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Interest Rates Are at an All-Time Low! But, What If…

We’re currently running as a snap poll in conjunction with ISM. It's a super short survey and will take five to 10 minutes, max. The study is aimed at helping bridging procurement, supply chain, and finance from taking a cash-centric view about how liquidity drives supply. Our focus is on understanding perceptions on recent inflationary trends and the increasing cost of finance capital, among other areas. Study participants will receive the quantitative study results, but will also receive additional research currently being performed on what some leading companies are doing in these areas. For an extra little incentive, participants will also have a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card, and with only a few dozen responses so far, your chances are good! Click here to take the survey.

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CSR Initiatives in Supply Chain and Procurement: Tool Prioritization Trending

- April 21, 2014 11:10 AM | Categories: Learning / Research

When it comes to compliance tools and approaches to driving sustainable procurement initiatives, the relatively simple act of introducing and monitoring supplier codes of conduct tops the list. But other areas are gaining ground as well. Since 2009, the use of supplier self assessment tools has jumped from 40 percent to 62 percent (in 2013). Category/country risk evaluation model use has also increased, from 38 percent to 57 percent. And “specific supplier audit programs” have increased from 30 percent to 55 percent.

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See Jason Busch and Kevin Brooks Reenact the Founding of Spend Matters

- April 18, 2014 1:11 AM | Categories: Commentary

The photo in this post, featuring Kevin Brooks (now Chief Marketing Officer at FoodLink), Jason Busch, two glasses of beer, and two ordinary napkins, is not a perfect reenactment of the founding of this blog, but it comes pretty close. As the story goes, Jason and Kevin came up with the idea of Spend Matters over drinks, and Kevin had Jason write down the idea on a cocktail napkin.

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Coupa Gets Closer to SAP with NetWeaver Certification – SAP Does Not Get Closer to Coupa

- April 17, 2014 10:44 AM | Categories: Commentary, Industry News, Solution Providers

Yesterday at Inspire, Coupa announced that its latest release, Coupa 11, has achieved SAP NetWeaver certification. According to the press release that went out, Coupa “has achieved SAP certification as powered by the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform … The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that the Coupa 11 application suite is powered by SAP NetWeaver." Coupa’s choice of using NetWeaver for SAP integration is a pragmatic one for many reasons.

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Coupa Inspire Dispatch – Building Ecosystems the Old-Fashioned Way

- April 16, 2014 11:40 AM | Categories: Conferences, Industry News

I flew to San Francisco yesterday for Coupa Inspire (I’ll be presenting tomorrow). I first spent a couple hours wandering around the city with my family and taking the famous cable cars – now $6 one way! – but now I’m settled into the conference. And I’m not entirely surprised to find the entire event has been dialed up a notch from last year. There are more and more organizations here. I’ve already spoken to numerous Coupa partners and potential partners (some are very, very large companies) that are already or might soon start building out around the Coupa customer and technical ecosystem.

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Previewing Coupa Inspire: Procurement Game Changers and the New Supplier Engagement (Part 2)

- April 15, 2014 6:22 AM | Categories: Conferences, Innovation, Supplier Management

I’ve been busy readying and practicing the main stage presentation that I’ll be delivering at Coupa Inspire this week. While I tend to speak at least every other week on a webinar or at some event or other, I must admit to being a bit nervous about this week, given the importance of the event. Aside from Ariba LIVE, it’s without question the biggest procurement technology event in the market. The topic of my 45-minute talk is this: Procurement Game Changers.

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Previewing Coupa Inspire: Follow the Money – Cash Matters (Part 1)

- April 14, 2014 2:11 AM | Categories: Conferences, Trade Financing

In my talk at Coupa Inspire this week exploring Procurement Game Changers, one of the core topics that I’ll be exploring is the importance for procurement to “follow the money” rather than just keeping their eyes on goods and supply (e.g., services) that they’re purchasing and managing the effective delivery/provision for the business. The financial supply chain, as I often call it, can be an opaque and murky thing for those not accustomed to looking at the flow of dollars between organizations, banks, third parties, and their suppliers. Once someone in procurement begins to dissect it within a company, they’ll often be shocked to see how inefficiently cash moves throughout the world.

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Statements from Spend Matters and P2P/Supplier Network Providers on Heartbleed

- April 11, 2014 2:16 PM | Categories: Breaking News

Over the past few days, a software hole within the SSL layer of sites has come to light, forcing many IT and infrastructure managers to work around the clock to resolve the issue. You may have already heard of “Heartbleed.” Earlier today, I sent a quick note to some of the larger P2P and supplier network providers asking for statements on how they have addressed potential vulnerabilities in the wake of Heartbleed. We’ve included their statements below. Note, this is just a select group – we expect more responses from others. Please also note that all servers on the Spend Matters Network have been addressed and are no longer open to the Heartbleed vulnerability.

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It’s Time for a “Smartphone” Approach to Spend Management

- April 11, 2014 11:36 AM | Categories: Guest Post, Spend Management, Technology

Up until now, our thinking about spend management, and expense management as a subset of that, has been informed by the tools that we’ve had at our disposal, just like our thinking about communication was informed by the tools we had before smartphones. It used to be that we just thought of the phone as a way to talk to people who were not with us physically. If you wanted to text them, you could do that with a pager; if you wanted to email them, you could do that with your computer.

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Jason and Peter’s Great Dutch Sourcing Awards Adventure

- April 10, 2014 9:46 AM | Categories: Commentary, Conferences, Sourcing, UK/Europe

There’s a big advantage to living in a relatively small country. You can invite everyone who matters in procurement to show up for an awards event and book a relatively small conference venue rather than a huge arena – and still have some extra space left over. Earlier today, Peter Smith and I hopped on an early morning flight to Amsterdam to join our Spend Matters Netherlands partner, Gert van der Heijden, as he chairs the Dutch Sourcing Awards, which span both private and public sector procurement.

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Ms. Bossi goes to Washington: An interview with Jill Bossi, Ex-CPO and Candidate for US Senate 2014 (Part 3)

- April 10, 2014 6:30 AM | Categories: Procurement, Procurement Commentary, Public Sector

In this final installment of Pierre's three-part interview with Jill Bossi, they discuss the future of procurement professionals and the role colleges and universities are playing in an effort to provide clearer pathways to the profession. Jill explains the passion behind her run for Senate and what she hopes to accomplish with her candidacy.

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Ms. Bossi Goes to Washington: An Interview with Jill Bossi, Ex-CPO and Candidate for US Senate, 2014, Part 2

- April 9, 2014 6:25 AM | Categories: Procurement, Procurement Commentary, Public Sector

Pierre asks Jill Bossi about term limits, the arguably dysfunctional two-party system in America and diversity among other things. Jill is a former CPO with The American Red Cross and decided to take her procurement skills to the federal government. In Part 2 of her interview with Pierre she explains how complicated things aren't necessarily good things.

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