Spend Matters Lead Sponsor Details

Spend matters now more than ever before. On a global basis, companies are confronting the most monumental challenges in history. Corporate performance and survival will hinge upon immediate procurement infrastructure analysis and investment over the coming months. Companies that have put off such scrutiny and enhancement are simply out of time and those that have world-class efforts must scramble to keep their standing.

SpendMatters is the leading forum where decision makers, procurement, finance and operations executives turn to keep abreast of the latest news and developments to optimize their spend options, knowledge and awareness (see the link, above, for latest traffic and demographic information). With Q4 marketing budgets having been committed during this unprecedented time of economic turmoil, for the first time in a year we have a Lead Sponsorship vacancy that has lasted more than two weeks. As an added incentive to launch now, a Lead Sponsor twelve-month subscription contracted before 11/28 will include participation in a free additional webinar or domestic speaking event (travel costs not included) in addition to our standard 5% discount for an annual subscription.

Here are the specifics on the lead sponsorship.

First, what sponsors get:

  • Posted logo / link — a linked company logo or promotional logo on all pages of the Spend Matters core blog
  • "Sponsored Content" link to sponsor's thought leadership or announcements (and the ability to change the link on a periodic basis to promote specific content or campaigns)
  • Profile / content listing in the Provider Index
  • One day of advisory/consulting time (domestic travel only); international travel time additional (does not include travel costs)
  • Ability to reproduce Spend Matters content for marketing initiatives throughout the sponsorship period (with citation to www.spendmatters.com)
  • Participation and hosting of two podcasts every six months (or participation in a webcast)
  • Opportunity to participate in content brainstorm phone calls
  • Unlimited phone inquiry / discussion time with Spend Matters Editor, Jason Busch (limited to 60 minutes per call)

Second, the benefit:
In the past, our sponsors have found many reasons to consider their investment with Spend Matters to be among their best sales and marketing dollars. By way of example:

Ariba notes that their "sponsorship of Spend Matters is a key part of our marketing plan. The impressive audience reach and breadth of the balanced and well-researched perspectives make this blog the 'go to' site for information and procurement community building. Ariba's ROMI on Spend Matters related marketing activities is consistently among the highest in our awareness category." - Christine Crandell, Former VP of Marketing

One sponsor (a multi-billion dollar company) found that Spend Matters generated more traffic to their site than any other advertising program. According to our sponsor, "SpendMatters generated 70% of traffic to their SRM/PLM offerings; Google ranks 2nd compared with Spend Matters." And "SpendMatters ranks in the top 100 most common referral site company wide. FYI...SpendMatters ranks above Salesforce referrals companywide."

A major consulting firm generated over 700 qualified leads in a single campaign in less than 4 months, resulting in 4+ meetings and 1 closed deal -- all as a direct result of activity from a marketing activity with Spend Matters.

Third, the cost:
The Lead Sponsorship cost is $5,000 per month with a minimum 6-month commitment. We provide a 5% discount for a 12-month commitment and usually get more involved in marketing position and other activities with longer-term relationships as part of the sponsorship fee.

If you have any questions or want to chat in more detail about it, please feel free to reach out.

Jason Busch
Editor and Founder, Spend Matters
Phone: 773.525.7406
E-mail: jbusch@spendmatters.com