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E-Signatures and Digital Signatures: 10 Things Procurement Needs to Know

From better contract management and accelerating the flow of the cash cycle to simply boosting productivity, electronic and digital signatures have proven to be a useful tool for procurement organizations. And, as the supply chain — and the rest of the world — continue to move toward a paperless workflow and implement smarter technologies, digital signatures and e-signatures are a natural path or progression for procurement. Bottom line: digital signatures and electronic signatures save time and money. Download this paper to learn more!

Use Cases of E-Signatures and Digital Signatures in Procurement and the Supply Chain

E-signatures and digital signatures are a rapidly growing sub-segment of the procurement and broader enterprise technology market. The numbers are truly off the charts. According to industry research, the segment experienced 48% growth in 2011, and an average of 53% annual growth in 2012 and 2013. Forrester estimates there will be 700 million e-signature transactions by 2017. There is no doubt that the growth will continue in this market at breakneck pace for at least the next few years. But where do e-signatures and digital signatures fit into e-procurement, beyond simply replacing handwritten signatures on the contract paper? This Spend Matters PRO research brief provides examples and use cases where these solutions can play a critical role supporting end-to-end source-to-pay (S2P) and related procurement processes.

Contract Management: Understand How to Focus on the Right Thing

This report is a summary of a webcast by the same name delivered in June, 2015. Alongside Seal Software, we explored how a contract, which is supposed to commercially protect a firm, might have the quite unintended consequences that do just the opposite. This is especially pertinent today, as companies are trying to build better visibility into their supply chains, partners, spending, and underlying contracts. The webcast replay can be viewed here. This quick-hit report summarizes what we found when we dug into some of Apple’s publicly available contract templates. We’ll also comment on results from the real-time polls we conducted during the event, which provides a pulse on where companies actually find themselves in this space (vs. where we think they should be!)

Overcoming Challenges of Project – & SOW-based Solutions – Part 1

Services Procurement Innovation Compass - Free Research Download
Explore today’s SOW-based adoption patterns, starting with how the environment is changing. Also covers SOW suggestions for overcoming adoption, collaboration and process hurdles in adopting these services procurement platforms and enabling third-party management services

Managing Indirect Services – Procurement’s Greatest Opportunity?

Spend Matters - Free Research Download Managing Indirect Services – Procurement’s Greatest Opportunity? Peter Smith, Spend Matters UK/Europe Improving procurement across indirect services categories offers significant opportunities for savings. However, data, tools and capability must be carefully chosen to meet the specific needs of these spend categories. This Spend Matters research paper considers complex services and how procurement executives and functions can gain more influence in these spend categories by moving up the "maturity ladder" in terms of procurement input and performance. In many organisations, procurement continue to struggle to get involved and lack credibility, so we highlight challenges and […]

Analyzing the Rise of Procurement Staff Augmentation Services: 2011 Update

Spend Matters Perspective - Free Research Download Analyzing the Rise of Procurement Staff Augmentation Services: 2011 Update Jason Busch, Executive Editor, Spend Matters At Spend Matters, we track many aspects of the procurement and operations world. And in most of the areas we analyze, it’s possible to see an evolutionary approach to the market adoption of new types of products and services. But procurement staff augmentation services are different. In what feels like a compressed period of time, procurement staff augmentation has exploded into an entirely new market niche that was barely on the radar screen before its ascent. And since […]

A Statement of Work (SOW) Backdrop – The Foundation of a Business Case

Spend Matters Perspective - Free Research Download A Statement of Work (SOW) Backdrop – The Foundation of a Business Case Co-authored by: Jason Busch, Thomas Kase, and the Fieldglass team Spend Matters and Fieldglass have observed a significant ramping up of many contingent workforce and services procurement programs within Global 2000 organizations over the past few years. For companies serious about general procurement programs and enablement through technology, the additional investment in a VMS (vendor management system) to tackle contingent spending is a logical extension to core capabilities in the indirect purchase-to-pay arena. It also enables additional spend analysis, e-sourcing, […]