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IQNavigator: From Strength to Strength – 2015 Company and Solution Outlook

PHE63L27S6 IQNavigator is a vendor management system (VMS) provider in the midst of an important transition, which includes “doubling down” on a focus on technology R&D in part by continuing to add R&D resources following the sale of its MSP arm, more aggressively embracing partnership with the MSP ecosystem than in the past and starting the implementation of a strategy to “roll up” smaller VMS providers in the sector through acquisition. In December, Spend Matters Founder and Managing Director Jason Busch spent the day with the IQNavigator team in Denver to drill down on company strategy and product direction and met with the European team in the UK in early February to get an update on activity from the other side of the Atlantic. This multi-part Spend Matters PRO analysis covers his findings and analysis, beginning with a 2015 IQNavigator company update and European market adoption trends.

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SM Talks to Coupa CEO and ZenPurchase Founder Following Merger

- February 25, 2015 2:22 AM | Categories: Industry News, M&A

apple-bag-collaboration-154 Following up on the earlier reports on Coupa's announcement that it is acquiring ZenPurchase – a recent startup focused on collaborative sourcing – I had the pleasure of speaking with the CEOs of both companies recently. Find out what the 2 leaders had to say about the merger and what is ahead for the new firm.

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Procurement and Insider Trading: What You Need to Know

door-green-lock-4291 Procurement has increasing access to multiple levels of insider information. And just as we have seen enforcement impacting procurement and supply chain activities centered on FCPA compliance, it is likely an increasing set of activities tied to potential information leaks in the capital markets area will come under more scrutiny as well. In the first installment of this Spend Matters PRO research brief examining the potential for insider trading based on procurement information, authored by Thomas Kase, vice president of research, we covered lessons from other areas of the business as well as introducing the types of insider information that could be acted on by those inside the company or shared with external hedge funds or other parties. In this installment, we explore what you need to know about the potential for procurement and insider trading based on increasing data availability within procurement and supply chain organizations and key action steps you can take to prevent breeches.

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Does Procurement Inadvertently Facilitate Insider Trading?

Pay-Off Have you considered the potential for insider trading violations and the ensuing lawsuits that could arise from access to procurement information? Perhaps this hasn't even entered your mind. With increasing data availability (spend data, supplier risk/management information, demand data) at the fingertips of procurement professionals and others in the organization, the opportunity to access information that could be used to provide an "advantage" in the capital markets has never been greater. Traditionally, such information (if available at all) was available solely to company “insiders” who could only trade within certain windows (and with other restrictions placed on them). In this multi-part Spend Matters PRO analysis, Spend Matters Vice President of Research Thomas Kase explores the growing potential of procurement-related information to create the opportunity for insider trading information.

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Is The CEO The Only One With Need-To-Know? Exploring the Brewing Information Clash

A78EC1EB73 How much information do you share internally? How much should you share? Who has a need to know? These are important questions to ask as you drive procurement change management and solution adoption throughout your organization. Providing timely information and presenting it in a way that makes the context clear in the hands of the right business users, who can take corrective action before the situation gets out of hand, is key to maintaining a consistent level of performance across the organization. In this Spend Matters PRO research brief, we consider the brewing information clash that companies are likely to face with exploding reams of procurement information available to an increasing number of stakeholders – and non-stakeholders – alike.

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Coupa Sets Itself Apart in the S2P Sector

public-domain-images-archive-free-stock-photos-3-1000x666 copy Coupa stands alone as the most aggressive vendor in the source-to-pay sector on virtually every level – starting with breakneck pace R&D development and continuing to assertive sales and partner tactics. In this PRO analysis, the Spend Matters research team provides an outlook for Coupa in 2015 and 2016 and offers their thoughts on what potential activities and actions mean for customers, possible customers and partners, including an examination of what the future for Coupa may bring. It is important to factor in both upside and downside potential based on multiple developments occurring in the sector, some of which are outside of the provider’s control.

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Coupa Looks Ahead in 2015 – History and Context

tumblr_nchz8vf3sG1qfirfao1_1280 In recent years, Spend Matters research suggests that Coupa has led the market for new e-procurement sales in North America. It also built material traction in parts of Europe – something that many US providers struggle to do. The European traction is all the more remarkable because Coupa brings a very US-centric view to P2P – empowering the end-user rather than creating a command/control catalog-driven structure. In this PRO analysis, the Spend Matters research team explores a number of scenarios and considerations for Coupa in 2015 and 2016 (including a potential IPO), and what it means for customers, potential customers and partners of the high-growth vendor. The team begins today by providing historical context for Coupa and outlining engagement tactics for maximizing value when working with the fast growing vendor.

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The Future of B2B E-Commerce in the Extended Supply Network

- February 12, 2015 2:41 AM | Categories: Analysis, eProcurement / Procurement, Supply Networks

FZQOV2XR3W We have previously reported on Amazon’s recent foray into B2B via e-procurement application integration, highlighting numerous areas where Amazon (or any online B2B network) needs to focus to ensure robust support for buy-side requirements. In this Spend Matters PRO series, Spend Matters Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell analyzes the bigger picture e-commerce opportunity in this massively complex market. We will be using Amazon as an entre to this discussion on the implications for providers, practitioners and the broader market ecosystem. Part 1 frames the broader discussion for this series. We begin by explaining and sizing the market opportunity.

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Spikes Cavell Goes to Xchanging: Product Summary and Analysis

- February 11, 2015 2:41 AM | Categories: Analysis, BPO, Industry News, M&A

Businessman hand touching M & A on virtual screen - merger & acq Last week, Xchanging announced it is acquiring Spikes Cavell, perhaps the largest global public sector spend analytics provider (measured by customer count), albeit still very small. This deal is about far more than blurring of the lines between BPO and SaaS applications within procurement. Along with truly booming customer growth and substantial organic product development within the MM4 sourcing suite – MM4 was the fastest growing sourcing vendor in 2014 by our count – we are seeing a combination of events that should be a wake-up call to Xchanging's competitors, customers and prospects. This multi-part Spend Matters PRO analysis, authored by the Spend Matters research team, starts with a product analysis of Spikes Cavell and a summary analysis of MM4 – and the likely synergies between the solutions. Our analysis will continue later in the month with competitive analysis and customer recommendations.

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Invoiceware Solves E-Invoicing Specific Country-by-Country Challenges

- February 10, 2015 2:18 AM | Categories: Analysis, ERP, Invoicing, Technology, Vendor Snapshots

Networking-102013329E0194F8 copy Latin American e-invoicing requirements vary significantly on a country-by-country basis. Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia all have – or will soon have – unique requirements. Traditional P2P and e-invoicing systems from SAP, Ariba, Oracle, Coupa, Ivalua and others come up short for meeting these localized requirements. In this Spend Matters PRO analysis, Xavier Oliver, Spend Matters P2P lead analyst and director for Mexico and Latin America, explores the challenges of localization in Latin America and how Invoiceware International has focused on solving specific country-by-country challenges.

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Invoiceware Targets E-Invoicing Localization for Latin America and Hits a Bulls Eye

- February 9, 2015 2:39 AM | Categories: ERP, Invoicing, Technology, Vendor Snapshots

C0EDF3BC74 Having and maintaining IT systems (ERP) processes and functionalities that meet government requirements of more than one country has always been a challenge for companies and providers of technology and services. Invoiceware International is the one cloud and network provider that stands out in leading the charge to untangle this compliance mess for companies operating in a single state or multiple Latin America countries. In this Spend Matters PRO analysis, Xavier Oliver, Spend Matters P2P lead analyst and director for Mexico and Latin America, explores localization challenges in the region and provides an analysis of Invoiceware International. We invite Spend Matters PRO Advisory members to talk to Xavier about localized requirements in Latin America.

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Services Procurement History: Staffing Firm Dominance Faces a Challenge

- February 3, 2015 2:39 AM | Categories: Analysis, Services Procurement & Contingent Labor

climb In this Spend Matters PRO research brief, Jason Busch, founder and managing director, introduces the ideas behind why Spend Matters believes staffing firms will begin to increasingly share overall contingent market share with alternative models including the direct hire of freelancers/independent contractors, talent marketplaces, individual “out-tasking,” alumni and shared interest pools and related models. We also provide a readiness checklist for procurement organizations increasingly tasked with managing services spend that will offer a quick, honest assessment to show if they are ready (or not) for new models.

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