Event Procurement and Sourcing: Achieve Visibility with this 30-Minute Webinar


Are you looking to increase visibility into your major spend categories beyond the higher level of hotel and ground transportation? Are you finding it difficult to manage the category, let alone optimize it? So was Eli Lilly & Company, and its situation should shed some light on yours. Join us Wednesday, Feb. 10, at 10 a.m. CST, for the webinar How Eli Lilly & Company Achieved Visibility Through Event Category Transformation to learn more.

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Intuit Releases New Research on the Attitudes and Motivations of On-Demand Workers

on-demand workforce ldprod/Adobe Stock

Intuit has released the results of its research on those working in what it calls the “on-demand workforce,” its first report in a new series dubbed “Dispatches from the New Economy.” The research was a collaboration with Emergent Research, a company focused on the growing number of gig workers, solo entrepreneurs and microbusinesses. There has been little research that has been focused specifically on the attitudes, motivations and challenges of this new workforce. But the Intuit research, and the underlying survey methodology, is specifically designed to understand the behavioral dimensions of this new and growing worker population.

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