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Ask the Expert: Contract Management Dilemmas – To Trust or Track the Supplier

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Trust only goes so far - but the same can be said for tracking! In this Ask the Expert session, Peter Smith of Spend Matters UK/Europe walks you through how to achieve a proper balance to assure that you're getting what you need from your suppliers - and they don't roll their eyes every time they receive an email or phone call from you.

Ask the Expert: The HR Side of Sourcing and Procurement

Spend Matters Premium Content - Ask the Expert Video Replay
Whether you're doing the hiring (or firing), Spend Matters Netherland's Gert van der Heijden walks you through some helpful tips and tactics to recruit and maintain the best possible sourcing and procurement team. From competencies, categories, and kraljic to continuous improvement and output vs. input, this session will help you navigate the HR world specific to sourcing and procurement.

Ask the Expert: Write a Better RFP – Dare to Try a New Approach

Spend Matters Premium Content - Ask the Expert Video Replay
Sure you know all about writing RFPs. But perhaps you have fallen into the trap of asking for feedback but expecting validation? You wouldn’t be the first buyer: it is an occupational hazard. This Ask the Expert replay features Thomas Kase, giving you some practical ideas around how to break this cycle.

Supply Chains in the Cloud

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Our recent contribution to Fluor's Material Market Bulletin on cloud computing, procurement, and supply chain management. We didn't expect the end result to be an entire book chapter on the subject, now called Supply Chain in the Cloud. It's so rich in content and expertise that we decided to turn it into a research download for Spend Matters Plus/PRO members as a primer on what procurement organizations should know about putting mission-critical procurement applications into the cloud.

For Want of Clean & Accurate Supplier Data, the Supply Chain Was Lost

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The typical Global 2000 firm sits on a broad and deep range of supplier and related spend data that is typically far from adequate. Does a collection of overlapping point solutions, spreadsheets, file cabinets, e-mail inboxes, and SharePoint directories sound familiar? You’re not alone. Read this extensive analysis of how best to approach the big picture around supplier data quality - with a primary focus on the business benefits of SLM (supplier lifecycle management) combined with the supplier-centric subset of MDM (master data management).

Economic and Procurement Forecast: July 2013

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A recent Spend Matters presentation covering economic and procurement outlook of the global economy and impacts on commodity markets, currencies, and supply and demand.

10 Negotiation Tactics to Reduce Supplier Network Fees

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Supplier network fees don’t have to get the better of procurement organizations. In fact, there are a number of negotiating tactics and approaches that one can leverage when confronting vendors such as Ariba/SAP, Basware, OB10, Hubwoo, IBX, and TradeShift that are building material books of business off the backs of transaction-based revenue.

How to Attack Marketing Spend

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One of our most popular topics on PRO, Thomas sets out to define how procurement should approach the marketing category (from dealing with agencies all the way to just dressing better!) For a category that straddles the boundary between direct and indirect spend, this is an indispensable guide for both procurement and marketing departments.

Emerging Market Watch: Procurement in Africa

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Thomas Kase chaired a procurement conference in Nairobi, Kenya. This series encompasses what he learned about developing procurement in an emerging market, from small vendors to watch to his surprise at how most procurement conferences cover the same challenges, regardless of where they’re held in the world.

Procurement’s View of Outsourcing

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Spend Matters UK/Europe’s Executive Editor Peter Smith tackles “cases where an activity has been performed inside the organisation, at least in part, and is then transferred to delivery via an external contractual relationship,” all from procurement’s perspective of course. He suggest critical factors to pay attention to throughout the entire outsourcing process and solid recommendations for success.

Conflict Minerals Technology Overview

Spend Matters Perspective - PRO Research Download
The journey toward Conflict Minerals compliance is paved with technology. This presentation gives an insider glance into specific tools and templates and includes checklists, a technology decision guide, and a blueprint for integrating compliance solutions into your broader supplier management, procurement, and supply chain technologies.