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The White House and SupplierPay: From the Basics to the Behind the Scenes

- July 29, 2014 2:38 AM | Categories: Public Sector, Supplier Management, Supply Chain

800px-White_House_Washington Right around the time that the Spend Matters analyst tasked with covering the intersection of purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash, trade financing, and payments left the country for a few weeks, President Obama and his team had the nerve to fast-track what is perhaps the most important thing to happen to procurement in decades in terms of government guidance. Earlier this month, the White House unveiled SupplierPay, a corporate program designed to get cash flowing more effectively throughout the supply chain. It's not a technology or mandate. Rather, it is a non-binding private/public partnership to encourage industry to improve the speed with which actual dollars move from big companies to small.

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When Policy and Supply Chain Traceability Requirements Do More Harm Than Good

Are we becoming a victim of our own supply chain policing, in that regulatory requirements are driving us to make sub-optimal decisions? In a must-read column in Sourcing Journal Online, Stephan Lamar, executive vice president at the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA), presents the case for how the avoidance of one material in shoes and apparel led to potential non-compliance in another areas.

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Webinar Replay: Check Out Last Week’s Recording on Supplier Collaboration in Strategic Sourcing!

Did you miss our webinar last week on supplier collaboration in strategic sourcing? Fear not because it is still available. Check out the recording of “Supplier Collaboration in Strategic Sourcing: an Oxymoron?” while it is still here to listen to! Thomas Kase (VP of Research) and Pierre Mitchell (Chief Research Officer) have also written a paper that provides helpful background if this topic is one of particular interest to you.

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What Do You Mean, a Coed Sauna? On Sourcing Activity Synchronization and Customers

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 5.03.41 PM Art van Bodegraven, managing principal of Van Bodegraven Associates and founding principal of Discovery Executive Services, is back with another essay for Spend Matters. As we look for better ways to integrate and synchronize sourcing and procurement activities intelligently within the greater supply chain, it is easy to become confused about who and where the customers are. You know, the ones we are supposed to be delighting? This is a burning question in both the B2B and the B2C worlds. And the obvious answer is not always the complete answer. For example, when a company's customers are the ones actually paying the bills, and the sales and marketing mission is to get them to buy as much as can be rationalized, plus some extra “just in case,” we cannot afford to overlook sales and marketing as an internal customer, whose needs and demands we must at least recognize.

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Has Supply Chain Policing Gone Too Far?

Is Dodd-Frank really necessary (and if it was wouldn’t it have been implemented yet)? Why do most of the most successful supplier diversity programs we can point to have little focus on adhering to requirements for government contracting and more on doing what is right by customers and growth market segments? And perhaps most serious of all, why does China care about REACH/ROHS and even clean energy when they can’t police their state-owned companies? Nor can they go after suppliers that these organizations purchase from for behavior that would be aberrant in more civilized countries – labor practices, counterfeit and often dangerous materials/substances, theft of IP and other trade secrets, and just about any other supply chain risk infraction you can point to in recent news headlines.

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Webinar On-Demand: Choosing Your Supplier Management Suite

- July 21, 2014 6:45 AM | Categories: Supplier Management

No need to mark your calendars for this webinar! Jason Busch (founder and group managing director) examines the ongoing debate on supplier management technology in this on-demand recording. The “sweetest suite” path could come in the form of a module, a suite or a best-of-breed scenario, but if you’re currently stressing about which road to take, then this webinar is for you.

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Looking at Supply Chain Risk Like an Insurance Provider: Do Business Here, Not There

It would be great to have a supply chain risk silver bullet that highlighted specific suppliers that present riskier prospects. That would be financial risk variables, broader supply chain exposure, political risk (of site/factory/host countries), and more. Short of this risk management panacea or expensive one-off analysis, the 2014 FM Global Resilience Index is a fascinating starting point, at least as it pertains to both country specific risk and the overall factors that contribute to supply chain risk.

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Learn Tips on How to Enhance Your RFPs With This Must-Read Research Paper

- July 17, 2014 6:24 AM | Categories: Learning / Research, Supplier Management

The typical business challenge when you go to market with an RFP centers on getting ideas for what is possible, and identifying suppliers that either already have these ideas or are willing to work with you toward that end. Targeted activities are often services or complex products where quality, service, or the engineered final product will be different from each vendor responding.

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Last Chance to Register! Get Your Supplier Ducks in a Row for Strategic Sourcing With This Webinar

- July 16, 2014 6:19 AM | Categories: Sourcing, Supplier Collaboration, Supplier Management

Register here for the webinar we're holding today at 12 pm CDT, "Supplier Collaboration in Strategic Sourcing: an Oxymoron?”. Presented by Pierre Mitchell (Chief Research Officer) and Stacy Leidwinger (Director of Product Management, Directworks), today's webinar will delve into why supplier collaboration is so essential to successful strategic sourcing and why that combination isn’t as elusive as you might think.

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Procuring the Brazuca: The Complexity of Sourcing a World Cup Football

The Adidas “Brazuca” was the official ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Over the last month, more than a billion people watched this ball from more than 200 countries (talk about sensitive procurement categories). To add to that, the last World Cup’s “Jabulani” was mired in an “aerodynamics controversy,” resulting in even more pressure to get this one right. Read on to see how procuring a Brazuca is a good case study in managing suppliers down your supply chain.

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Contract Management and Manufacturing: On Industrial-Specific Use Cases for CLM

- July 14, 2014 10:30 AM | Categories: Contract Management, Supplier Management

Many questions we get regarding contract management suggests that most practitioners and consultants think of contract lifecycle management software as a somewhat generic set of capabilities that work across industries without significant tailoring, customization, or configuration. But in fact there are a number of specific use cases for manufacturing environments. And there are also more advanced use cases in manufacturing.

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Enhance Your Supplier Relationships With This Paper/Webinar One-Two Punch

- July 14, 2014 6:09 AM | Categories: Supplier Collaboration, Supplier Management

Supplier Collaboration in Strategic Sourcing: an Oxymoron? We certainly don’t think so. Join us on Wednesday, July 16 at 12 p.m. CDT for an informative webinar with Stacy Leidwinger (Director of Product Management, Directworks) and Pierre Mitchell (Chief Research Officer, Spend Matters) as they delve into tactics and strategies that have already been used by manufacturers in creating joint value with suppliers. Register now!

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