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Procurement Provider Patents and the Potential Risk to Practitioners

laptop & glasses On this Flashback Friday we look back to another one of our most popular Ask the Expert webinars, this one originally held in July 2014. Thomas Kase, vice president of research at Spend Matters, led this webinar Ask the Expert: Intellectual Property, Patents & Proprietary Procurement Solutions, which focused specifically on procurement provider software patents and what practitioners using these solutions need to know about said patents. Why is such information important for practitioners? Read on and check out the full recording of this popular webinar!

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Is Total Talent Management Really the Next Big Thing? Or is There Something Else?

innovation We hear the terms total talent management (TTM), holistic talent management and blended workforce bandied about with great frequency by analysts and writers these days. But when and how it will be achieved remain unclear. While some declare the time is right for such an approach and hazard conceptual roadmaps, others have wondered whether the idea is really feasible. This concept of a unified way of sourcing and engaging both permanent and contingent labor/talent is appealing and probably inevitable, but its realization is – even according to its promoters – admittedly still some ways off. Spend Matters believes there could be another, more near-term development, closer to home in the areas of contingent workforce and services that has already started to occur and is of more practical relevance to procurement. This is a trend toward a comprehensive independent workforce ecosystem and eventually workforce as a service, which will mean correlating capabilities and outcomes under an expanded services taxonomy. But what exactly is this other development? Read on...

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Forget Category Management, Start with Customer Management and Context Management: Part 2 – The Solution

- August 26, 2015 2:46 AM | Categories: Best Practice, Category Management

starting line In Part 1 of this 2-part series (published over on our Chief Procurement Officer website), we talked about the importance of not just having strong category management capabilities but also customer management and context management. In this second part of the series, we’ll discuss how to implement it in terms of organizational structure, roles and technology implications. Demand management is a combination of what customers want to consume and why they want to consume it (i.e., what are their goals and objectives). This Spend Matters Plus article offers advice for procurement practitioners on how to organize a customer management initiative and how to engage with your customers.

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E-Signatures and Digital Signatures In Procurement: Definitions and Considerations

e-signature While the terms e-signature and digital signature are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. Every digital signature is electronic, but not every electronic signature is digital. This may sound a bit confusing, but it's not with proper definitions. This 3-part Spend Matters PRO research series provides a foundation for procurement and supply chain practitioners to understand the benefits that digital signatures can bring to contracting and contract management as well as interactions with internal stakeholders, suppliers and partners. This first part provides definitions, a general background on the topic and the benefits and drawbacks of these tools.

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The Leap From Contingent Workforce to Extended Workforce and Services

leap This PRO brief proposes that an organizational shift is taking place from (a) enterprises that source and consume a very limited set of labor/talent resources (contingent workforce) through certain processes and technology solutions to (b) enterprises that are advancing to another stage (extended workforce) in which a broader array of labor/talent-based services can be accessed by internal business consumers. Some of the pieces of the extended workforce ecosystem are already present, but major gaps in technology and processes must be filled, and procurement must become interested in moving beyond its limited contingent workforce view and take an interest in making extended workforce a reality for their businesses.

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Trends in Trade Financing: Our Experts Tell You What You Need to Know

- August 21, 2015 2:23 AM | Categories: Analysis, Industry News, Trade Financing

Finance concept On this Flashback Friday, we are looking back to another popular Ask the Expert webinar we held back in April on current trends in trade financing. Spend Matters’ Jason Busch and Trade Financing Matters’ David Gustin teamed up in Ask the Expert: The State of Trade Financing Technologies to provide an impressively detailed overview of what’s happening in the trade financing world and how these events are signaling a changing market – all in under 30 minutes. Check out the full recording of the webinar and tell us if you have seen these trends play out during the second half of 2015.

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Clarifying Crowdsourcing: Contingent and Services Procurement Examples, Definition and Analysis

business workers Crowdsourcing is a word that almost everyone has heard, but few know the meaning of it. It doesn’t help that the meaning is quite fuzzy around the edges and is still evolving even among those that practice it. Yet when brought into sharper focus and spelled out in the context of services procurement, just exactly why crowdsourcing is of importance to enterprises and service and contingent workforce buyers should become more clear. If ever there was a case for procurement to get smart on a topic fast, this is it. This Spend Matters Plus research brief defines crowdsourcing and explores contingent and services procurement examples. It also outlines why we should all pay more attention to crowdsourcing and how best to educate our teams about how to take advantage of it.

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ESM Solutions Responds to Higher Education Customer P2P Needs

- August 19, 2015 2:37 AM | Categories: Analysis, P2P, Solution Providers, Technology

open book The IT procurement solutions market is not a one-size-fits-all space. Especially in the higher education industry, competition among procurement solutions providers has become more fierce. For one, you have ESM Solutions – the provider we will be focusing on today in this Spend Matters PRO article. Vendors in the higher education space can offer industry specific services and capabilities and onboard industry suppliers efficiently, giving customers the benefit of rapid savings, faster implementation and a more adequate pricing model. These features give ESM a better shot at winning deals among higher education customers. However, the provider is also aiming to gain a broader reach in the commercial space – efforts I will discuss in this first part of this series on ESM.

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Self-Sourcing Contingent Workforce: What it is and Why it Matters Now

worker with laptop and notebook Many service procurement and contingent workforce managers in mid-to-large enterprises are already at various stages of implementing supplier and spend management programs to control and enable their businesses’ consumption of a contingent workforce. These programs typically allow business users to submit a request specifying the characteristics of the kind of worker(s) or business outcome(s) they desire. It is the program, not the business user, that sources the worker(s) or project(s) for the business user. And the business user directly engages with the worker(s) or project resources at the end of the sourcing process. By contrast, self-sourcing, which will be discussed in this Spend Matters PRO insight brief, allows the business users to identify, engage, select and procure labor resources (today, typically independent workers) on their own, directly. Self-sourcing will increasingly become a contingent workforce buying channel, driven by user demand and enabling technology, and procurement and contingent workforce managers must now begin to understand it and prepare to management it.

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PRO Unlimited: Leveraging an Integrated Technology and Services Approach to Drive the Future of Contingent Workforce Solutions

light bulb I recently met with PRO Unlimited’s Senior Vice President of Product Development Ted Sergott at the company’s main San Francisco Bay Area office, where I was able to get further acquainted with this unique contingent workforce solutions business and where it is headed. PRO Unlimited is now one of the leading contingent workforce solution providers across several standard industry solution categories. It is also one of the few solution-led providers bucking the trend to separate software from services – and without apologies. This Spend Matters PRO research brief provides an overview of PRO Unlimited and includes a number of defining characteristics of the business and what makes the company different than other providers in the contingent workforce market.

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What a Devalued Chinese RMB Means For China Sourcing Strategies

- August 14, 2015 9:40 AM | Categories: Best Practice, Industry News, Supplier Management

Chinese yuan We recently received a note from a reader with questions regarding the latest China currency devaluation and how sourcing professionals ought to engage with their Chinese suppliers. The questions included: 1) Should I be approaching all of my Chinese suppliers for a 3.5% price reduction? 2) Should I expect to get it? There are several ways to answer that question. This Spend Matters Plus article begins with the narrow answer and then expands into other aspects of China’s currency announcements.

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Our 2015 Procurement Predictions – Did We Get Them Right?

- August 14, 2015 2:21 AM | Categories: Analysis, Procurement Commentary

2015 Target At the very beginning of 2015, the Spend Matters Analyst Team made more than 20 procurement predictions for the year ahead. Now that we are well into the second half of 2015, did any of these predictions come to light in the procurement and supply chain industry? To find out, check out one of our most popular Ask the Expert webinars of all time: Ask the Expert: 2015 Procurement Predictions – Part 1. This webinar launched a series of webinars in which Spend Matters analysts discussed the changes they expected to take shape over the next 12 months. In this first prediction webinar, Jason Bush, founder and managing director, and Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer, joined forces to tackle the first 5 predictions on the long list.

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