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Technology RFPs: Are You Wasting Time and Money?

This might sound like a bold statement, but sometimes (maybe even most of the time) it just doesn't make sense to go to RFP! Sourcing practitioners might scoff at this, but this paper is worth a download just to read how author Thomas Kase challenges the notion that an RFP is the best path to a successful solution provider selection outcome.

Cloud P2P Deployment: A How-To Guide to SAP and ERP Integration with eProcurement and Beyond

It is our hope that CPOs, CFOs, and other senior procurement and finance decision makers that must develop a P2P integration strategy (and program) will find this report invaluable in their efforts. IT and other resources are likely to find useful tidbits as well. At its core, this report doesn’t just look at success criteria for ERP integration. It provides general strategy options for P2P cloud integration as well. The best news? All of this can be way easier than you think. Download to find out how!

Choosing Procurement Technology That Grows With You

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As a procurement practitioner, when you start looking at the portfolio of solutions you have available today, some patterns will likely emerge. First, you’ll have a range of tools in your arsenal. There will be a few painfully obsolete tools that are creaking along. There will be specific procurement tools (analytics, sourcing, etc.) not used by many. There will be several mainstream ERP solutions that are used nearly daily by all. And there will be peripheral tools where the procurement technology waters get murkier. What does this tell us about how we select and use procurement technology and what are the lessons learned? This paper is part of one of the most important parts of a Spend Matters PRO series we’ll publish this fall for companies looking to get more from their solution investments (whether you’re ramping up organized programs for the first time or replacing earlier solutions, it does not matter).

Procurement Centers of Excellence (CoE) – What’s In Them and How to Set Them Up

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There is no one perfect way to organize your procurement CoE. As you may have guessed, it all depends on your existing organization structure and operating model. You'll quickly find that it's not really about the size of the toolbox, but rather making sure you have the right tools for the job (and the master craftspeople to use them). That said, there is some standardization that can be followed, and Pierre Mitchell walks you through that and many other Center of Excellence how-tos in this research. 

Procurement Consultants: Sourcing, Implementation, and How to Get the “A” Team

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Over the years, we've come to realize what a significant disconnect there is between those on the inside of the consulting world and those who buy services, especially in the operations and procurement areas. If you're looking to hire Mr. T in this regard, we unfortunately can't help you. But we can tell you how to get the most out of a consulting team.

Putting the “Supply” in Supply Networks (Part 1)

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The typical CEO's agenda centers around growth and innovation. For the CFO, this profitable growth agenda must also be predictable – and efficient. The head of supply chain must then align with these strategic priorities for reducing cost and risk, while supporting growth and customer satisfaction. "How the heck do I do that?" you ask. You just can’t get there if you’re stuck in reactive execution mode and in the land of ERP systems, spreadsheets, EDI, and duct tape. Part 1 of this two-part series gives you the tactics and tools you need to enter what Spend Matters terms Supply Management 2.0. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the digital supply chain.

Putting the “Supply” in Supply Networks (Part 2)

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How do you typically think about procurement? As a straight line, where you find low-cost sources of supply, make a purchase, and that's it? We see this as a problem in a lot of firms. What if all of your suppliers could provide better part-level performance on a broader/balanced supply scorecard? It turns out that they can, if your supply chain were managed more holistically and orchestrated better.

How to Justify Spend Analysis to Finance / IT When There’s No Clear ROI

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Analytics are all the rage. And spend analysis is Procurement 101. So, getting some reasonable investment shouldn't be a problem, right? Wrong. The problem with analytics is that the identified value is all “option value.” You don't know how much value opportunity you will uncover with the analytics until you actually perform them (and implement the identified opportunities)! This article, which previously appeared on Spend Matters PRO, gives you ten ways to overcome this Catch-22 problem.

Ask the Expert: Upgrade Your Procurement Scorecard – and Upgrade Your Procurement Performance

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This session is a Pierre Mitchell brain dump on ‘everything I’ve ever learned about procurement performance measurement’, especially drawn on his eight years experience at Hackett where he helped broaden/deepen its procurement benchmark and related set of performance measurement tools. His most frequent set of client inquiries by far had to do with this topic, and it’s a really important one, and deceptively complex. This session goes through a 21-item punch list of diagnostic questions to ask yourself and also touches on how to improve problematic areas.

Everything You Wanted to Know About MRO Sourcing But Were Afraid to Ask

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Spend Matters - Free Research Download

If your procurement organization is applying old techniques to a category where new approaches, options, and technologies can dramatically impact the cost and quality of the MRO experience, then you’re losing out on potentially tens of millions of dollars of savings.

The effective sourcing of the most strategic and largest MRO areas requires that procurement organizations invest the time to segment their spend effectively by fully exploring different supplier options and understanding internal preference. This paper offers the strategies and tools to do just that!

20 Questions to Ask Before Writing an EDI, Supplier Network, or e-Invoicing RFP

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It's difficult to stay on top of the EDI, supplier network, and e-Invoicing tool choices out there. On Spend Matters PRO, we recently published 20 questions that customers should consider as early as possible when choosing this type of tool. Download this research today to understand how to arrive at the larger problem you're trying to solve and go into the product selection process armed and ready to get exactly what you need. This excerpt of Spend Matters PRO content has been made available to the general public by Nipendo. The rest of this research brief is available for Spend Matters PRO members.

How to Attack Marketing Spend

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One of our most popular topics on PRO, Thomas sets out to define how procurement should approach the marketing category (from dealing with agencies all the way to just dressing better!) For a category that straddles the boundary between direct and indirect spend, this is an indispensable guide for both procurement and marketing departments.