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Exploring Work Market: A Procurement Platform For a Post-VMS-Services World

- March 30, 2015 2:51 AM | Categories: Procurement, Procurement Research, Vendor Snapshots

platform-public-transportation-rails-3849 Work Market has tuned its product marketing pitch to a perfect procurement harmonic. It hits every note when describing its target market, discussing the nuances of previously unaddressed customer needs and above all, hitting on its “secret sauce” that makes it an ideal fit as an adjunct to VMS solutions in tackling the broader category of services spending. More importantly, Work Market backs up its argument with a freelancer management technology solution that matches the customer pitch with absolutely zero hyperbole or bravado. In this multi-part Spend Matters PRO research brief, we introduce readers to Work Market’s solution and platform and discuss why technology is such a critical enabler to encourage the adoption of a non-staffing contingent workforce.

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Best-of-Breed E-Procurement Smackdown: Choosing Between 3 Different Categories of Providers

1920568BD3 (1) For middle-market and large private-sector organizations, making a best-of-breed e-procurement decision used to be easy. There was Ariba (and then Coupa) and everyone else. But in recent years, the market has become much more fragmented – even among specialist providers – and an e-procurement shortlist today will not look anything like a shortlist from even the last Wave or Magic Quadrant. But here's the even more fundamental challenge: There is not one e-procurement market! This Spend Matters research brief examines 3 different types of best-of-breed procurement providers that are a proxy for 3 different categories of e-procurement solutions: Coupa, Ivalua and BuyerQuest. Each vendor represents different philosophies and brings a unique solution orientation and strength – as do their peers.

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E-Procurement 2.0: jCatalog and Vroozi – 2 Opposite Ends of P2P Innovation

E-Procurement on White with Golden Compass. It’s time for an e-procurement reboot. In a few years, the sector will hit its 20th birthday. Yet in the past decade, overall e-procurement innovation has largely stalled. That is, outside of addressing usability at the front end of the buying equation (i.e., simplifying the front end of tools to resemble a more Amazon-like buying experience for corporate users). But change is afoot in an important way in 2015, with both upstart and existing providers bringing new ideas and philosophies to managing indirect spend and new types of transactional buying activity. An earlier installment in the series covered BuyerQuest and Ivalua. We conclude our coverage of e-procurement 2.0 by exploring how jCatalog and Vroozi are bringing innovation in different areas.

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Building a Business Case for Addressing Complex MRO Spend in Asset-Intensive Industries

Brick-Wall-10211351BDAC83D7 Asset-intensive industries such as mining, energy (including oil & gas), utilities, chemicals, heavy equipment, construction and related sectors can meet, exceed or miss earnings expectations based on the availability of key assets and facilities in their portfolio, from plants to rigs. To maximize up-time and availability and to minimize the time to overhaul specific assets, many have invested in specialized solutions to manage plants and other facilities. Yet in the vast majority of cases, organizations have not prioritized specialized procurement solutions that could drive substantial savings, risk reduction and other benefits, sitting alongside asset and facility solutions including Maximo/IBM, SAP PM/MM, IFS, Ventyx, ABB, Oracle Asset Management, Intentia, Infor EAM and others. This Spend Matters PRO brief, the second in a series, explores MRO-specific e-procurement use cases for specialized investment in this area. Today’s analysis centers on building the business case for specialized investment in this area and provides recommendations to organizations on how to get started.

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Addressing True MRO in Asset- and Capital-Intensive Industries

- March 23, 2015 2:45 AM | Categories: eProcurement / Procurement, P2P, Vendor Snapshots

bank-notes-bills-buy-2114 As the e-procurement sector has matured, industry- and category-specific innovation has left a significant amount to be desired. The vast majority of e-procurement and P2P solutions today are generic rather than specialized, leaving unmet needs in the market. As one example, mining, energy, oil & gas, utilities, chemicals, heavy equipment, construction and related sectors collectively spend tens of billions of dollars per year on maintaining existing facilities (let alone capital expenditure to build new ones), which are not addressed effectively by traditional e-procurement solutions in MRO and related areas. This Spend Matters research note shares some of the innovations that one decade-old name in the sector, jCatalog, is bringing to e-procurement through addressing complex MRO and plant/facility buying scenarios.

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Supply Risk Management in Mexico: Tips and Analysis For Multinational Procurement Organizations

XBWD547R7K Supply risk management continues to be an important topic of not just debate but practice, too, within global procurement organizations. And on a more frequent basis, supply risk management efforts are extending “south of the border” for North American companies, as manufacturers continue to emphasize a more prominent role for Mexico and Mexican suppliers in their global supply chains. In this Spend Matters PRO analysis, we explore how Mexican companies are managing supply chain risk. We also share survey results from a recent study in the region and provide tips and lessons learned for multinational procurement organizations that are increasingly sourcing and manufacturing in the region as well as general supply chain risk management best practices.

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Procurement Technology Solution Selections: It’s Time to Show Your Hand to Providers

photodune-5035376-cards--xs copy In this article, we make the case for letting your providers know who their competitors are early on in the selection process and why this ultimately works significantly in your favor. In prior articles, we have talked about the importance – as necessity really – of sharing information about yourself and your goals with providers, all in the context of selecting procurement solutions.

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Amazon vs. SAP/Ariba and the Coming Battleground

- March 11, 2015 2:35 AM | Categories: Analysis, Supply Networks

boxer-boxing-fight-3797 In our previous installment of this series, we highlighted the concept of 3 basic types of value networks: physical, informational and financial. In any network guided by the invisible hand, when 2 firms in a physical supply network want to direct-connect and exchange information, they are happy to consider buying tools to connect or getting that information integration served up as service (and priced accordingly, based on the value of the information integration – not priced according to the value of the goods and services themselves). On the tools side, an increasing number of P2P providers have the ability to create “virtual catalogs” that enable a multi-supplier experience (which may also feature punch-out supplier catalogs – including “double punch-out” or “transparent punch-out” functionality) with an Amazon-like interface and even associated requisition approval workflow if needed.

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What to Expect in 2015 From VMS Vendor IQNavigator – Prospect, Customer and Partner Recommendations

SONY DSC IQNavigator is a vendor management system provider that is emerging from a transitional period (with new management, an updated strategy and perhaps most important, a re-centered emphasis on new technology ideas and platform innovation). In previous installments of this series (see here and here), we provided a company and solution update based on demonstrations and discussions with the provider in recent months, and offered an analysis on IQNavigator’s product roadmap. Today, we conclude this general coverage update with prospect, customer and partner (managed services provider, BPO and consultancy) recommendations to get the most from working with IQNavigator, as well as to plan for where the vendor is likely to end up in the future.

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IQNavigator Comes of Age: The Future VMS

Young-seedling-growing-in-sunlight-052114ADE6336E78 IQNavigator’s product roadmap and investments in big data initiatives around the future of talent management – including, but not limited to, contingent labor – yield a number of clues into the direction of the future of vendor management systems overall. While a number of items on IQNavigator’s product horizon are no doubt designed to keep up with the competition, there are new areas that are truly creative and potentially game changing around improving overall procurement outcomes for a broad range of services. This Spend Matters PRO research brief explores IQNavigator’s product roadmap and solution direction, highlighting a number of truly creative ideas ranging from the user experience, including the UI-less UI, and the future of prescriptive procurement analytics.

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Exploring Deem P2P, T&E and the Overall Customer Experience

- March 4, 2015 2:25 AM | Categories: Analysis, P2P, Travel, Vendor Snapshots

DD10104D23 Some may describe Deem (formerly Rearden Commerce) as part of the B2B “undead” – a provider that somehow survived many attempts to bury it. But today, Deem has emerged from a darker chapter in its history with a set of procurement- and finance-oriented purchasing and spend management solutions, some of which are highly differentiated in nature and others that do a basic job in core areas. In this Spend Matters research brief, we provide a cursory look at the evolution and capabilities of Deem’s solution for P2P and T&E. The first installment in this series covered a history of Deem within the procurement sector as well as a quick comparative glance at its spend analysis and contract management and products, including how they stack up in the market. The second installment explored Deem Sourcing, Catalog Management and Contract Management.

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Exploring Deem Sourcing and Deem Catalog Management

- March 3, 2015 2:30 AM | Categories: Analysis, Sourcing, Vendor Snapshots

blur-evening-sun-macbook-air-170 Deem is back from having taken a detour in its original B2B path. And this time, the Spend Matters research team believes it is here to stay, especially if it can carve out a strong niche for itself with creative technology and embedded contracts for the SMB market for procurement (along with solutions it can also sell to larger companies as it continues to expand and develop the solutions it acquired from Ketera and is also developing organically). In this Spend Matters research brief, we consider the evolution and capabilities of Deem’s solution for sourcing, supplier enablement and catalog management. The first installment in this series covered a history of Deem within the procurement sector as well as a quick comparative glance at its spend analysis and contract management and products, including how the company stacks up in the market.

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