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Randstad Japan and Gigwalk Taking Temporary Staffing into the On-Demand, Gig Economy


Randstad Japan, a division of the world's second-largest HR service provider, and on-demand workforce platform provider Gigwalk recently announced a partnership that will inject on-demand platform technology into an established temporary staffing business to achieve faster placements, lower transaction costs and meet client needs that could not be supported with a traditional staffing model. The program is being rolled out across all of Japan, where there is a labor shortage, especially in the food service and retail industries.

3 Reasons I Hate the Spend Matters 50/50

Spend Matters 50/50

I’ve personally gotten a dozen notes or calls from people I know in the past few days asking “why weren’t we” on the Spend Matters 2016 50/50 “Watch” and “Know” lists. Some were polite. Others less so. I know that my colleagues have gotten similar lines of questioning as well. Inevitably, any list or ranking of vendors or solution provider will result in happy and unhappy people and providers. It comes with the territory.

An Oracle Solution Primer (Part 3): A Module-by-Module Look at Oracle Procurement Cloud


The Oracle Cloud — previously known as “Oracle Fusion” — is a line of products that may have initially appeared to be a targeted bet and experiment for Oracle as it explored native SaaS development and deployment models and attempted to combine the strengths of different organic and acquired assets in a common suite. Oracle Cloud, since this initial vision, has matured considerably, both in capability, but more important, in strategic value to Oracle. In the first two installments in this Spend Matters PRO research series, we explored Oracle’s overall procurement portfolio and eBusiness Suite (EBS) procurement capabilities in detail (as well as iProcurement Endeca extensions and how partner Vinimaya integration strengthens the capabilities of iProcurement). In this third installment, we explore the Oracle Procurement Cloud product and offer our perspective on the history of the solution, optimal customers and partner integration (and capabilities) with Vinimaya. We also offer our take on how Oracle Procurement Cloud stacks up to the competition.

Why the Omnichannel Experience is a Contingent Workforce Game Changer

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Brad Martin, director of product marketing at PRO Unlimited.

Over the past several years, the workforce has dramatically evolved in parallel with the technologies that support both a mobile and connected workforce. Today's "mobile workforce" is growing exponentially, and the rise in mobility demands that enterprise applications not only have a comprehensive mobile strategy, but also offer fully featured omnichannel experiences.

‘Richard, If We Want to Build the Platform, All We Need to do is … Build the Platform’


This title is a line from the hit HBO show Silicon Valley, a parody of life in the bubble that stretches south from San Francisco to San Jose. But it’s not really a parody; it’s more of a reality show. I’ve lived here since 1987, but only on the inner and outer edges of the bubble. But if there is one thing that I absolutely abhor and resent about life around that bubble, it is the debasement and trivialization of “the platform.”

Wonolo: WIP of the Week

LinkedIn ProFinder

This week we present Wonolo as the WIP of the Week. The company provides an on-demand work intermediation platform that matches and connects businesses and pre-vetted, local workers (Wonoloers) who can rapidly fill short-term jobs. The platform also enables the online payments from businesses to workers and provides other capabilities to both businesses and workers. Platform-intermediated, on-demand “gig” work arrangements (requested and fulfilled locally) are now mainstream (rides, deliveries, errands, short tasks, et al.). Unlike many of the on-demand labor marketplaces that focus on serving consumers and/or very small businesses, Wonolo targets both SMB (over 30 employees) and large enterprises (over 500 employees) that have unpredictable, short-term, uniform-output labor requirements. Moreover, Wonolo can meet business needs for multiple workers (for example, 20 warehouse workers), not just one-offs. It tends to enter into longer-term fee agreements with businesses, though businesses can also engage Wonoloers “by the drink,” as it were. In this brief, we provide an overview of Wonolo and its unique platform model and, as usual, offer our own commentary.

Email Wastes Time, Procurement Can Turn to Other Social Collaboration Tools


Workers are increasingly demanding collaboration and communication tools that are efficient and easy to use. It’s why messaging apps like Slack, and now Google Spaces, are becoming so popular. Facebook even has its Facebook at Work, which connects teams and allows them to share information internally. Email, however, is becoming less relevant in the workplace, and many leaders think it actually can waste time, according to a recent survey by Robert Half.

Using the Design Process to Transform: Design-Centered Procurement (Part 7)


In the world of quality management, even well-designed products can only be manufactured by equally well-designed processes that are not just controlled but also capable. Such a process capability for manufactured items is formally engineered by a “manufacturing engineering” function that works collaboratively with design engineering on one side and operations on the other. So, it stands to reason that a procurement process for purchased items (and services) should similarly be engineered with upstream internal partners who specify the design and downstream with those involved with execution. This process of the design of procurement (i.e., the process of how to best engage external suppliers to maximize value) should be collaborative too.

SAP and Microsoft Announce Integration Plan, Put HANA on Azure Cloud

Tradeshift Baiwang

SAP and Microsoft announced a new integration plan Tuesday that deploys SAP HANA on the Microsoft Azure cloud and links SAP applications, including Ariba, with Microsoft Office 365, giving procurement organizations opportunities for enhanced collaboration, functionality and connectivity within the tools they regularly use. According to Joe Fox, senior vice president of business development and strategy at SAP Ariba, the partnership with Microsoft shows SAP/Ariba’s commitment to delivering innovation through an open platform

A Look Back on the Contingent Workforce Industry Over the Last 25 Years

gig economy

Contingent workforce management solution provider PRO Unlimited is celebrating 25 years of being in business. The contingent workforce industry has changed a lot in the last two years, let alone the last two-and-a-half decades. Andrew Schultz, PRO Unlimited co-founder and chief executive officer, shared his insights with Spend Matters on how contingent workforce management has evolved over the years, as well as how the technology has adapted to respond to the rising demands of customers.

An Oracle Solution Primer (Part 2): A Module-by-Module Look at EBS Advanced Procurement


By nature of not having made targeted acquisitions in the procurement market, Oracle does not call as much attention to itself in the space as ERP rival SAP, which purchased Ariba, Fieldglass and Concur. Yet Oracle is not sitting still in the race to rapidly build out competitive capabilities through major acquisitions, but rather to incrementally develop both EBS and Oracle Cloud Suites as true integrated suites rather than a portfolio of applications loosely connected to each other. In the first installment of this Spend Matters PRO brief, we explored the types of general investments that Oracle is making in procurement, its different procurement application lines, and the various approaches it is taking to offering cloud deployment and integration modules. We also provided an introduction to EBS Advanced Procurement. In this second installment, we explore all of the applications of the Advanced Procurement suite. We also delve into how the iProcurement module has benefited from Oracle’s Endeca acquisition and the gaps that Oracle partners, such as Vinimaya, are filling within the Oracle EBS Procurement picture to enable parity with best-of-breed competitors in the catalog management, federated search, comparison shopping and presentation areas. Finally, we also offer our take on how Oracle Procurement Cloud stacks up to the competition.

On-Demand Platform Wonolo Unveils its ‘W2 Option’ and More


Wonolo, an on-demand work intermediation platform headquartered in San Francisco, announced today it is offering a “W2 Option” for businesses that do not want to engage workers as 1099 contractors. Wonolo (which stands for Work. Now. Locally.) connects companies with thousands of prescreened workers “on-demand,” helping companies address their unpredictable labor requirements. In a phone call, Wonolo CEO Yong Kim said the digital platform model allows the business to achieve an average fill rate of 90% and an average time-to-fill (job posting to acceptance) of four minutes.