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How Procurement Tech Adoption is Changing the Early Payment Game for the Better

The imperative to improve working capital is nothing new. As long as businesses have existed, buying organizations have wanted to hold onto their cash as long as possible, while suppliers have wanted to be paid promptly for goods and services provided. No wonder, then, that one of the oldest mechanisms to alleviate this discrepancy, invoice finance, dates back almost 5,000 years. But even over such a long history, invoice finance changed little. That's why the technological forces that are shaping this space stand to change so much about how it works.

E-Invoicing’s Growth and the Supply Chain Finance Opportunity — For Buyers and Suppliers

The global invoice finance market is massive — and growing. Already topping $3 trillion worldwide, increased use of e-invoicing by companies and mandates for the technology by tax authorities are creating new opportunities for buyers and suppliers. What’s more, the rise of P2P and S2P systems has brought buyers and suppliers into closer collaboration than ever before, positioning supply chain finance to jump from a fraction of the invoice finance market to a dominant player in this evolving space. To learn more about these trends and what solutions are available to procurement, suppliers and solution providers, we sat down with George Shapiro, CEO and chairman of The Interface Financial Group, to get his take on the state of the market today.

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What CFOs and CPOs are Looking at to Transform Accounts Payable in 2018

As companies set their strategic priorities for 2018, the push for digital transformation has taken hold. But while functions such as sales and marketing already have a firm foothold in the digital world, supply chain-related functions have had to wait their turn to revolutionize their tools and process. This year, however, stands to be the one where procurement and accounts payable organizations shed their back office brand for a new, strategic approach. To find out just where CPOs and CFOs are focusing in 2018 as they lead their digital transformations, we sat down for a quick Q&A with Xavier Olivera, our in-house purchase-to-pay (P2P) expert, and David Gustin, executive editor of Trade Financing Matters, for a conversation spanning procurement-finance collaboration, common barriers to technology adoption and the future of early payment programs.