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Kimberley-Clark on Metrics and Adoption with Ariba

Earlier this month at Ariba Live, Kimberly-Clark’s Richard Roe (Project Lead for e-Invoicing and Ordering) gave some background on his company’s supplier enablement and connectivity […]

SAP: Moving to Frictionless AND Sticky Commerce

This year’s Sapphire conference has been extremely interesting, not to mention big, with 80,000 users attending on-premise or virtually! It’s been a while since I […]

"Apps Unlimited" Oracle vs. "We Know Best" SAP/Ariba (Part 2) [Plus+]

Today we’ll look at: Product rationalization (Ariba) compared with product proliferation (Oracle); underlying technology and product assets; product innovation (and roadmap); and partnerships and ecosystem.

"Applications Unlimited" Oracle vs. "We Know Best" SAP/Ariba (Part 1) [Plus+]

It’s rare for a large ERP/MRP and business applications deal between top enterprise software vendors (Oracle, SAP) to hinge on the comparative capabilities of the procurement suite. The same holds true of evaluations involving a new generation of often (but not always) middle-market driven providers like Workday, NetSuite and others that have more limited source-to-pay capabilities.