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P2P and Network Buying Tips

In highly competitive markets where information transparency is somewhat opaque (think used cars and supplier/business networks), there’s often greater opportunity for sales over-promises and vendor under-delivery (or hidden costs) that your sales rep either avoided or assured you would never happen. In our experience, it’s increasingly critical to develop a "spidey sense" (among other things) to sort through to the true cost of doing business.

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Procurement Sophistication: On the Road in Africa (Part Two)

Part two of our coverage focuses on the of topic indirect spend, and how it is being addressed - especially in transportation and logistics. Thomas Kase outlines a few market expansion opportunities, key insights into culture and what you can see on the road from Nairobi to west Uganda.

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Our Evaluation Process: An Optimal RFP For E-Sourcing Solutions

We recently reached out to sourcing solution software providers with a round of questions to understand how they position themselves in the marketplace: how do they deliver value to clients, where are their differentiators, etc. – so we can deliver the highest quality shortlists possible to readers like you. Today we’re offering an insider’s look into our internal sausage-making process in the spirit of full transparency for our PRO audience – sharing the RFP spreadsheet we sent to the solution providers a few months ago.

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