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Spend Matters Analysis: BravoSolution is one of the largest independent providers of supply management software and services. With deep expertise both in the public sector (throughout the EU and the UK) and the private sector, BravoSolution has a diversified customer base and expertise spanning numerous spend categories and procurement processes. Spend Matters believes that its largest challenge is fully capitalizing on the capabilities and advanced features of the software platform gained from its Verticalnet acquisition in 2007. This acquisition brought BravoSolution market leading capabilities in the sourcing, spend visibility and supplier performance solution areas. Whether BravoSolution succeeds at using the Verticalnet platform and team to further penetrate the North American market or whether they successfully build a dominant supply management software offering throughout Europe both remain to be seen. But they are building from a strong technology foundation, long-standing customer relationships and a technology and services competitive position that place them at the front of the market in many of the segments in which they compete.

Spend Matters Analysis: