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Understanding How E-Invoicing Fits

For some, an invoice is a piece of paper sent by a supplier to a customer with varying amounts of detail about services performed or items purchased or to be purchased, along with other details including mailing and remittance information, the maturity date of the invoice and the conditions, such as penalties, if the maturity date is not met. But in practice, an invoice is much, much more...

Empoderando al área de compras: Soluciones de technología de información para la función de compras

En Spend Matters buscamos empoderar a las áreas de compras con contenidos de valor, en esta ocasión realizamos un estudio sobre el uso que las empresas mexicanas le dan a las tecnologías de información para habilitar o fortalecer su función de compras, en especifico las relacionadas con: Compras electrónicas, análisis del gasto, contratación de servicios, catálogos electrónicos, contratos, proveedores, abasto estratégico, gastos de viaje y facturación electrónica; esperamos que este estudio sea de valor para ti y nos des tu retroalimentación.

Supplier Catalogs for Maintenance: The Internet of [Getting] Things

In the industrial B2B world, and in the MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) world in particular, relevance and personalization via a complexity-taming intelligent system is exceedingly important. If strategic capital assets are not maintained with the right items and services, whether it's new tooling and lubricant for a planned maintenance job or critical spares for unplanned emergency maintenance, millions of dollars can be lost in minutes and hours. Supplier catalogs matter: a lot.

This is How Procurement $#it Happens

In a perfect world, enterprises perform good Enterprise Performance Management by forming a great strategy and deploying it to cascade enterprise strategic goals down to line staff so the scorecards are balanced, relevant, aligns, and realistic. The real world is very, very different. Procurement $#hit happens. But in this paper, Pierre Mitchell at least writes about how you can use it as fertilizer.

Cloud P2P Deployment: A How-To Guide to SAP and ERP Integration with eProcurement and Beyond

It is our hope that CPOs, CFOs, and other senior procurement and finance decision makers that must develop a P2P integration strategy (and program) will find this report invaluable in their efforts. IT and other resources are likely to find useful tidbits as well. At its core, this report doesn’t just look at success criteria for ERP integration. It provides general strategy options for P2P cloud integration as well. The best news? All of this can be way easier than you think. Download to find out how!

Reducing Costs By Optimizing the Financial Supply Chain

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Let’s face it: organizations are under more pressure than ever before to maximize current investments, increase productivity, and reduce costs to stay competitive. Procurement teams need to partner with their finance departments and third-party technology providers to ensure that critical suppliers can attain cash as efficiently and effectively as possible. This report shares results from a survey of over 300 procurement executives that Spend Matters conducted in partnership with ISM for their perspective on the state of the financial supply chain as well as what smart companies are doing to stay competitive and increase the bottom line.

Spend Analytics, Payment Analytics: The Gateway to Gold in Them Thar Hills

Traditional approaches to spend analytics go deep by focusing on cost and price. Yet by going so deep – especially with more advanced queries – procurement might be missing out on a potentially bigger, easier and more consistent prize that is easier to obtain and keeps “paying back” versus simply driving one-time savings opportunities. Might there be potentially better (or at least supplementary) information sets to start with that focus more on the AP and treasury side of the P2P house rather than procurement alone? Read this paper to find out!

Ask the Expert: Intellectual Property, Patents & Proprietary Procurement Solutions

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Thomas Kase, VP Research, talks about Ariba’s cache of patents, what they cover, and who might be in violation. He looks at the most recent of Ariba’s 74 patents, in particular those awarded over the past three years – and those published in the same time period but still awaiting decision by the US Patent Office. This session covers ground for both practitioners and providers.

Applications Unlimited Oracle vs. We Know Best SAP/Ariba

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It's rare for a large ERP/MRP and business applications deal between top enterprise software vendors (Oracle, SAP) to hinge on the competitive capabilities of the procurement suite. Yet with SAP buying Ariba, the importance of direct comparisons between Oracle and SAP will increase in the procurement area for several reasons. In this paper, Jason Busch outlines what you need to know about Oracle and SAP/Ariba's differing outlooks on their individual solution approaches - and why it matters for the future of procurement.

Procurement Analytics: How to Plan (and Optimize) Your Process

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Since procurement, the department, is responsible for supply management (or spend management, if you like), the process, the proper scope for “analytics” is to help answer the right set of questions surrounding the optimal management of supply. Therefore, the scope of this business process is massive, and so is the breadth of technology used for supply analytics. But the key thing to remember is the analytics is a business capability - not just about technology. This paper, excerpted from our Spend Matters PRO Procurement Information Architecture series, is here to help guide you through the analytics process.