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Ask the Expert: The State of Trade Financing Technologies

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Jason Busch and David Gustin talk trade financing news and technology in this Ask the Expert session. They dissect the market, giving a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action with solution providers, what companies are partnering up and discuss integration efforts with P2P, services procurement and other areas.

Supplier Catalogs for Maintenance: The Internet of [Getting] Things

In the industrial B2B world, and in the MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) world in particular, relevance and personalization via a complexity-taming intelligent system is exceedingly important. If strategic capital assets are not maintained with the right items and services, whether it's new tooling and lubricant for a planned maintenance job or critical spares for unplanned emergency maintenance, millions of dollars can be lost in minutes and hours. Supplier catalogs matter: a lot.

Cloud P2P Deployment: A How-To Guide to SAP and ERP Integration with eProcurement and Beyond

It is our hope that CPOs, CFOs, and other senior procurement and finance decision makers that must develop a P2P integration strategy (and program) will find this report invaluable in their efforts. IT and other resources are likely to find useful tidbits as well. At its core, this report doesn’t just look at success criteria for ERP integration. It provides general strategy options for P2P cloud integration as well. The best news? All of this can be way easier than you think. Download to find out how!

10 Reasons Why 2015 Will Be A Banner Year For Invoice Discounting

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Let’s talk about receivables financing that isn’t buyer-led, aka, a low 10-digit opportunity of a pie to be split by buyers and suppliers. A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about some real money. And where there’s money to be made, you will see money coming in (e.g., from private equity players) to get a sweet slice of that pie. This paper gives 10 reasons around the how and why, so download today.

50 Shades of Pay: Working Capital Optimization Using Spend Analysis and Payment Clocks

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If you haven't been reading Pierre Mitchell's "50 Shades of Pay" content, then you've been missing out. Over the next few months, we'll be pulling bits and pieces of especially important content from the series from behind the paywall and making them available for general download. This paper focuses on setting your "payment clock" - that's right - the 'perfect order' goes well beyond fulfilling the right quantities, on time, with the right invoice information. Read on for more!

Spend Analytics, Payment Analytics: The Gateway to Gold in Them Thar Hills

Traditional approaches to spend analytics go deep by focusing on cost and price. Yet by going so deep – especially with more advanced queries – procurement might be missing out on a potentially bigger, easier and more consistent prize that is easier to obtain and keeps “paying back” versus simply driving one-time savings opportunities. Might there be potentially better (or at least supplementary) information sets to start with that focus more on the AP and treasury side of the P2P house rather than procurement alone? Read this paper to find out!

Procurement is from Mars and Finance is from Jupiter: How to Align Planets

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There is no Venus here (that's a paper for another day on working with Marketing). Mars might be the god of war and mighty in his own right – ready to battle any time with a combative supplier or recalcitrant internal stakeholder. But Jupiter is the king of gods: large, distant, cold, foreboding. These gods might seem similar, and in the business world, Procurement and Finance should in theory be highly aligned and focused on cost management, risk mitigation, quantitative analysis, and other areas. But how do you make it work, sans self-help book from the early 1990's? That's where we step in.

Decoupling Creative and Production Procurement – Handle with Care!

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This short paper addresses an important issue for buyers of marketing services and of course budget holders in the marketing area. We look at the idea of ‘de-coupling’ spend – the separation of different elements within the marketing process in terms of commercial management, so (for instance), looking to split the procurement of creative and production activities. What are the key factors to consider when deciding how to structure marketing services supply chains? Read about the opportunities – and risks – here.

How to Justify Spend Analysis to Finance / IT When There’s No Clear ROI

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Analytics are all the rage. And spend analysis is Procurement 101. So, getting some reasonable investment shouldn't be a problem, right? Wrong. The problem with analytics is that the identified value is all “option value.” You don't know how much value opportunity you will uncover with the analytics until you actually perform them (and implement the identified opportunities)! This article, which previously appeared on Spend Matters PRO, gives you ten ways to overcome this Catch-22 problem.

Why Procurement Should Control Payments

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Learn ten reasons procurement shouldn't forget the second "P" in "P2P" (if you did forget, it stands for "pay"). Payment matters much more than most folks in procurement think. By taking control of the area, we can do an end-run around the administration hassles and supplier headaches that poorly-run A/P functions create. And that's just one reason for procurement to get involved in payment strategy and execution - download this paper for the other nine!

​Ask the Expert: B2B Commerce Networks Enter the Supply Chain Finance Space

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In the last few months, there have been several announcements that companies are attempting to bridge the financing/banking and eProcurement, e-invoicing, purchase-to-pay, and supplier network worlds – Mastercard/Basware, Tungsten/OB10, Tradeshift/CapitalAid, Ariba/Discover, and Taulia with Citibank to name a few. These networks think they’re onto something big. What are these partnerships thinking, and how will they impact the traditional trade product sets – bank lines, factoring, invoice discounting, etc.? David Gustin of Trade Financing Matters tackles all this (and much more) on this session.

Ask the Expert – The Great P2P Debate

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Jason Busch thinks eProcurement and e-invoicing should have been breezy acquaintances rather than cozy bedfellows. Pierre Mitchell thinks he “must have visited Colorado recently...” and he “had to throw down the challenge and call bulls#*t.” Spend Matters Plus and Spend Matters PRO members get a front row seat to watch the replay of this raucous debate.