iasta logoSpend Matters Analysis: Iasta started out as a well-kept secret in the e-sourcing space, competing in its early years largely on a combination of price, ease of use, and the overall likability of its management team and customer-facing organization. From Iasta's founding, reference after reference has supported the notion that Iasta is a company with which customers enjoy doing business. This continues to hold true today, even as Iasta has become far more than just a top e-sourcing vendor, delivering a combination of spend analysis, advanced sourcing/optimization, contract management, and related enabling services ranging from basic category/event support to procurement transformation. The fact that Iasta remains the preferred tool for many consultancies engaged in sourcing programs with their clients reflects the ease of use as well as the depth and capability of their solutions to delight even the most discerning power users. (Spend Matters research suggests more consulting firms use Iasta as their core sourcing than any other competitive product.) It also further displays the ease of working with the Iasta organization (after all, consultants are always tough customers). From its humble beginnings in Indianapolis, Indiana, Iasta has become a top global competitor serving the sourcing and related needs of procurement organizations worldwide.

Sponsor Description: IASTA is dedicated to empowering sourcing and purchasing professionals. Our blend of acclaimed software and services provides the means to easily and effectively incorporate best-in-class procurement practices on a global scale. By using IASTA technology focused on strategic sourcing, business intelligence, spend analysis, supplier management, and contract management, our clients are delivering on the ROI critical for transforming procurement today.

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