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Re-inventing Direct Procurement

In this report based on a recent study conducted with ISM, we highlight how and where direct procurement organizations are exerting their influence and leadership (or not) on the broader extended supply chain. We also examine the impact on performance, and specifically how more advanced organizations are implementing 11 key supply management activities that transcend traditional direct procurement.

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For Want of Clean & Accurate Supplier Data, the Supply Chain Was Lost

A typical Global 2000 firm sits on a broad and deep range of supplier and related spend data. Does a collection of spreadsheets, file cabinets, e-mail inboxes, and SharePoint directories sound familiar? You’re not alone. Read this analysis of how to approach the big picture around supplier data quality focused on business benefits of SLM and the supplier-centric subset of MDM.


Economic and Procurement Forecast: July 2013

A recent Spend Matters presentation covering economic and procurement outlook of the global economy and impacts on commodity markets, currencies, and supply and demand. Download to see where you should focus your risk management efforts in 2013 and beyond.

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Procurement’s View of Outsourcing

Tackles “cases where an activity has been performed inside the organisation, at least in part, and is then transferred to delivery via an external contractual relationship,” all from procurement’s perspective of course. Suggests critical factors for attention throughout the outsourcing process and solid recommendations for success.

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Emerging Market Watch: Procurement in Africa

Thomas Kase chaired a procurement conference in Nairobi, Kenya. Encompasses what he learned about developing procurement in an emerging market, from small vendors to watch to his surprise at how most procurement conferences cover the same challenges, regardless of location.

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How to Attack Marketing Spend

One of our most popular topics on PRO, Thomas sets out to define how procurement should approach the marketing category (from dealing with agencies all the way to just dressing better!) For a category that straddles the boundary between direct and indirect spend, this is an indispensable guide for both procurement and marketing departments.


10 Negotiation Tactics to Reduce Supplier Network Fees

Supplier network fees don’t have to get the better of procurement organizations. In fact, there are a number of negotiating tactics and approaches that one can leverage when confronting vendors such as Ariba/SAP, Basware, OB10, Hubwoo, IBX, and TradeShift that are building material books of business off the backs of transaction-based revenue.