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Dec. 3 Webinar: Do You Know Where Your Contracts Are?

Much like the 1980s PSAs asking parents everywhere, "Do you know where your children are?", we here at Spend Matters are positing a similar question to procurement and supply chain professionals — except we're more concerned with the whereabouts of their contracts. Join us Thursday, Dec. 3, at 11 a.m. CDT, for the webinar, The True Value of Contract Intelligence (And How to Unlock It!). Our own Peter Smith, managing director of sister site Spend Matters UK/Europe, will be joined by the Seal Software team to cover the inherent risk involved in contract management and also to help organizations take advantage of the potential value present in said contracts. Register today!

NEW Webinar Announcement: Contract Intelligence to Mitigate Risk

Just announced! Join us Thursday, Dec. 3, at 11 a.m. CDT, for the webinar The True Value of Contract Intelligence (And How to Unlock It!). Our own Peter Smith, managing director, Spend Matters UK/Europe, will be joined by Seal Software to discuss the risks and opportunities inherent in most supply contracts and how contract discovery and analytics software can help. We're hoping to help organizations exploit the potential value and manage and mitigate the inevitable risk found across their entire spectrum of contracts. Sign up today!

EPA Clean Power Plan, MATS Rule and Procurement: Analysis and Implications

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Earlier this week, more than 20 states and a host of industry groups officially filed suit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Clean Power Plan. Before that, a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stayed EPA’s new “water rule” in all 50 states. Both of these developments came after a late June ruling in which the US Supreme Court struck down EPA-directed regulations for limiting mercury and toxic emissions from coal and oil power plants – known as the MATS (Mercury and Air Toxics Standards) rule. From a procurement and supply chain vantage point, that ruling was arguably the most important decision the nation’s highest court has made in the past decade. Not only does it cut to the very heart of procurement’s mission to manage costs, but it has direct linkages with energy sourcing and category management. This Spend Matters Plus brief analyzes the implications of these three EPA-driven regulations for procurement practitioners and supply chain organizations and provides recommendations for both manufacturers and non-manufacturers on how to take action around policy and regulations.

SIG Dispatch – The New Procurement: Risk and Services Procurement (Individually and Together!)

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The SIG Global Executive Summit is not your typical wide-themed procurement conference in which you’ve heard the same story or case study before. If you’ve been reading my dispatches thus far from the event today, you’ll pick up on two central themes in the SIG fall summit: supply chain/supplier risk and services procurement. I’d wager that topics surrounding these areas make up roughly around 50% of the content over the three-day event, and much of the content is deep.

SIG Dispatch: The Supply Chain Risk Decade, Segmenting the Market and a Lunch Panel

SIG event

I’m speaking on a lunch panel today at the SIG Global Executive Summit on supplier and supply chain risk management. At SIG this fall, risk is all over the agenda, including a dedicated breakout track, covering all facets of the “four-letter word” (the clever description of a session on the topic at the event), from regulatory compliance to supplier business practices to supply chain disruption. But my, how times have changed since risk first came into procurement vogue...

SIG Dispatch – Bros & Broettes, Benchmarks, Beach Runs and More


I arrived at SIG’s Global Executive Summit in Huntington Beach, California, yesterday and was expecting a relatively quiet afternoon and evening. Of course, the plans were tossed out the window when I saw so many old faces from my FreeMarkets and Ariba years — past co-workers, clients, frenemies and more (the sourcing “bros” and “broettes” as I call them). After a few afternoon sessions — a surprising number covered services procurement and risk management, the two topics I’m speaking on while here — the evening was a whirlwind of catch-up conversations and hellos with my old crew and some new faces as well.

ICon Acquires Synergy Services — Independent Workforce Ecosystem Continues to Take Shape


ICon Professional Services announced Monday its acquisition of Synergy Services for an undisclosed amount. The two companies are, at their core, providers of compliance and payment services that allow organizations to engage independent workers. We had the opportunity to talk with ICon CEO Teresa Creech and Synergy Founder and CEO Tim Miller to gain some additional insights into the acquisition and the rationale of combining the two companies.

Study: The Global Diamond Supply Chain is Tarnished

conflict diamonds

Companies buying diamonds from the Central African Republic (CAR) are not doing sufficient due diligence to determine who specifically is benefiting from the purchases, according to a new report out last week from Amnesty International. The CAR’s largest traders have been buying diamonds worth several millions of dollars without determining if that money is going to armed groups responsible for the ongoing conflict in the country.

New Research: Engage Independent, Freelance Workers – Without the Risk


It's true: Businesses can get in the independent and freelance worker game without the compliance risk that can rear its ugly head. Andrew Karpie, research analyst, services and labor procurement, presents Businesses Can Engage Independent and Freelance Workers and Mitigate Compliance Risk – Here’s How. Get your copy today!

Opus Global Brings Alacra and Hiperos Under the Same Roof


Opus Global announced Wednesday it acquired Alacra, a 20-year-old data aggregation and analytics firm focused on risk and compliance solutions for financial services. The firm brings a gold-plated roster of premier data content partners to the deal. In practice, this means that Alacra is good at aggregating data from a large number of sources, deduping and cross-referencing this content with process workflow around it, thereby ensuring more reliable compliance.

Opus Acquires Alacra: Market Possibilities and What it Means for Hiperos

Accenture analysis

Opus Global has been out shopping for companies again, and this time it bought data aggregation and analytics capabilities in the form of Alacra. Opus announced the news yesterday. This Spend Matters PRO research brief takes a look at Opus’ recent acquisition of the 20-year-old data aggregation and analytics firm, which brings an impressive roster of premier data content partners along with it. We discuss the possible potential of this deal and what it might add to Opus’ other procurement-centric solution provider, Hiperos, and what it can mean from a bigger market perspective.