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Procurement Vendor Valuation, M&A, and IPOs: Recent Deals and 2014 Forecast [PRO]

In this Spend Matters PRO series looking at a range of acquisition and valuation topics, we’ll consider recent transactions and valuation ranges, likely IPO and/or acquisition candidates, and a general investment outlook for 2014. Later, we’ll explore what it means for customers, partners, and competitors – and how to prepare for a rapidly changing ecosystem, thanks to the influx of additional capital (which may or may not be a good thing for customers, depending on the situation!) Click through to read the latest on SciQuest/CombineNet, OB10/Tungsten, and Xchanging/MarketMaker 4 - and what it means for you.

Advertising Mergers and Marketing Spend – Procurement and the Publicis Omnicom Combination [PRO]

Even if ‘Publicis Omnicom’ sounds like a Transformer, the name that will result from the proposed transaction will represent two of the Top 4 global advertising brands merging into a giant, single entity that dominates revenue and billings in the advertising sector. This is more than a summer blockbuster (albeit one without French subtitles, missing an “e” on the end of group). Naming conventions aside, if the transaction proceeds, this Franco-American co-production will significantly impact almost all marketing and advertising spend across most Global 2000 companies – either directly or indirectly (as the rest of the market responds to it).