google, where she currently works as a supply chain program manager. Risk mitigation is a central part of Berger’s role at Google, and she certainly has ample experience in this area. Berger was working as a commodity manager at Cisco at the time of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and she managed daily meetings focused on resolving immediate shortages.

Coupa Inspire Dispatch: Rob Bernshteyn on the Shift to Business Spend Management

Rob Bernshteyn, Coupa’s CEO, kicked off Inspire 2018 this morning with an hour-long speech that only he could pull off.

Rob’s talk zig-zagged between providing an overview that framed spending and buying in a new context (“business spend management”), providing a fly-by of Coupa’s suite on a high level, diving deep into products in specific areas, sharing what seemed like 100 screenshots of current and emerging capabilities (especially centered on community intelligence and user guidance) and ploughing through some 50+ facts and figures highlighting different areas of progress Coupa is making.

Coupa Inspire Kicks Off: R20 and Beyond  

As we dial up our coverage of Inspire 2018, it’s worth stepping back for a moment and doing a level set on what Coupa has unveiled this year already. Coupa R20 was a critical release for the provider, one which we described previously as “revolution through evolution." As we noted in our previous coverage, some of R20’s main improvements were focused on services procurement and community-based intelligence, which “allows users to extract insights from the B2B data generated within the Coupa buyer and supplier base.”

Coupa Inspire Kicks Off: Dueling With ISM 2018 and What I’m Watching For  

I touched down in San Francisco last night to attend Coupa Inspire. A number of members of the Spend Matters team are dividing and conquering between Coupa’s customer event and ISM 2018, which is being held on the same dates. If you’re at either conference, look for the ragtag Spend Matters crew. Xavier Olivera flew into Inspire along with me, and along with our trusty, local San Francisco analyst Andrew Karpie, we’ll be the ones on the ground in San Francisco.

ISM 2018: Procurement Steps Out Into the Digital Era

This year ISM’s annual conference, which features more than 2,500 global supply chain and procurement professionals, is emphasizing a decidedly forward-looking tone. In addition to the usual sessions on talent management and elevating procurement’s role in the business, ISM is doubling down on several futuristic-sounding topics, including guides to implementing artificial intelligence, explorations of blockchain use cases and strategic plans for building a procurement defense against cyberattacks.

From Watch to Know in 2018: How Prodigo Solutions Keeps Pace With the Rapidly Changing Healthcare Sector

Each year, some companies on the Spend Matters 50 Providers to Know and 50 Providers to Watch lists push themselves beyond simply a standout performance. They earn the recognition that they are not only bringing innovation into procurement organizations but also leading the charge to change the way we do business for the better. These are the providers who shifted from Watch to Know in 2018.

To learn more about these providers, we reached out to the four such cases in our 2018 50/50 lists, asking how they’ve changed over the years and what differentiates them from the competition. Today’s Q&A features Michael DeLuca, executive vice president of operations at Prodigo Solutions, a provider focused in the healthcare sector.

50 Providers to Know and 50 Providers to Watch for 2018

After months of debate, Spend Matters is excited to reveal the 50 Providers to Know and 50 Providers to Watch lists for 2018. At Spend Matters, we routinely review the latest procurement technology and service offerings. This uniquely positions us to help procurement organizations with their vendor selection processes. The 50 to Know and Watch lists are the result of intense debate, discussion and refinement among all of the Spend Matters analysts and reflect our unbiased, independent view of the organizations you should have on your radar in 2018.

Commodities Roundup: Trade Trip in Beijing, Section 232 Exemptions and Nickel Prices

For the buyers and category managers out there, especially those of you deep in the weeds of buying and managing commodities, here’s a quick rundown of news and thoughts from particular commodity markets. From price movements to policy decisions, our MetalMiner editors scour the landscape for what mattered this week.