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NEW! Conflict Minerals Compliance: Integrating Spend Analysis and Supplier Management Technology

Spend Matters and MetalMiner held an event earlier this year: Conflict Minerals EDGE. It drew over 50 senior practitioners from all areas of the Conflict Minerals supply chain – large OEMs, tier one suppliers, distributors, attorneys, and consultants. The various sessions brought much debate on the topic, but a number of topics stood out, especially after talking to more advanced organizations already making investments in the area.

This paper provides a contrarian view on Conflict Minerals compliance technology: organizations should be as “green” as possible by leveraging tools already in their solutions portfolio to tackle the issue. In other words, recycle/re-purpose what you already have or pursue a compliance approach that will drive re-use in the future.

Spend Matters believes that among currently available off-the-shelf tools to drive Conflict Minerals compliance, spend analysis and supplier management capabilities show significant promise in this area. Download this research paper to find out why - and how you can implement an effective system using tools you may already have.