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Studying Ariba’s Reinvention: Beyond the Headlines and LIVE Announcements

--Break-Breakfast-1007133E4A2B4999 At vendor conferences, the big headlines typically show what e-procurement provider marketing and communications executives want to highlight. But these areas are often out of touch with what customers really care about. Fortunately at Ariba LIVE this year, there were several quieter announcements and center points in the break-out sections focused on product capabilities and features – the items customers actually are interested in hearing. Some of these jumped out and grabbed my attention. While I won’t do justice to all of them, I will share a few...

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Unlucky No. 13 – Another Procurement Myth Debunked

- April 24, 2015 8:39 AM | Categories: Procurement, Procurement Commentary

QNFDIZPFN6 Pierre Mitchell was back this week to debunk another top procurement myth over on Chief Procurement Officer. This week we hit No. 13 on our list of 25+ procurement myths we think need to be discussed. The myth? The thought that using the Kraljic Model should be applied to define and manage spend categories. Read the full article here: Apply the Kraljic Model to Spend Category Management: Procurement Myth No. 13.

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Is Ariba Reinventing Itself? E-Procurement Vendor Overcomes Historical Legacies

H6BLP51A7R Ariba LIVE took place earlier this month, and while some may dismiss the latest happenings from the vendor that led the charge in creating the e-procurement market as simply trying to keep up with the Joneses (or Coupas), there was actually quite a bit of news announced at the event. And this goes beyond the headlines that suggest Ariba is beginning to assume some product leadership and innovation roles in the broader source-to-pay (S2P) market again. In a series of posts covering the event, we will tackle what we learned at LIVE and share our analysis of what the announcements mean for Ariba, its customers and competitors. In many ways, Ariba has a hard set of simultaneous battles to fight as it slashes its way to the frontlines of innovation in the S2P battleground again.

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In the Desert on a Horse with No Name – Reflections on the IQNsiders Conference, Talent Pools and the Shimmering Future of Contingent Workforce Management

desert-hiking-hot-3853-825x550 IQNavigator’s recent client conference in Phoenix, Arizona, where Jason Busch and I saddled up earlier in the month, provided a perfect environment for attendees' further thinking about the changes, challenges and opportunities that are now emerging in the services procurement category of contingent workforce management. I share my top observations of the event and the current contingent workforce market.

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Supplier Enablement and Onboarding Lesson: Use Carrots, Not Sticks!

- April 21, 2015 6:16 AM | Categories: Supplier Management, Supply Networks, Trade Financing

RKHZEX3629 Spend Matters recently spoke to a P2P process owner at a Fortune 500 beverage company. The hour-long conversation turned out to be a treasure trove of tips and tactics for improving the supplier enablement and onboarding process for e-invoicing and trade financing. Today, we continue the analysis looking at how this organization got more from the careful use of carrots rather than sticks as it brought suppliers up and running with Taulia (after previously using Xign). With supplier enablement and trade financing programs, this large food and beverage company found that carrots (and frequent, active and friendly communications) tend to work better than sticks, especially with strategic suppliers.

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The Case for Change Management in Procurement: From the Horses Mouth

JHAWWKPMEU Change management in procurement does not get enough respect. But some organizations are making dedicated change management investments that are paying off. As we conclude our interview series with Paladin Associates’ Barb Ardell, we explore thoughts from organizations that have gone through a dedicated change management process.

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What Does The CFO Think Of Procurement? Why Aren’t We Asking About Finance’s Impact on Procurement?!

Pay-Off There’ve been numerous studies that have asked finance executives to rate procurement effectiveness, with a focus on the credibility of the procurement-cited savings and whether the results are dropping to the bottom line (I even led such a study over 5 years ago). Not surprisingly, there are clearly some capability gaps here. But, is this really the right question to be asking finance folks? First of all, you have to consider why these gaps occur at all. We take a look at this issue in this post and also will be conducting a study in partnership with ISM on the topic.

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How Change Management Can Change Procurement For the Better

- April 16, 2015 6:41 AM | Categories: Change Management, Procurement Commentary

1129140-2590-D31A-402A89DD1F58ACC9 Many of us tend to dismiss the “soft” elements of procurement including change management initiatives. But as we’ve explored so far in this interview series with Paladin Associates’ Barb Ardell, procurement change management done right can have a huge impact. But how do you build the case for it? Today, we share some of the statistics that Barb provides in helping build the case for it.

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Successful Change Management Meets the CPO and VP of Supply Chain

- April 15, 2015 6:27 AM | Categories: Change Management, Supply Chain Management

arrow-direction-one-way-536-825x550 So many change management programs in procurement and supply chain fail – as do broader procurement transformation efforts that seem to be repeated every few years inside far too many companies. Today, we continue to share what we learned in our interview with Paladin Associates’ Barb Ardell on the topic. Also see the first and second installment of this series.

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Forget Everything You Knew About Change Management and Procurement

7C439FC197 Today, we continue our discussion with Paladin Associates’ Barb Ardell, exploring why we still ignore change management in procurement and supply chain and what is coming down the change management pike. Check out the first installment of this Q&A here, which was published yesterday. Today, Barb addresses the challenge of actually changing people's behavior.

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Change Management and Procurement: Sitting Down with Paladin’s Barb Ardell

climb-to-the-top-of-a-rockshenandoah-old-rag-Mt--110914988B312376 For those who love delving into such topics as total cost savings, inventory reduction and transactional efficiency in procurement and supply chain, there’s no more fluffy a topic than change management. But when the right change management programs sit alongside either targeted initiatives or broader transformation programs, the potential overall impact of efforts can be magnified considerably – and most importantly, sustained over time. In the coming days on Spend Matters, we’ll share an interview series with one of my personal favorite people in the sector, Barb Ardell, vice president and influencing change practice leader at Paladin Associates.

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More Procurement Myths Come Tumbling Down

- April 10, 2015 8:42 AM | Categories: Procurement Commentary, Procurement Research

763A6C7CE2 This week on our Chief Procurement Officer website, we rounded out the top 10 procurement myths and began another 10 (at least). Yesterday, we published myth No. 11 on CPO, When it Comes to Creating Value, Sourcing is Better Than Supplier Management: Procurement Myth No. 11. And, earlier this morning, we added No. 12, Efficiency and Effectiveness – You Can’t Have Both: Procurement Myth No. 12. There is many more myths to come, too. Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer and author of the series, had about a dozen more myths to dismantle for the procurement world. So definitely stay tuned to Chief Procurement Officer for what's coming next.

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