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Ask the Expert: NMSDC, Supplier Diversity, and San Diego

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We were lucky enough to have TWO experts at this event: Thomas Kase, our VP of Research and resident supplier diversity expert, and Ronald Garnett, the head of San Diego’s Council for Supplier Diversity. In the second half of 2014, the Council was forcibly disaffiliated from the NMSDC (National Minority Supplier Development Council) and has since opened its doors as a more inclusive Council working with most diverse categories – covering minorities, women, and service disabled veterans. Thomas and Ron discuss the background of the organizational change, with some details around what transpired after the NMSDC reorg last year, and a look closer at what the San Diego Council is doing in Supplier Diversity.

Ask the Expert: Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Trends from Singapore and Malaysia

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This session replay features Thomas Kase on his recent travels to Southeast Asia. He spoke at ProcureCon Asia in Singapore – and also travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he spent several days with a local procurement suite solution provider, MyBiz, and some of their clients. Thomas shares some of his observations on procurement and sourcing trends in the region in the areas of CSR, corruption, transparency, multi-tier challenges, talent development, and more.

Ask the Expert: How Should You Think About Supplier Diversity

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Spend Matters UK/Europe’s Peter Smith discusses how we should really think about supplier diversity. How far does it go beyond a “feel-good” initiative? What are the real reasons to consider it? Hint: it’s a lot more to do with competitive advantage than getting the warm fuzzies.

Supplier Diversity – What Certifying Organizations & Corporations Should Be Doing

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Developing capable suppliers of any kind is usually assigned to procurement. There are many organizations out there who support SMWBEs and corporate supplier diversity professionals and two big questions to address regarding their work – how is it carried out, and why is it relevant to procurement organizations?

Summer 2013 – Logistics Pricing Review and Outlook

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This first paper in our Category Watch covers pricing trends and sourcing strategies in the logistics category, focused specifically on trucking and intermodal freight transport. Deep-dive into regional price trends and savings strategies, and understand cost-per-mile breakdowns and potential fuel savings opportunities, especially as we see a modest weakness in the early 2013 market with decreased pricing power from carriers.

In Your Backyard and Mine: The Global Labor Challenge

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We explore the new era of global sourcing – of talent, specific deliverables, and even business outcomes – along wiht challenges and responsibilities that come along with it. Also looks the importance of cultural norms and localized standards for buying professional services and laborand the worldwide consequences when regional behaviors do not align with global standards and expectations.

Intersection of Analytics and Supply Chain Risk Management

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Simply having access to supply risk information does little to avoid supply chain catastrophes. This research shows you how you can leverage supplier intelligence and analytics to drive early intervention in potentially high-risk situations. Includes vendor coverage.