NEW Webinar Announcement: Contract Intelligence to Mitigate Risk

Just announced! Join us Thursday, Dec. 3, at 11 a.m. CDT, for the webinar The True Value of Contract Intelligence (And How to Unlock It!). Our own Peter Smith, managing director, Spend Matters UK/Europe, will be joined by Seal Software to discuss the risks and opportunities inherent in most supply contracts and how contract discovery and analytics software can help. We're hoping to help organizations exploit the potential value and manage and mitigate the inevitable risk found across their entire spectrum of contracts. Sign up today!

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Freelancers, Fracking and Burning the Midnight Oil


Companies are shifting employment strategies and considering new ways to engage workers on a contingent basis. The factors of technology, labor market dynamics and perhaps behavioral shifts — voluntary or involuntary — seem to be complementing the trend toward lower fixed cost, more flexible non-employee enterprise workforces. But from the point of view of a contingent workforce or services procurement practitioner, how do you really assess the potential for engaging what are being called freelance or independent workers, especially those that do not come through staffing firms?

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement