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Contract Lifecycle Management 101

This is part 1 in an ongoing series that will primarily focus on procurement-centric CLM in the context of purchasing and supply chain. Where relevant, it will indicate additional sell-side benefits that are offered by a CLM platform and the key capabilities it provides an organization. This iteration covers Contract Lifecycle Management 101.

Ask the Expert: Contract Management Dilemmas – To Trust or Track the Supplier

Spend Matters Premium Content - Ask the Expert Video Replay
Trust only goes so far - but the same can be said for tracking! In this Ask the Expert session, Peter Smith of Spend Matters UK/Europe walks you through how to achieve a proper balance to assure that you're getting what you need from your suppliers - and they don't roll their eyes every time they receive an email or phone call from you.

Sourcing, Contract Management, and Supplier Management Cloud

Spend Matters Perspective - Free Research Download Sourcing, Contract Management, and Supplier Management Cloud – Business Users Benefit From Savings Enablement Thomas Kase, Lead Analyst, Spend Matters The past decade has seen significant reinvention of existing procurement tools focused on decision support and information management. Historically, many companies have relied on manual approaches to sourcing, contract management and supplier management (e.g., fax, email, office) or the installed software capabilities of ERP extensions or other third-party solutions, many with limited capabilities. Over the past decade, a period of punctuated equilibria within procurement technology, cloud models have come to dominate a range […]