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2015 Spend Matters Prediction: Be Scared!

- December 15, 2014 10:21 AM | Categories: Analysis, Procurement Strategy & Planning

Our next 2015 prediction: Selling Fear. No, we’re not talking about some spooky Halloween-centric story. Nor are we bringing up something really freaky like the decline of procurement’s influence, charter and budget (scary enough – and somewhat true – in far too many organizations already). Rather, we suggest that procurement should focus on selling fear!

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Mobile Procurement and the National Hotel Purchasing Manager

- December 5, 2014 2:08 PM | Categories: Guest Post, Procurement, Procurement Strategy & Planning

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Vroozi. When you work for a national hotel chain, the country may seem just a little bit smaller. Many of the decision-makers at these organizations are used to checking in from the road, though they are certainly afforded all of the finer amenities that come with a mobile lifestyle. With mobile procurement, professionals from all industries can feel that same sense of nomadic comfort.

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What Procurement Doesn’t Know Matters – Our Continued Analysis of DHL’s Global Connectedness Index

- December 3, 2014 6:14 AM | Categories: Analysis, Procurement, Procurement Strategy & Planning

file0001684441929 One of the top trends in DHL’s Global Connectedness Index is a movement toward greater connectivity between countries, reversing trends from prior years. The authors note, for example, that “global connectedness started to deepen again in 2013 after its recovery stalled in 2012.” Yet the rise of interconnectivity, as measured by trade, is still tepid.

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Suppliers Strain to Meet Demand For Protective Medical Suits as Ebola Epidemic Continues

1414562738yamt4 Demand for full medical protective suits is high as the Ebola epidemic spreads in Africa and threatens to reach other parts of the globe. As a consequence, supplies of the suits are struggling to keep up. To make the situation even more difficult, there are only a small number of companies that actually manufacture the types of protective suits involved. These suppliers are increasing production (some by as much as three times normal levels), but meeting the actual demand is still proving to be difficult.

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Choosing Procurement Technology – Where Maturity Meets Solutions

Selecting procurement technology that grows with an organization as it matures is no easy feat. This Spend Matters brief, Part 2 in a series on the topic, explores how to think about evaluating and selecting procurement technology that “grows with you” based on the typical technology needs and buying criteria for procurement organizations at different stages of maturity.

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Ask the Expert: Procurement Performance Management (PPM) – The Ultimate Alignment Tool – Not a Dashboard!

In this session, come hear from one of world's pre-eminent experts in PPM, our own Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell, to learn how the best procurement organizations use this capability not to track their lagging metrics of the past, but to look to the future, to stay aligned with stakeholders, to create an effective procurement operating model, and to elevate the supply management value proposition and transform functions beyond world class performance. Caveat: this week’s webinar will take a full 60 minutes. Double espresso recommended. Plus and PRO members, click on through to register.

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Zycus Horizon Dispatch 7 – What We Can Do About CPOs Getting Fired

- November 12, 2014 7:09 AM | Categories: Conferences, Procurement Strategy & Planning

Continuing our coverage of Bill Michael’s keynote at the Zycus event exploring why chief procurement officers (CPO) get fired, we come to arguably the most important part – what procurement executives can do about it. Bill suggests that CPOs should prioritize a number of areas to not only keep their jobs, but grow within the organization. Read on to see what areas CPOs should focus on.

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Choosing Procurement Technology That Grows With You

As a procurement practitioner, when you start looking at the portfolio of solutions you have available today, some patterns will likely emerge. First, you’ll have a range of tools in your arsenal. There will be a few painfully obsolete tools that are creaking along (used only by select specialists still able to maneuver them). There will be specific procurement tools (analytics, sourcing, etc.) not used by many. There there will be several mainstream ERP solutions that are used nearly daily by all, and so on. In one of the most important Spend Matters' PRO research briefs published this fall, Thomas Kase, vice president of research, looks at how we have reached the current state of procurement technology and the impact of this technology on people, processes, habits, culture and time.

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Exploring the State of the Independent Worker: A Key Services Procurement Component

- October 29, 2014 6:31 AM | Categories: Analysis, Procurement, Procurement Strategy & Planning, Survey

iphone-macbook-air-man-164-525x350 MBO Partners recently released its annual “State of Independence” report covering independent workers. Independent contractors, whether they work part-time or full-time in this manner, are an increasingly overall component of services procurement programs that are looking to tap specialized skills or take advantage of alternative labor and project-based delivery models (although one that is often not given enough attention relative to the staffing and SOW ecosystem).

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Top 4 Ways CPOs Will Use Social Media

apple-cup-display-1883-733x550 In Part 1 of this series we looked at the principles of social media, which give an insight into how and why it has been such a phenomenon. Aspects such as the way it enables users to feel a sense of belonging and to share knowledge, information and their passions so quickly and easily, play to ancient human needs. So now let’s look in a more practical manner at the areas where social media tools, or tools that at least use these principles, will increasingly play an important role in the lives of CPOs and indeed all procurement professionals. There are 4 principle areas that we can consider, although there is overlap between them in some cases.

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A Procurement Talent Recipe – Analytics and Other Changing Ingredients

The future’s procurement professionals will lead a high-tech, information-rich function that supports the organization and all its stakeholders with resource, tools, knowledge and intelligence reinforcing its effectiveness. The core qualification in procurement is traditionally perhaps financial experience and maybe negotiation skills. In order to lead a fit-for-future procurement function, other important skills will come into play, and these “higher-level” skills may not be purely about procurement.

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Mobile Procurement and the Emerging Startup

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Vroozi. As young companies experience success and begin to grow, they often discover that many of the seemingly smaller facets of the business process have been overlooked due to the minute number of employees involved in the procedure. As these companies begin to scale, these smaller aspects can develop into larger problems. Procurement is a prime example of a process that is too often overlooked and can cause issues within organizations that scale quickly without the proper system in place.

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