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The Week in Metals: Cannonbull Run


The optimism of a pro-business administration taking over in January has taken hold in the entire global industrial metals complex. Combined with positive sentiment about consumption in top consumer China, it has created a bull run wherein it seems that prices have been shot out of a cannon. We call it the cannonbull run.

When Procurement Takes Up 66% of Front Page News


Yesterday, I was waiting for the train at the Farnborough station with my U.K. colleague Peter Smith, who had just picked up his daily paper (The Times) from the newsstand. Reading over his shoulder while waiting for a Southwest Train (perhaps the only on-time one of the week), I could not believe what I saw: two (of three) front page stories centered on procurement!

Why Top Global 100 Law Firms are (Still) Behind in Procurement


The legal profession is arguably the last one champing at the bit to innovate. To be fair, there are several factors that prevent the legal industry from leading change or transformation efforts when it comes to process and practice. But in many ways, the inability to change (or at least change quickly) built into the inherent partnership environment trickles down into how law firms’ procurement leadership thinks about — and ultimately carries out — their function.

From Stalwart to Wunderkind: 5 Procurement Role Models


Your spreadsheet can wait. Take a quick break from the mundane day-to-day and get inspired by our round-up of men and women from different decades and walks of life who have brought innovation to procurement. Think of them as procurement’s role models.

Could the Cheddar Surplus Crisis Be Crumbling Away?


Spend Matters welcomes a guest post from Verity Michie of Mintec.

Over the past few years, U.S. cheddar prices have been on a rollercoaster ride. Record high cheese prices in 2014 encouraged farmers to increase production, which had been facilitated by low feed costs. Between September 2014 and October 2016, prices were down 32%, reaching a six-year low in May this year.

The Week in Metals: Bulls Everywhere!


This week started with lead and zinc hitting multiyear highs as metal bulls rushed to invest as and infrastructure demand continuing to buoy prices. Tin hit its own high, even as MetalMiner Co-Founder Stuart Burns warned that the rally is based on investment and not supply-and-demand fundamentals. Everywhere we turn, these days, there are more industrial metals bulls (even in India).

Porter’s Five Forces and Procurement Technology Suites: Suppliers


Michael Porter’s five forces provides a useful comparative framework to understand the competitive dynamics of markets. I recently authored a five forces framework exploring procurement technology suites based on Porter’s model. In this post, I’ll consider one of Porter’s five forces in more detail: suppliers.

Global Contracting: 3 Factors to Understand Before Involving Developed and Developing Geographies

change of control clauses

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Iyappan C., senior research analyst, FM/CRE Services at Beroe.

One of the clear trends in the current business world is that global organizations are increasing their operational presence in developing geographies and, as a consequence, procurement teams are forced to seek and attain benefits from integrated supply contracts including these geographies. If they can attain such integration, it will consolidate the organization's’ overall supply bases more efficiently.

Inclement Weather Patterns Drive Up Coffee Bean Prices

mizar 21984/Adobe Stock

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Avneet Deol of Mintec.

The average American consumes around two to three cups of coffee a day. With the average price of coffee around $3.28 for a drink, that puts annual costs in the region of $2,394.40 to $3,591.60. The cost of coffee beans are now at the highest level seen in two years, which means it may be time to budget an extra couple hundred dollars a year for your caffeine habit.

A Fleeting Manufacturing Boom Underway in the UK


Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from by Ben Orhan, senior economist with IHS Pricing and Purchasing.

The U.K. manufacturing sector is enjoying a considerable renaissance following sterling's slump over the last few months. A fall of around 15% against the euro since June has aided U.K. manufacturers considerably, with British imports suddenly offered at a relative discount for foreign buyers.

Contingent Workforce Management Practitioners: Why be Thankful for 2016?


I don’t know if gratitude is a common emotion among contingent workforce management (CWM) practitioners — that is, within the context of your business and professional lives. But I wonder if this week you might look back and ask the question, “Why be thankful in 2016?” And I wonder how you would respond.

Porter, Five Forces and Procurement Suites

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A friend asked me the other day if I had ever written a five forces diagram from the perspective of the procurement technology suite market, spanning product areas including spend analytics, sourcing, supplier management, contract lifecycle management, e-procurement, e-invoicing and supplier connectivity. I had not, but I told him I’d take up the challenge and put something together.