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(More Than) Top 10: Supplier Risks in 2017

We here at Spend Matters like to go above and beyond, which is why a simple Top 10 list just won't cut it. Join Jason Busch (founder and head of strategy at Spend Matters) and Pierre Mitchell (chief research officer) on Tuesday, January 17 at 12 p.m. Central for The Supply Chain Devil's Dozen: Top 12 Supplier Risks for 2017. They'll cover how procurement organizations can shift their investments and strategies to account for the world's major changes, and how to "map" these risks to their underlying causes (and causes to different types of risk). Sign up here!

New Date & Time: Preparing Your Suppliers for the Digital Economy

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You have a bit more time to register for Preparing Your Suppliers for the Digital Economy: You Should Have Acted Yesterday, which will now take place Tuesday, Dec. 13, at 10 a.m. CST. Get smart and hear the chatter on the future of supplier enablement, connectivity, supply chain visibility, sourcing and total cost optimization and more, as Jason Busch, founder and head of strategy at Spend Matters, and Marco H. de Vries, senior director of product marketing at OpenText Business Network, trade thoughts and ideas.

The Future of Supplier Enablement and Connectivity: Webinar Tomorrow!


Even if you have to do it with them kicking and screaming, the time is now to bring your suppliers into the digital economy. The future is here as it pertains to supplier enablement, connectivity, supply chain visibility, sourcing and total cost optimization. Join Jason Busch, founder and head of strategy at Spend Matters, and Marco H. de Vries, senior director, product marketing at OpenText Business Network, tomorrow at 10 a.m. CST for Preparing Your Suppliers for the Digital Economy: You Should Have Acted Yesterday. Sign up here!

PRGX to Acquire Lavante: Solution Overview, Comparative Solution Capability and Competitive Analysis (Part 1) [PRO]

Earlier this week, PRGX Global, the largest audit recovery services provider by billings, announced it has closed its acquisition of Lavante, a small technology company that competes in the supplier management sub-sector of the procurement technology market. Lavante also had developed audit recovery technology that provides a substitute approach to traditional audit recovery services providers. The transaction, which values Lavante at $4.25 million in cash as well as an earn-out consideration based on Lavante’s performance in selling its cloud-based supplier information management (SIM) and related applications until the end of 2018, provides PRGX with a valuable technology asset in a market segment that Spend Matters research suggests is growing at a healthy double-digit CAGR.

The first installment of this Spend Matters PRO analysis offers an overview of supplier lifecycle management (SLM) market, including supplier management and SIM technologies. It also provides analysis of Lavante’s offerings and how it stack up to competitors, including specialized supplier management providers such as Hiperos/Opus Global, HICX and riskmethods. It also offers a comparative analysis with procurement technology suite providers, including BravoSolution and SciQuest, two suite providers with competitive solutions in the supplier management area. Others suite vendors, including SAP Ariba and Coupa, offer only limited capabilities to support the range of specialized supplier lifecycle management requirements.

The second installment in this series, publishing next week, explores the potential impact of the transaction on PRGX and PRGX customers. It also provides perspective on the changing audit recovery provider landscape — including PRGX competitors such as APEX Analytix and Connolly — and the impact that offerings such as Lavante might have on this conservative market segment.

Improving Supplier Compliance (Subway to Speak!) – Webinar Next Tuesday!

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We welcome David Burrows (sustainability supply chain manager at Subway / IPCoop) along with Pierre-Francois Thaler (co-founder and co-CEO of EcoVadis) to join Pierre Mitchell (chief research officer at Spend Matters) next Tuesday at 10 a.m. CDT for Improving Your Supplier Compliance Odds When the Cards Are Stacked Against You. They'll share robust frameworks, guerilla tactics and case study results to build you a business case for sustainable change in your inbound supply chain. Overcome the odds and improve your supplier compliance when the chips are down and you're being counted on to deliver in the face of adversity. Sign up here!

How to Really Get a 360-Degree View of Your Suppliers


Last week, I had the pleasure of moderating an ISM webinar with Roger Blumberg (Pool4Tool), Bill DeMartino (riskmethods), Pierre-Francois Thaler (Ecovadis), and Edda Rottscheidt (LexisNexis). If you missed it, I highly recommend watching the replay. The one bad thing about webinars is that they usually come to an end before all of the audience questions are addressed, so I thought I’d start a Spend Matters mini-series to answer some of the ones we weren’t able to make it to live. For this installment, I asked Roger Blumberg to address a question from Genesis Energy: Who (clients, industries) has a 360° view of their suppliers? How real-time is the view? What are their business cases?

Why Supply Chain Risk Management is Key to Supplier Management


While category management can address and even reduce supply chain risk by ensuring a chosen strategy has the right level of resiliency, prevention and agility, it cannot prevent risk or do much to eliminate the source of risk once something has happened. That can only be done by each party in the supply chain doing everything they can to eliminate the risk. In particular, a supplier needs to do all they can to minimize the risk on their end.

Automakers Need to Improve Their Supplier Relationships


Automakers need to do a better job of working with suppliers to succeed in an increasingly competitive market, according to a new analysis. The North American Automotive OEM-Supplier Working Relations Index Study from Planning Perspectives Inc., a Mississippi-based consulting firm, looked at six original equipment manufacturers and their working relationships with suppliers. None of the automakers received scores on the index that Planning Perspectives considers “good” or “very good.”

Defining Your Solution Approach: Supplier Management 101 (Part 3) [Plus+]

supplier management

In Part 1 of this series, we introduced supplier management from a process and methodology standpoint before mapping it to various solution areas that are out in the marketplace. Supplier management often is called SLM because of its lifecycle focus, which spans initial analysis (analysis and opportunity identification), planning (sourcing), negotiation (contract management) and execution (performance), and closes the process loop by leading back to the analysis phase of the strategic sourcing cycle as a result of future opportunity identification. Third-party management (3PM), which deals with non-suppliers that are also critical to your organization — such as government agencies, third-party logistics, partners and (media) agencies — is simply the application of the appropriate finely-tuned subset of supplier management capabilities to the third party that needs to be managed for organizational success. And, of course, you also need good supplier information. In this installment we cover what is in scope from a process and information standpoint before mapping to solution categories that are available in the market.

How Low Commodity Prices Expose Procurement to New Risks

low commodity prices

A flood of foreign imports and a resilient dollar have depressed commodity prices for the past two years. For many procurement organizations, this may seem like an ideal moment to renegotiate contracts and secure unexpected savings. What lies beneath this opening, however, can wreak havoc on procurement. For every opportunity these depressed market conditions create, they reveal just as many new risks — ones procurement can rarely manage to full effect without the help of predictive analytics.

Develop Clever Sourcing Approaches, Maximize Supplier Value — Webinar Rapidly Approaching!


Have you heard? You can effectively manage and challenge your long-term supplier relationships while learning new cost containment strategies and getting buy-in from stakeholders. And you can do all this by studying what companies in the retail and grocery industry have already done successfully. Join Spend Matters and Price Chopper Supermarkets Thursday, Feb. 25, at 12 p.m. CST, for the presentation Sourcing Meets Supplier Relationships in Retail and Grocery.

Maximize the Value from Your Supplier Relationships: Webinar This Week!


A lot can be learned from what the retail and grocery industry are doing with sourcing and supplier relationships. No matter what industry you operate in, our upcoming webinar with Intesource and Price Chopper Supermarkets will inform your pain points. Join us Thursday, Feb. 25, at 12 p.m. CST, for the webinar Sourcing Meets Supplier Relationships in Retail and Grocery.