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Supply Chain Risk Management in 2016: Webinar Next Tuesday to Feature SMEs


Let's start with the foundation that everyone (including you) needs to focus on supply chain risk management in 2016. But what next? What are leading organizations doing in certain industries and verticals? Join Jason Busch, founder and head of strategy at Spend Matters, and Heiko Schwarz, founder and managing director at riskmethods, next Tuesday, Feb. 16, at 10:30 a.m. CST, for the 30-minute webinar Supply Chain Risk Management: 2016 Trends (from the Experts!).

Globalization Creates New Avenues for Supply Chain Risk: riskmethods Shares its Predictions for 2016

Supply risk

As part of our ongoing series on what procurement technology providers see as the biggest challenge for procurement in 2016, we recently spoke to riskmethods to hear its thoughts on the topic. Heiko Schwarz, riskmethods founder and managing director, pointed to increased external risks, globalization and regulation compliance as the main issues procurement and supply chain managers will have to tackle in the new year.

Hoverboard Company Swagway Allegedly Makes False Safety Claims


Hoverboard maker Swagway is allegedly putting counterfeit safety marks on its products. Underwriters Laboratories, an independent safety science company that reviews products to determine if they are safe for consumers, said Swagway put its UL safety marks on its hoverboard, but UL has never inspected or certified any hoverboards. Swagway said it uses battery cells and adapters that have been certified by UL. However, according to UL, that does not grant Swagway the right to use the UL safety mark on its product.

GM Invests in Lyft: Digital Business Strategy and Platform Wars in the Supply Chain (Part 1)


GM announced earlier this week a $500 million investment in ridesharing company Lyft as part of a $1 billion fundraising round. The partnership entails joint development of a network of autonomous GM vehicles that can be summoned via the Lyft mobile app. GM’s move here has many lessons for procurement and supply chain organizations that we’ll discuss in future posts, but as an interesting side note, one of the providers linking into AppLink is Concur.

Major Product Fail of 2015: Hoverboards


Of all the product recalls of 2015, the recent hoverboard disaster is perhaps the biggest bummer of them all. Kids and adults alike were excited for the levitating devices first dreamed up in Back to the Future films of the ‘80s. But all of the falls and fires associated with hoverboards lately have amounted to a major fail in the fun department.

Technology and Sustaining the Supply Chain

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Santosh Reddy, of GEP.

Technology has come a long way in supporting everyday things, automating, simplifying and just making things easier to get done. That applies to the world of supply chain management as well, with ERP systems becoming friendlier and faster to use. However, practically every breakthrough we have achieved still requires connection to the Internet or a server. This works fantastic and makes things near real time in terms of execution and updates, but only in the developed countries and a few developing ones with the appropriate infrastructure. Options are still very limited for most developing underdeveloped countries.

Fraudulent Returns Cost Retailers $2.2 Billion

fraudulent returns

Returns are an expected part of the holiday season. Fraudulent returns, however, continue to be a problem for retailers, with the National Retail Federation estimating they will cost the industry $2.2 billion this year, up from $1.9 billion last year. NRF data also shows retailers expect 3.5% of the returns made this holiday season will be fraudulent, meaning someone is trying to return stolen merchandise or used goods in exchange for cash, for instance. This is also up from the 3% of fraudulent returns in 2014.

E&M Supply Chain Sustainability Remains a Key Trend


Sustainability has been a growing trend in recent years, and according to a new report from DHL, it’s not going away anytime soon. Supply chain sustainability will remain a key focus among supply chain managers in the engineering and manufacturing (E&M) sector for another decade, the report, titled “Engineering & Manufacturing 2025+ – Building the World,” stated.

Ultimate Orange: Procurement and Supply Chain Lessons From Weight Lifting Supplements (Part 2)


Some people say weightlifting is not the sport for intellectuals. We’ve also heard the same thing said of procurement, mind you. But anyone who would dismiss either in such a manner has clearly not done their homework, or clearly has a chip on their shoulder. (Their atrophied, miniscule deltoids, that is.) External criticisms aside, there are more commonalities between the activity and the profession than not. This includes how to “juice” performance at the expense of longer-term horizons.

Supply Chain Sustainability a Priority, But Achieving it Remains a Challenge

sustainable supply chain

The majority of executives see supply chain sustainability as a strategic priority, but few organizations actually have a plan in place or a dedicated team to create a greener supply chain, according to a recent study by West Monroe Partners the Supply and Value Chain Center of Loyola University Chicago. The study found 51% of executives in North America from a variety of industries, including consumer packaged goods and retail, said having a green supply chain is a top concern.

Last Chance to Register! Everything You Need to Know About Digital and E-Signatures

This is your last chance to register for today's webinar, Digital and E-Signatures: Everything Procurement Needs to Know! Join us at 1 p.m. CDT as Thomas Kase, vice president of research at Spend Matters, and Andrea Masterton, director of marketing at eSignLive, A VASCO Company, for 30 minutes of discussion on contracting in procurement and the supply chain. If you’re in procurement, supply chain or tasked with any aspect of contracting, this webinar will provide the basics for you to get smart on digital and e-signatures fast. Register today!

Webinar Fast Approaching: Contracting Tips for Procurement, the Supply Chain

If you’re in procurement, supply chain or tasked with any aspect of contracting, our upcoming webinar will provide the basics for you to get smart on digital and e-signatures fast. Digital and E-Signatures: Everything Procurement Needs to Know! will take place this Thursday, Dec. 10, at 1 p.m. CDT. Our own Thomas Kase, vice president of research, will be joined by Andrea Masterton, director of marketing at eSignLive™, A VASCO Company. Register today!