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The Gig Economy: Have We Missed the Forest for the Trees — or Vice Versa?

gig economy These days, one cannot swing a dead cat, as the saying goes, without having contact with the “gig economy.” The media are all aflutter — or shall we say, atwitter — about the “gig economy” or “on-demand economy,” both of which usually mean people doing low-skill, low-wage jobs on a contingent basis. The labor economics terms include “precarious jobs” and “casualization of labor.” Now, I’m not judging the “gig economy,” but have we lost our bearings? Has our attention been misdirected away from something much more critical?

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Final Thoughts From Zycus Horizon: It’s All About the Customer

Zycus Horizon The more time I spend in and around technology companies, the more I am struck by the dichotomy of vendors that tend to fall into two camps regarding R&D and technology investment. To wit, there are those that spend nearly all their time listening to customers to guide investment decisions and there are those that take the opposite approach by focusing on disruptive innovation that they believe customers will want to consume.

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Services Sector Growth Slows Amid Global Economic Contraction

Tianjin Growth in the U.S. services sector slowed in September, driven largely by a softening retail market and weakening of the global economy, the Institute for Supply Management reported this week. ISM’s latest Report on Business showed the non-manufacturing index (NMI) registered 56.9% last month, down 2.1% from August. In a conference call with reporters on Monday, an ISM official pointed to contractions in the mining and retail industries, as well as economic activity both domestically and globally for the slowdown in the services sector.

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The BIQ Legacy – Affordable Spend Analysis

- October 6, 2015 8:13 AM | Categories: Analytics, Contract Management, Technology

big data Since BIQ launched its spend analysis offering roughly a decade ago, other providers have also attempted to move into affordable spend analysis. I was in London for a quick trip in September and had the chance to catch up briefly with James Courtis-Pond of AnyData Solutions. AnyData, which we’ll be featuring a deep-dive review on in the coming weeks on Spend Matters PRO, is an end-to-end analytics platform that can be used for spend, customer and sales and other analytical applications.

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Study: The Global Diamond Supply Chain is Tarnished

conflict diamonds Companies buying diamonds from the Central African Republic (CAR) are not doing sufficient due diligence to determine who specifically is benefiting from the purchases, according to a new report out last week from Amnesty International. The CAR’s largest traders have been buying diamonds worth several millions of dollars without determining if that money is going to armed groups responsible for the ongoing conflict in the country.

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Upwork and Freelancers Union Release ‘Freelancing in America: 2015’ Study Results

Upwork Upwork and Freelancers Union released their jointly-commissioned study “Freelancing in America: 2015” Thursday. The report includes a sizing and segmentation of the freelancer population, as defined within the study, and assess a range topics, including freelancer motivation, earnings, attitudes and outlook for the future. This report is important for contingent workforce managers for gaining insight into this important workforce population, which will likely be a growing part of contingent workforce programs.

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Level 2 on the Spend Visibility Curve: Spend and Supply

- October 1, 2015 8:31 AM | Categories: Analytics, Sourcing, Spend Analysis

big data I recently introduced a number of foundational ideas and arguments about spend visibility and spend/supply analytics maturity, which I first introduced in the Spend HQ webinar The Spend Visibility Curve: Where Do You Stand. Central to my argument are four stages of maturity that procurement organizations pass through as they move to supply analytics nirvana. In this post, I introduce some of the thoughts that factor into my argument around the second level of maturity: spend and supply.

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MBO Partners Releases 2015 Independent Workforce Survey Report

contingent workforce MBO Partners announced Tuesday the release of its fifth annual “State of Independence in America 2015” report. MBO provides a detailed survey-based perspective on what it defines as the “independent workforce.” The report’s content ranges from estimated population size and growth rates to demographic and behavioral characteristics of the population. From a contingent workforce procurement standpoint, independent workforce represents both a new source of skills and talent to be engaged, as well as a new opportunity to bring additional spend under management.

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Sourcing and Measurement: The Start of the Spend Visibility Journey

- September 29, 2015 8:26 AM | Categories: Procurement Research, Spend Analysis

spend visibility Yesterday, I shared some of my foundational arguments about spend visibility and spend and supply analytics maturity from a Spend HQ webinar, The Spend Visibility Curve: Where Do You Stand. As part of this discussion, I introduced a 4-stage spend visibility maturity model that begins with what I termed “sourcing and measurement.” Sourcing and measurement provides a spend visibility foundation that continues throughout the model and, in fact, has its own layers as well.

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The Spend Visibility Curve: Start Here

- September 28, 2015 8:27 AM | Categories: Analysis, Analytics, Procurement Financials, Spend Management

spend visibility A few weeks back, I participated in a Spend HQ webinar, The Spend Visibility Curve: Where Do You Stand. During the discussion, I introduced a spend visibility maturity model that I’ve been thinking about for some time – and which I’ll introduce today and cover in more detail in subsequent posts in this series. At the core of the model is more of a definitional question itself: What is the difference between spend analytics and spend visibility?

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Where’s the Beef in the Information Supply Chain?

- September 25, 2015 8:31 AM | Categories: CSR, Industry News, Risk Performance and Compliance, Sustainability

burger What you don’t know about your suppliers, your supplier’s practices and your overall supply chain is bound to catch up with you – even if you choose to ignore it. A recent study illustrates why such diligence matters. Many fast food and fast casual restaurant chains have made pledges in recent years to end antibiotic use in meat and chicken. Yet according to the study, most of the meat used by these chains comes from animals that are “routinely fed antibiotics.”

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HourlyNerd Starts its Move to Engage Large Enterprises

HourlyNerd Spend Matters recently spoke with Rob Biederman and Patrick Petitti, 2 of the co-founders and the co-CEOs of work intermediation platform HourlyNerd. In that conversation, we got an update on developments at the company, including extensions of the original marketplace platform to support more significant engagement of large enterprises. This post presents an overview of HourlyNerd and provides a high-level perspective on the new enterprise-oriented solutions.

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