SciQuest’s Product and Solution Strategy: A New Leader, A New Philosophy

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SciQuest’s new Vice President of Product Management and Strategy Deb Woods is not a conventional head of products. While she has a product management background, Woods has also worked in procurement and supply chain as a practitioner and is extremely experienced leading corporate development efforts as well. It’s arguably the perfect combination for what SciQuest needs in the current product leadership role as it finds itself under new (private) ownership with backing for both organic and inorganic investments.

Combine This! An Update on ASO (Part 2): SciQuest Next Level 2016 Dispatch

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While academic research and development for CombineNet dropped off dramatically after its acquisition, SciQuest has continued to make targeted investments in its sourcing optimization solution. These investments have produced continual improvements in several key areas. Yet while we commend these and other recent improvements to the toolset, SciQuest needs to double down on investments to this product line if it wants to remain a leader in the sourcing optimization market.

Business Intelligence to Transform Procurement