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NEW! P&G: A Case Study of Supply Management's "Non-Invisible Hand" in 10 Easy Lessons

Sometimes the best intentions get in the way of constructive outcomes. Such is the case with the coverage behind a Wall Street Journal article on P&G’s recent initiative to extend supplier payment days, as announced by P&G’s Chief Procurement Officer Rick Hughes on their supplier portal. The WSJ article, like many news outlets, merely portrayed this as a story of a Fortune 500 firm stretching its suppliers to hoard cash. The article also said that P&G “is late to this game.”

But the real story is often more nuanced than what shows up in the general business press or trade publications. And in this case, there are several reasons to dig below the surface.

This paper provides 10 lessons procurement organizations can learn from P&G’s efforts to create thoughtful value through their working capital programs.