Plastics Markets Calm Despite Volatile Crude and Capacity Shifts

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Prices for most plastics will continue rising during the fourth quarter, thanks to surging raw material costs, capacity issues and a rebound in crude oil. Observers are mixed on the current market state. In late August, Plastic News’ Bill Wood asserted domestic plastic production was actually down most of 2016 and will likely end the year flat.

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Technology is Changing Procurement — SAP Ariba’s Alex Atzberger Explains How

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Technology is changing how we live our lives. From smartphones to the cloud, consumers have an almost unfathomable number of ways to access and produce information compared with only 10 years ago. The same goes for procurement. Emerging technologies like machine learning and blockchain are changing how companies buy — and challenging procurement to change with them. In this Spend Matters Conversation, Founder and Head of Strategy Jason Busch talks with SAP Ariba President Alex Atzberger about how procurement is growing up alongside technology and what users of the future will expect from their solutions.

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement