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Experfy: WIP of the Week

big data Today, we present Experfy as our WIP of the Week. Experfy, launched commercially in 2014 within the Harvard Innovation Lab, is a work intermediation platform that allows businesses and expert data scientists to engage one another, conduct a project and complete the payment cycle. Experfy describes itself as a “Managed Marketplace [that] brings experts on-demand to solve [businesses’] pressing data, analytics and business intelligence problems.” In addition to two types of platform-based exchange or marketplace offerings, Experfy also offers businesses a set of consulting and advisory services.

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What Toyota’s Latest Supply Risk Event Teaches Us

Toyota supply chain Toyota's supply chain is much revered for its lean Toyota Production System that it deploys internally and at its suppliers. It does help drive out waste and improve product quality. Yet it’s “necessary but not sufficient” in running an end-to-end supply chain. This was evidenced by several recent events. Most recently, Toyota faced the threat of production line shutdowns in Japan due to a fire at an Aichi Corp. steel plant, which, given the incident occurred back on Jan. 8, makes the potential shutdown all the more shocking to hear.

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Intuit Releases New Research on the Attitudes and Motivations of On-Demand Workers

on-demand workforce Intuit has released the results of its research on those working in what it calls the “on-demand workforce,” its first report in a new series dubbed “Dispatches from the New Economy.” The research was a collaboration with Emergent Research, a company focused on the growing number of gig workers, solo entrepreneurs and microbusinesses. There has been little research that has been focused specifically on the attitudes, motivations and challenges of this new workforce. But the Intuit research, and the underlying survey methodology, is specifically designed to understand the behavioral dimensions of this new and growing worker population.

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Contingent Workforce Procurement, Supplier Diversity Programs, and Inclusiveness at VMSA Live

- February 2, 2016 6:17 AM | Categories: Conferences, Diversity, Suppliers

supplier diversity VMSA Live, which will be held Feb. 8–11 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, brings together and sets in motion all the parts of the contingent workforce supply chain in an intimate setting designed for interaction and practical learning. “Inclusiveness” is one of key principles that defines this conference. Inclusion can occur in a variety of settings, but one important manifestation is diversity supplier programs, a topic that will be featured this year at VMSA Live.

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Debra Adkins: Women in Procurement

- February 1, 2016 8:23 AM | Categories: Diversity, Industry News, Talent Management

Debra Adkins Debra Adkins is the contingent workforce program manager at Jeppesen Sanderson Inc., a Boeing company. It’s a role she never would have picked for herself — in fact, she never thought she would be working in procurement at all — but it has become a position she is passionate about.

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Coworks: WIP of the Week

Coworks Today, we present Coworks as our WIP of the Week. Coworks, launched in 2012, is a “work intermediation platform” that allows businesses to access and manage their creative talent, a large percentage of which are freelancers. Freelance workers have been typical in the creative industry for many years. Creative freelancers are engaged by businesses and agencies alike. Management reports that freelancers comprise 6% of agency staff on average but points out that for WPP, one of the largest agencies in the industry, it is 12%.

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Supplier Management in 2016: Onboarding, Risk Management, Development and More

supplier management Supplier management is a catch-all description for a set of activities and technologies that are often carried out in silos across an organization. From accounts payable-centric onboarding (also known as enablement) of new suppliers to risk management activities with a supply chain focus, to strategic development centered on joint cost takeout and innovation led by cross functional procurement and non-procurement teams, supplier management has grown to encompass a wide range of initiatives and numerous individuals both within and outside the organization.

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Direct Procurement in 2016: Manufacturing, Commodity Management, Supply Chain and More

direct materials sourcing There are many who would argue that direct procurement is procurement. Yet I typically define direct procurement, in the broadest sense, as referring to the sourcing, buying and management of ingredients, materials, parts, components, assemblies, packaging and related items, and services associated with “spend” that is accounted for under costs of goods sold (COGS) from an accounting perspective.

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Procurious and SpendLead: Social Collaboration is Finally Taking Off in Procurement

- January 26, 2016 8:20 AM | Categories: Innovation, Procurement Strategy & Planning, Suppliers, Technology

social collaboration Over the past few weeks, I’ve caught up with two upstart players specializing in the social collaboration sector for procurement. These two providers could not be more different. One, Procurious, is very much a private Facebook/LinkedIn-type model for procurement practitioners to network with themselves and share ideas, practices and more. The other, SpendLead, is centered on managing new types of supplier information and driving procurement interaction with a firm’s current and potential suppliers, as well as and supplier interaction with current and potential buyers.

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Don’t Just Reduce Costs — Reduce Trade-Offs!

supplier scorecard One of the most critical competencies that a supply chain organization can master is the ability to not only recognize trade-offs but to reduce them. Progressive procurement organizations don’t just get measured on cost reductions alone — especially just purchase price — but rather work cross-functionally with stakeholders to develop supply requirements and related performance metrics needed to support their particular objectives, and then work backwards to optimize the balanced scorecard so that all stakeholder objectives are considered and optimized.

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Visually: WIP of the Week

Visually Today, we present Visually as our “WIP of the Week.” Visually, launched in 2011, is a work intermediation platform specialized in creating “visual content” in the forms of videos, infographics, e-books, reports and presentations, social media, and interactive microsites for businesses. In this post, we will provide an overview of Visually’s business, platform and services and offer some thoughts on why procurement should be interested in this alternative to the usual agency suppliers.

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Globalization Creates New Avenues for Supply Chain Risk: riskmethods Shares its Predictions for 2016

- January 21, 2016 8:23 AM | Categories: Supply Chain, Supply Risk, Supply Risk Management, Technology

Supply risk As part of our ongoing series on what procurement technology providers see as the biggest challenge for procurement in 2016, we recently spoke to riskmethods to hear its thoughts on the topic. Heiko Schwarz, riskmethods founder and managing director, pointed to increased external risks, globalization and regulation compliance as the main issues procurement and supply chain managers will have to tackle in the new year.

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