Spend Visibility: It’s Best in the Raw

Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Paul Blake, a sales manager at GEP. Earlier this week, I met with a prospective client to talk about spend visibility, big data. and all that good stuff. With the best of intentions of course, and having applied a very great deal of resource and brain power (and inevitably cold hard cash), this client had built a program of data capture, manipulation, and transformation, based on all sorts of rules and manual interventions all designed to make sense of their global spend patterns. I got the impression that they felt that had created a bit of a monster that they'd yet to get anything really, you know, useful out of.

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Coca-Cola’s Surge is Back, Sears Borrows From Chief Executive, Wal-Mart’s Chief Spokesman Resigns

- September 16, 2014 12:54 PM | Categories: Afternoon Coffee

Coca-Cola’s Surge is back—all 90s kids rejoice! After more than a decade since the popular drink was discontinued, a Facebook group called “SURGE Movement” has prompted Coca-Cola to stock Amazon’s virtual shelves with 12-packs. Sears Holdings is turning to its chief executive, Edward S. Lampert, for financial assistance. The company plans to borrow $400 million from the billionaire. Afternoon Coffee brings you the latest news in supply chain and procurement.

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Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement