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Sourcing and Procurement Consulting: Unique Challenges and Opportunities in Mexico and Latin America

- November 28, 2014 10:23 AM | Categories: Procurement, Sourcing

1388361357w8dh9 My colleague Xavier Olivera recently shared a number of thoughts on the state of sourcing and procurement consulting in Mexico and Latin America on Spend Matters México y América Latina. In his commentary, Xavier observes that a number of firms are already established in the market or entering it aggressively including Accenture, PWC, Capgemini, KPMG, AT Kearney and others. A number of these firms have long been in the region but are only recently ramping up their practices within procurement and supply chain.

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What We Spend on Thanksgiving – And Other Holiday Facts

- November 27, 2014 10:12 AM | Categories: Price Forecast, Procurement Commentary, Supply Chain

1385192565jql7k Happy Thanksgiving from the Spend Matters Family! In honor of the holiday, we feature a special news roundup T-Day edition – focusing on spending and the supply chain (of course). How much do Americans spend on the holiday? Have you heard of a supposed “turkey shortage?” We clear that up and offer some other fun or lesser-known Thanksgiving Day facts.

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Mr. Gustin Goes to Washington and Other Musings on SupplierPay

- November 26, 2014 2:32 AM | Categories: Suppliers, Trade Financing

file2511287608843 Our fearless compatriot David Gustin at TradeFinancing Matters recently attended a White House meeting on the SupplierPay initiative. David is one of the world’s leading experts on trade finance, and The White House was smart to invite him to share his insights. For my part, I’ve had a few discussions with the US Small Business Administration tasked with running SupplierPay. The people at the SBA were very interested in the financial supply chain study that I did with ISM and with my other research analysis findings on how extending payment terms statistically correlates with lower enterprise value. More specifically though, I’ve reviewed the draft set of metrics that SBA is thinking about implementing with the program, and I provided it some detailed feedback.

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Dumpsters: Where Food Goes to Die, or Waits for Those Who Dive

- November 25, 2014 10:07 AM | Categories: Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Last week, Spend Matters introduced a new series on the food supply chain – specifically, how much of it goes to waste (up to 40%). Today, we continue this discussion. Specifically, we talk about the food that ends up in dumpsters and the people who dig for it. We also share some more statistics about food waste in the US.

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TFM’s David Gustin Shares His Expertise at The White House’s SupplierPay Session

file000744506387 David Gustin of Trade Financing Matters was in Washington, D.C., last week attending and presenting at The White House’s SupplierPay session. We talked to David about how he became involved with the initiative and what insight he shared with the many professionals from various organizations and government agencies who took part in the event.

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Lessons From the HfS Blueprint Session Applied to Procurement Services Delivery

- November 20, 2014 10:14 AM | Categories: BPO, Conferences

1349825389jvnca Earlier this week, I stopped by the HfS Blueprint event in Chicago, which brought together similar numbers of practitioners and providers in an intellectually-focused exchange. During one of the presentations, Lee Coulter, CEO of shared services at Ascension Health, and Charles Sutherland, EVP of research at HfS, explored a number of areas driving the future of cost reduction in services delivery. While the presentation covered various topics, one part I found particularly interesting is knowing when a particular function is ready to move to a lower cost labor approach.

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Where M&A and Procurement Intersect – Accenture Spend Trends Q3 2014

- November 19, 2014 2:24 AM | Categories: Analysis, Spend Analysis, Spend Management

1382905346986fy The macroeconomic outlook in the quarterly Accenture Spend Trends Report is unfortunately likely to fly above the heads of many of those for which it was intended. Chief procurement officers (CPOs) and other executives – as well as the next generation of analysts and category managers – are likely to appreciate every word of it (as do we)! But few old school buyer and supply chain types enthusiastically or proactively follow GDP price trending, sentiment indicators and the like. However, at least the heart of Accenture’s category analysis will apply to them.

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Accenture Spend Trends Q3 2014 – Summary Analysis

- November 18, 2014 2:23 AM | Categories: Analysis, Commodities, Learning / Research, Spend Analysis, Technology

file6321238876778 The latest Q3 2014 Accenture Spend Trends report is out. My old friend Mark Hillman is the lead author of the quarterly study (Mark is currently manager of insight and analysis at Accenture Operations). This months’ study highlights category trends in a range of areas – logistics, IT, marketing and media, corporate services, travel, CAPEX, commodities/base materials, MRO and energy. It also provides a macro-overview of the current state of the economy.

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AT Kearney Releases its 2014 ROSMA Benchmark Report – Context and Approach

1411825487tprmf AT Kearney recently released a report titled “Building the Brand of Procurement and Supply,” which summarizes and analyzes its 2014 Return on Supply Management Assets (ROSMA) benchmark metric that it collects on its own (e.g., it has been part of Kearney’s AEP study since 2010) and through a partnership with ISM and CIPS. Members of ISM and CIPS (of any size) can participate in the benchmark study (and get a results readout) and we’d highly recommend procurement practitioners to at least read this report and familiarize themselves with the concepts and the structure of the ROSMA metric.

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Full Steam Ahead: Spend Matters México y América Latina

- November 13, 2014 6:32 AM | Categories: Breaking News, Industry News

file2261346369671 I’m super excited to share with our readers and members that our latest site launch, Spend Matters México y América Latina, is firing on all cylinders. The team is not only publishing daily, but has already been engaged working with others on helping promote procurement strategy and process improvement in Mexico (e.g., running sourcing strategy workshops with our partners for procurement organizations). Just as Uber says, “the demand is off the charts!”

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Zycus Horizon Dispatch 7 – Why CPOs Get Fired (Part 1)

- November 12, 2014 2:26 AM | Categories: Conferences, Procurement, Vendor Snapshots

file0001153963332 At Zycus Horizon yesterday, our old friend Bill Michaels (currently running the consulting arm of ISM) gave a great main stage talk centered on the often short-lived tenure of chief procurement officers (CPOs), why they get fired and what they can do about. He began the chat by noting that the average tenure of a CPO is 4.6 years (according to CAPs data), and that in 2013 alone, there were 9 firings of high-profile CPOs.

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Zycus Horizon Dispatch 5 – Shuffle This! A New “Card” User Interface

- November 11, 2014 11:13 AM | Categories: Conferences, eProcurement / Procurement, Vendor Snapshots

holding-man-nokia-lumia-1035-825x550 Zycus has big ambitions to become one of the top broader suite vendors in the procurement market. In fact, its marketing “coverage” of product areas today would put it (at least on paper) just about complete as any vendor today – financing savings management, spend analysis, strategic sourcing, contact management, supplier management, requisition processing, catalog management, purchase order management, invoice management, etc. The reality, of course, is that Zycus is deeper in certain areas than others. But one spot Zycus is hoping that really unites the suite beyond its individual components is a new user interface that is due out in Q2/Q3 2015.

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