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Oil Prices and Risks Abroad Dampen Business Travel Growth in 2015

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U.S. businesses will increasingly spend more on travel this year and next, but growth in spending is softening due to the drop in oil prices and global economic conditions, according to the latest Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) BTI Outlook for the third quarter of 2015. Overall business travel spending is expected to grow 3.1% in 2015. Next year, that growth is predicted to rise 3.7%, the report said.

The Future and Promise of E-Procurement

All technologies follow a natural progression, beginning with conception and followed by iterations of improvement. In some rare cases, these iterations compound until they accelerate to the point of exponential innovation. In the last couple of decades, we’ve seen more technologies — from computing power to rocketry — reach this upper echelon of development. Now it’s procurement’s turn.

The Spend Visibility Curve: Start Here

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A few weeks back, I participated in a Spend HQ webinar, The Spend Visibility Curve: Where Do You Stand. During the discussion, I introduced a spend visibility maturity model that I’ve been thinking about for some time – and which I’ll introduce today and cover in more detail in subsequent posts in this series. At the core of the model is more of a definitional question itself: What is the difference between spend analytics and spend visibility?

Proactis Moves the Spend Control Conversation to the Boardroom

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Proactis, a UK-based spend management and e-procurement provider, already has a unique offering of cloud-based software solutions but is now looking to move its spend control conversation to the boardroom, offering an end-to-end platform and complementary suite of services encompassing its cloud-based software solutions, as well as an internal team to support customers’ implementation and operational processes, to streamline interactions and collaboration between buyers and sellers. This Spend Matters PRO article takes an in-depth look at where Proactis stands today in the market and how it intends to grow in the future. We discuss the provider’s current strengths among procurement technology solutions, including spend control and invoicing tools, and why we think the company is a standout in the market.

Could Procurement Be the Enterprise’s Secret Weapon?

Organizations seeking to realize cost savings in today's global economy should turn to their secret weapon: procurement. Procurement divisions face the same business challenges as others – to do more with less in an increasingly competitive marketplace. But, the fast-moving contingent workforce world is about to get a whole lot more complicated. All firms are competing to see who can manage their extended workforce and spend the best. The fight to realize cost savings across the enterprise has never been more intense. The good news is that new research can help you tap into opportunities to boost your bottom line.

‘Til the Very Last Drop: Maximizing Your Spend Data Value

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Think of a water-filled dish towel as A/P data and potential value as that water: let this report be the hands that twist and squeeze it completely dry. Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer at Spend Matters, addresses the challenges you need to overcome (i.e. funneling multiple A/P systems into one database). How to Wring Every Bit of Value Out of Spend Data also tackles other critical A/P data points, such as the overall scope of the effort and pinpointing that as early as possible. Pierre is here to save the day, yet again. Get your copy today!

Data ‘Enrichment’ is the Future of Spend Analysis: A Flashback to Our Most Popular Ask the Expert Webinar

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It’s another Flashback Friday where we feature one of our most popular Ask the Expert webinars. Today's pick: Spend Analysis and Analytics: Theory and Practice, which was led by Gert van der Heijden, editor of Spend Matters Netherlands, back in March 2014. In this webinar, Gert focuses on the future of spend analysis, which he said would include advanced analytics and better data to improve risk management. Gert predicted “data enrichment” would be the next “buzzword” for procurement and spend analysis. While spend analysis is the basis for every procurement department, he said, that data needs to be “enriched” in order for the spend analytics process to be effective and valuable. Check out the full webinar recording here...

Navigating The Path From Tactical Procurement Analytics to Strategic Supply Analytics

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Spend visibility is foundational to any procurement transformation because to better manage supply, you have to manage spend. Spend is what you pay and supply is what you get, and to manage spend you have to see it. Yet too many procurement organizations work hard to put basic spend analytics in place but don't have a broader vision, strategy and roadmap for strategic supply analytics (i.e., the analytic capabilities to support strategic supply management). We use the term “supply analytics” instead of “procurement analytics” to reflect procurement’s increasing role in managing broader supply outcomes than just its own performance – especially in direct procurement. This Spend Matters PRO article is designed to provide you such a roadmap. It is not a step-by-step, one-size-fits-all approach because every firm will have a different experience. It is, however, a map that can guide you through plotting out your supply analytics journey.

Increase Visibility, Improve Supplier Management: A Procurement Wish List

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How can finance and procurement better collaborate to improve supply and spend management? Well, Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer, has already giving us a number of ways this can be accomplished in his Chief Procurement Officer series "17 Ways Finance Can Help Procurement." The series is based off a recent snap poll Spend Matters and the Institute for Supply Management conducted on the alignment between finance and procurement organizations. Each new post checks another number off our list. In the last week, Pierre has checked off Nos. 12 and 11 – read on to check out the full articles on Chief Procurement Officer!

Procurement: Spend Influencer, Not Total Spend Manager


Over on Trade Financing Matters, my colleague David Gustin makes a rather astute observation when he notes in his post titled "It's a Fallacy that Procurement Manages ALL Spend", that “in very few organizations does procurement have total control of spend.” David gets his procurement mojo on – especially for a trade finance guy – when he further observes that: “[W]ho is best to understand the compliance issues around a complex bill of materials?…Take this one step further and how do you manage the connected commerce world for direct spend? We know EDI and EDI integrators have been doing it for decades – shout out to companies like GXS/OpenText, Sterling, etc. ..." Read on to see further insight from David and our analysis on this issue.

Coupa’s Rob Bernshteyn on How to Spend $80M+ and Our Questions Ahead of Coupa Inspire


Yesterday, I had the chance to catch up briefly with Coupa’s President and CEO Rob Bernshteyn about the provider’s recent $80 million funding round, which valued the company in excess of $1 billion. The discussion was actually quite boring, but not in a bad way – Rob is anything but dull. However, there seems to be little change in direction – or even an evolution – of Coupa’s strategy. Rather, it is more of the “high-growth same” if you will – an emphasis on customers, markets (e.g., geographic) and continued suite innovation, in Rob’s words. In this Spend Matters Plus analysis, we share some of the notes from our discussion with Rob as well as our outlook for Coupa Inspire this week and questions that we hope to get answered from attending.

How Finance Can Help Procurement: A Countdown on our CPO Website


Over on Chief Procurement Officer, we recently began a countdown series of the top 17 ways finance can help procurement. Authored by Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell, the series, or wish list, is based off a snap poll Spend Matters and the Institute for Supply Management conducted regarding the alignment of procurement and finance organizations within a company. The series hits on the least important to most important ways procurement would like finance's help improving supply and spend management. (No. 1 will be the most important.) So far, Pierre has hit on tips Nos. 17-15. You can read the full articles over on Chief Procurement Officer, or read on and follow the links.