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SCRM Solution riskmethods Will Use New Capital to Expand to U.S. Market


Supply chain risk management solution provider riskmethods raised about $6 million in a Series A financing round, new capital the Munich-based company will use toward creating a riskmethods division in the U.S., the company announced Tuesday. The riskmethods investment round was led by EQT Ventures, which invests mainly in European startups. EQT is also a new investor for riskmethods. Existing investors Senovo, Point Nine and Bayern Kapital also provided new capital in the Series A funding round, riskmethods said.

Spend Analytics in Your Corner: A Means to Battle Non-Compliance

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Much like Major League Baseball organizations use sabermetrics to analyze and project talent, your organization can use spend analytics to assess not just how much money you spend but also the value you get from it. Does the cash leaving align with the goals and processes put forth by your company's stakeholders? Do you have a comprehensive idea of where that money is going and whether it actually supports those goals and processes? Furthermore, does that knowledge inform and refine those goals? Smart Spend Compliance: Using Spend Analytics to Reduce the Cost and Risk of Non-Complaince, by Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer at Spend Matters, answers these questions.

Spend Analytics the Key to Cost and Risk-Cutting Non-Compliance: Certified Fresh Research

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Any successful organization — or individual, for that matter — must not only analyze the amount of money it spends but also the value it gets out of spending it. Enter spend analytics. Now available for complimentary download — Smart Spend Compliance: Using Spend Analytics to Reduce the Cost and Risk of Non-Compliance by Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer at Spend Matters. Get your copy today!

5 Data-Driven Supply Chain Challenges to Overcome in 2016

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post by Antonia Renner, of Informatica.

Supply chain, sourcing and procurement executives are feeling immense pressure to cope with the expansion into global markets, waves of disruptive innovation, rising customer expectations and complex regulatory requirements. These are catalysts that require supply chain management strategies to become bimodal and to make a shift from tactical to strategic. For 2016, I see leading supply chain organizations making these top-five data-driven supply chain management challenges a priority.

Measurement and Management: Your Supply Risk Management 2016 Game Plan (Part 4)

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As our examination of supply risk management best practices for 2016 continues, we turn our attention to measuring supply risk scoring in business terms, incorporating variation and volatility into risk models beyond just structural complexity and fully considering supply risk management as an embedded process. Taken as a whole, this four-part Spend Matters Plus series collectively provides an outlook on how best to define and manage supply risk programs in 2016, based on lessons learned from leaders. Part 1 defined the major risk categories to which an organization is exposed. Part 2 discussed a risk management strategy based on global contemplation and local implementation, and part 3 discussed risk and reward alignment.

Dec. 3 Webinar: Do You Know Where Your Contracts Are?

Much like the 1980s PSAs asking parents everywhere, "Do you know where your children are?", we here at Spend Matters are positing a similar question to procurement and supply chain professionals — except we're more concerned with the whereabouts of their contracts. Join us Thursday, Dec. 3, at 11 a.m. CDT, for the webinar, The True Value of Contract Intelligence (And How to Unlock It!). Our own Peter Smith, managing director of sister site Spend Matters UK/Europe, will be joined by the Seal Software team to cover the inherent risk involved in contract management and also to help organizations take advantage of the potential value present in said contracts. Register today!

NEW Webinar Announcement: Contract Intelligence to Mitigate Risk

Just announced! Join us Thursday, Dec. 3, at 11 a.m. CDT, for the webinar The True Value of Contract Intelligence (And How to Unlock It!). Our own Peter Smith, managing director, Spend Matters UK/Europe, will be joined by Seal Software to discuss the risks and opportunities inherent in most supply contracts and how contract discovery and analytics software can help. We're hoping to help organizations exploit the potential value and manage and mitigate the inevitable risk found across their entire spectrum of contracts. Sign up today!

EPA Clean Power Plan, MATS Rule and Procurement: Analysis and Implications

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Earlier this week, more than 20 states and a host of industry groups officially filed suit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Clean Power Plan. Before that, a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stayed EPA’s new “water rule” in all 50 states. Both of these developments came after a late June ruling in which the US Supreme Court struck down EPA-directed regulations for limiting mercury and toxic emissions from coal and oil power plants – known as the MATS (Mercury and Air Toxics Standards) rule. From a procurement and supply chain vantage point, that ruling was arguably the most important decision the nation’s highest court has made in the past decade. Not only does it cut to the very heart of procurement’s mission to manage costs, but it has direct linkages with energy sourcing and category management. This Spend Matters Plus brief analyzes the implications of these three EPA-driven regulations for procurement practitioners and supply chain organizations and provides recommendations for both manufacturers and non-manufacturers on how to take action around policy and regulations.

SIG Dispatch – The New Procurement: Risk and Services Procurement (Individually and Together!)

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The SIG Global Executive Summit is not your typical wide-themed procurement conference in which you’ve heard the same story or case study before. If you’ve been reading my dispatches thus far from the event today, you’ll pick up on two central themes in the SIG fall summit: supply chain/supplier risk and services procurement. I’d wager that topics surrounding these areas make up roughly around 50% of the content over the three-day event, and much of the content is deep.

SIG Dispatch: The Supply Chain Risk Decade, Segmenting the Market and a Lunch Panel

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I’m speaking on a lunch panel today at the SIG Global Executive Summit on supplier and supply chain risk management. At SIG this fall, risk is all over the agenda, including a dedicated breakout track, covering all facets of the “four-letter word” (the clever description of a session on the topic at the event), from regulatory compliance to supplier business practices to supply chain disruption. But my, how times have changed since risk first came into procurement vogue...

SIG Dispatch – Bros & Broettes, Benchmarks, Beach Runs and More


I arrived at SIG’s Global Executive Summit in Huntington Beach, California, yesterday and was expecting a relatively quiet afternoon and evening. Of course, the plans were tossed out the window when I saw so many old faces from my FreeMarkets and Ariba years — past co-workers, clients, frenemies and more (the sourcing “bros” and “broettes” as I call them). After a few afternoon sessions — a surprising number covered services procurement and risk management, the two topics I’m speaking on while here — the evening was a whirlwind of catch-up conversations and hellos with my old crew and some new faces as well.