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Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) in an Uncertain World

The target audience for this paper is not only internal (brand management, C-level, finance, legal, line of business owners, procurement) but also sales, where SCRM visibility provides an advantage with risk-averse prospects and clients. As for takeaways, we’ll explore SCRM’s potential ROI, including the main drivers to consider when building a business case. This doesn’t just include supply base assurance and brand management - but also immediate hard savings through process efficiency, avoidance and reduction of crisis costs, and insurance premium reductions. What’s not to like about that?

Empoderando al área de compras: Soluciones de technología de información para la función de compras

En Spend Matters buscamos empoderar a las áreas de compras con contenidos de valor, en esta ocasión realizamos un estudio sobre el uso que las empresas mexicanas le dan a las tecnologías de información para habilitar o fortalecer su función de compras, en especifico las relacionadas con: Compras electrónicas, análisis del gasto, contratación de servicios, catálogos electrónicos, contratos, proveedores, abasto estratégico, gastos de viaje y facturación electrónica; esperamos que este estudio sea de valor para ti y nos des tu retroalimentación.

Supplier Catalogs for Maintenance: The Internet of [Getting] Things

In the industrial B2B world, and in the MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) world in particular, relevance and personalization via a complexity-taming intelligent system is exceedingly important. If strategic capital assets are not maintained with the right items and services, whether it's new tooling and lubricant for a planned maintenance job or critical spares for unplanned emergency maintenance, millions of dollars can be lost in minutes and hours. Supplier catalogs matter: a lot.

50 Shades of Pay: Giving the Car Keys to Those Who Own the Cars

Business users should be brought in early as part of a spend analysis requirements definition and solution evaluation, but we do find that many procurement organizations hold off until they have built out a reasonably solid-to-spend cube at the line-item level (by supplier, category and cost center) before they really start turning over the keys of the spend analysis tool to the end users for their own inquiries. That's all well and good, but the biggest source of failure in spend analytics is the same source of failure with any type of systems: non-adoption. You want people to use systems? Then you have to hand over the car keys.

Technology RFPs: Are You Wasting Time and Money?

This might sound like a bold statement, but sometimes (maybe even most of the time) it just doesn't make sense to go to RFP! Sourcing practitioners might scoff at this, but this paper is worth a download just to read how author Thomas Kase challenges the notion that an RFP is the best path to a successful solution provider selection outcome.

Supply Risk Management 2015: Lessons from Leaders

When it comes to supply risk, you may have heard the term "think globally and implement locally" as a way to align risk and reward. You also know that it's critical to create the right set of metrics and benchmarks in this area, but in our experience, we haven't spoken to many people who have a good idea of where to even start. In this paper, Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell will walk you through some good starting points based on lessons learned from industry leaders.

Implementation Considerations in Quantifying and Tracking Hard Cost Savings

“What are cost savings, really?” you may ask yourself. It’s a simple question with a surprisingly complex answer. In this new research download, Pierre Mitchell walks through various ways procurement can lock down hard cost savings in all sorts of areas beyond reducing spend. Download now to learn exactly how to get procurement the credit it deserves.

A Radical Rethink of Commodity Management and Advanced Sourcing Strategies – Advanced Tactics That are Possible Today

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This is a collaborative research paper where we took an approach we haven’t taken before – it takes our internal knowledge (and that of Trade Extensions) and attempts to come up with pragmatic scenarios for the application of advanced sourcing/optimization capability to commodity management scenarios. In co-investing with a handful of manufacturing organizations, our goal is to produce working models that can be put into production. We feature three use cases in this paper of guinea pigs who have agreed to test out our new method of bridging the gap between sourcing, supply chain, and commodity management.

Three Occasions When Procurement Should Spend More

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In this paper, Peter Smith of Spend Matters UK/Europe looks at why cost reduction isn’t always the right strategy. He also introduces the concept of value categories - spend areas where spending more can add to overall shareholder value. Finally, Peter solves an age-old procurement problem (with maths)! 

Local Sourcing: Exploring Enablers of Supply Chain and Procurement Localization

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On the surface, supply chain localization may seem simple. In fact, it's far from easy. Requirements and practices in localization are often incongruous with some procurement and supply chain trends leading to greater centralization of efforts and management. Without the right structure, design, and technology, localization efforts can self-destruct before they're even up and running. And nobody wants that. Download this paper for some tricks of the localization trade from Jason Busch and Thomas Kase.

Re-thinking and Re-claiming “Tail Spend”

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What's your definition of tail spend? We come across a lot of people who don't think it's very complicated (just some pareto analysis on your spend categories, find the "nuisance" spend, voila!) - but that's a completely ineffective strategy if you can't define what you mean by "tail spend" in the first place. In this paper, Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell explains different types of spend segmentation that you can apply to your own company - whether you define them as "tail spend" or not.

Ask the Expert: Proposals, Bids, and Tenders, Oh My!

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Peter Smith (of Spend Matters UK/Europe) brings you bids and tenders in 20 minutes or less! Bids and tenders are a much neglected element of the procurement toolkit, and one that is far more strategically important than most people realize. Find out why – and hear about the illogicality of many price scoring methods. Peter also shares the two factors that most organizations forget when they’re choosing the 'best' bid.