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Re-thinking and Re-claiming “Tail Spend”

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What's your definition of tail spend? We come across a lot of people who don't think it's very complicated (just some pareto analysis on your spend categories, find the "nuisance" spend, voila!) - but that's a completely ineffective strategy if you can't define what you mean by "tail spend" in the first place. In this paper, Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell explains different types of spend segmentation that you can apply to your own company - whether you define them as "tail spend" or not.

Everything You Wanted to Know About MRO Sourcing But Were Afraid to Ask

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If your procurement organization is applying old techniques to a category where new approaches, options, and technologies can dramatically impact the cost and quality of the MRO experience, then you’re losing out on potentially tens of millions of dollars of savings. The effective sourcing of the most strategic and largest MRO areas requires that procurement organizations invest the time to segment their spend effectively by fully exploring different supplier options and understanding internal preference. This paper offers the strategies and tools to do just that!

Changing Roles of Procurement Leaders – The Analytical CPO

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To succeed in today’s quickly changing business environments, procurement leaders must be increasingly analytical and data-driven. Decisions have to be based on evidence and analysis, not just personal judgment. This paper sets the scene by describing why analysis is at the heart of procurement activity and then moves into seven key areas where success is necessary. We conclude with the skills and capabilities that are necessary to hone - will you measure up? Download now to find out.

NEW! Is your Supplier Selection Process a Source of Competitive Disadvantage?

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In this Spend Matters Research Paper we describe how pre-qualification can help – or hinder – your efforts to improve procurement performance, and why it is an important part of the overall sourcing process. We explain the different purposes of the pre-qualification process, why it is important and how it can add value. We look at how to construct and manage an effective pre‑qualification programme, and the different stages involved in the process.

School Catering: Value for schools

Spend Matters Case Study
This paper looks at how optimisation tools are changing the way in which organisations can achieve increased value and performance from large-scale and complicated sourcing challenges.

Beyond Basic Scorecarding – Supplier Performance & Development

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Examines why supplier scorecarding and vendor management programs often come up short, and tips and tactics for designing and rolling out programs to achieve lasting returns. Two case studies from the field provide recommendations for implementing and enhancing scorecarding and development programs.