Zycus Horizon Dispatch: Head West, Young Vendor (But Not Too Far West)!

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I touched down late last night to Zycus Horizon (along with my colleague Pierre Mitchell), the procurement suite vendor’s annual customer (and prospect) conference. The event is truly managed from the heart – the Zycus team is so committed to the details (and running it themselves), from being on top of every aspect of speaker planning and scheduling to orchestrating a great set of morning sessions, including one of the best outside keynotes I’ve heard in recent years (Space Shuttle Captain, Mark Kelly). But as impressive as Mark was, Zycus’ founder and CEO Aatish Dedhia has come such a long way as a leader and voice over the years at the helm of Zycus. Aatish is an engineer and strategist at heart, who gets more comfortable every year with not only explaining Zycus’ position in the market, but offering a truly personal view of why his firm is making investments in key areas and why.

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Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable: Two New Complimentary Research Downloads

Research Download

Jason Busch, founder and head of strategy at Spend Matters, Azul Partners, Inc., presents two new complimentary research briefs covering both accounts payable and accounts receivable. First, The Accounts Payable Bicycle: Five Reasons Why Riding is Better Than Walking! takes off the training wheels to help you better learn how to properly ride accounts payable from inception, with 5 benefits of letting your company's AP truly take off. Second, Every Picture Tells a Story. What Story Does Your Accounts Receivable Data Tell You? In this research brief, Jason walks you through how to improve overall accounts receivable performance, starting with the role of A/R in overall business terms.

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