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NLPA Report Paints Dismal Look at Procurement, Supply Chain Salaries in 2016

- May 30, 2016 6:06 AM | Categories: Industry News, Procurement, Talent Management

salary The global average salary for a purchaser or supply chain management professional is $53,630, down from the 2015 average salary, according to the recent Next Level Purchasing Association 2016 salary report. The survey of more than 1,300 purchasing and supply management professionals from around the world conducted earlier this year shows some in the field are having trouble accelerating their salary growth, the report said.

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Contingent Labor Review: Key Procurement Priorities — A New Series from Across the Pond

large enterprise I wanted introduce our North American subscribers to a new two-part series published by my colleague Peter Smith, the head of our U.K./E.U. sister site. Based on interviews with senior procurement executives from a number of major public and private sector organizations, the series, “Contingent Labour Review: Key Procurement Priorities,” focuses on how the contingent workforce category is changing at large enterprises and how procurement must take stock of and reset its priorities in response.

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5 Actionable Strategies For Driving Social Collaboration in Procurement

social We all hear about the rise of social collaboration in business beyond just posting our résumés on LinkedIn. Many of us are likely using at least a few social tools in our personal lives — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. Even more are using social tools built on peer-to-peer and crowdsourcing-type models. For example, UberX or UberPool have become ubiquitous as crowdsourcing a method of getting from Point A to Point B using peers rather than professionals. Yet in business — and especially within procurement — social collaboration has been largely limited to the use of LinkedIn or rudimentary collaboration capabilities built into select procurement technologies.

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An Analyst’s Report From KellyOCG Analyst Day

KellyOCG KellyOCG recently hosted around 10 industry analysts to hold briefings and discussions with key KellyOCG executives. This was the second such event in the U.S. and appears to represent a deliberate communications strategy to focus and educate analysts on this distinct business unit within Kelly Services Inc. Indeed, KellyOCG’s Senior Vice President and General Manager Teresa Carroll did mention how financial analysts accustomed to analyzing traditional staffing businesses were grappling with how to evaluate KellyOCG, a services and solution provider business — which, from our perspective, is a key part of the emerging contingent workforce and services supplier landscape.

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CXC Corporate Services Revisited — The Rise of the GSP

FM Global Resilience Index It’s been about a year since we covered the launch CXC Corporate Services, a business unit of CXC Global, and it seemed to be time to check in and see how the first year has gone. To do so, I reached out to CEO Connor Heaney, who spoke to me from Dublin, Ireland, where the EMEA company is located.

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‘Richard, If We Want to Build the Platform, All We Need to do is … Build the Platform’

- May 20, 2016 6:01 AM | Categories: Friday Rant, Technology

Platforms This title is a line from the hit HBO show Silicon Valley, a parody of life in the bubble that stretches south from San Francisco to San Jose. But it’s not really a parody; it’s more of a reality show. I’ve lived here since 1987, but only on the inner and outer edges of the bubble. But if there is one thing that I absolutely abhor and resent about life around that bubble, it is the debasement and trivialization of “the platform.”

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Email Wastes Time, Procurement Can Turn to Other Social Collaboration Tools

email Workers are increasingly demanding collaboration and communication tools that are efficient and easy to use. It’s why messaging apps like Slack, and now Google Spaces, are becoming so popular. Facebook even has its Facebook at Work, which connects teams and allows them to share information internally. Email, however, is becoming less relevant in the workplace, and many leaders think it actually can waste time, according to a recent survey by Robert Half.

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NRF: TPP Will Improve Trade, Supplier Management for Retailers

- May 18, 2016 6:36 AM | Categories: Industry News, Supplier Management, World Trade

retail The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement will have a positive impact on retailers and how they work with overseas suppliers, according to a new report from the National Retail Federation (NRF). Along with lowering costs for global supply chains, the TPP gives retailers more oversight to ensure suppliers are following environmental and labor protection standards, the NRF said.

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On-Demand Platform Wonolo Unveils its ‘W2 Option’ and More

Wonolo Wonolo, an on-demand work intermediation platform headquartered in San Francisco, announced today it is offering a “W2 Option” for businesses that do not want to engage workers as 1099 contractors. Wonolo (which stands for Work. Now. Locally.) connects companies with thousands of prescreened workers “on-demand,” helping companies address their unpredictable labor requirements. In a phone call, Wonolo CEO Yong Kim said the digital platform model allows the business to achieve an average fill rate of 90% and an average time-to-fill (job posting to acceptance) of four minutes.

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The Folly of Total Talent Management and the Uncertain Future of Work and Technology

total talent management In my recent post “Total Talent Management: Chimera or Change?” I presented my latest position on the concept of total talent management (TTM), revealing my stance as a TTM-skeptic rather than a TTM-denier. But now TTM appears to be a topic I cannot put to rest. The TTM-deniers have it much easier — they don’t have to think about it. But I do.

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Spend Matters 2016 50/50 List — David and Goliath Fight Together, the Disappointment of Content Providers and the Rise of Managed Services

Spend Matters 50/50 2016 One reason we decided to create the Spend Matters 50 Providers to Know and 50 Providers to Watch was to call attention to specialized (and often small) procurement technology and services providers that procurement organizations should know about, but likely do not. Yet a strange thing happened in the past 12 months: Innovation was found (and lost) among larger providers, many with long established brands and track records in the market. Without giving away the list just yet, here are three observations that came from looking at who made the cut (and who did not).

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Value as a Service and Design-Centered Procurement

Coupa Inspire 2016 I typically leave technology conference write-ups to my esteemed colleague Jason Busch, but I thought I’d chime in on some of my takeaways from the 2016 Coupa Inspire conference. Coupa has wisely pivoted from its old slogan of “savings as a service” to a broader “value as a service” model. If Coupa is really going to align itself to procurement and help procurement alignment to the business, then it does indeed need to focus on creating value beyond cost savings.

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