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GPOs and Buying Consortiums Must Be on the Radar for 2011-2012

Purchasing consortiums are rapidly establishing themselves as a vital link in today's world-class supply chain strategies, used as a powerful tool to significantly drive down costs by supply chain managers in the most effectively run procurement organizations in corporate America. To find out why, Spend Matters, in conjunction with Allianza Partners, has researched the top 10 consortiums in the US. Though the common belief is that smaller businesses benefit most from consortiums, our research shows that very few people are aware of a powerful fact: 15-20% of the Fortune 1000 currently use buying consortiums! And 85% of the time, they're seeing 10%+ of real savings!

In this paper, we will provide a description of the types of consortiums we're seeing in the market today, discuss how organizations are utilizing them to their greatest benefit and end with a list of critical factors for success for any company looking forward in this direction. As you'll see, the numbers don't lie -- consortiums are a valuable tool that every mid to large-scale firm must put on their map for the last half of 2011 and heading into 2012.

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