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E-Procurement Head-to-Head Technology Evaluation and Comparison: Coupa vs. SAP Ariba

Coupa and SAP Ariba are among the two strongest e-procurement providers — and broader procure-to-pay (P2P) suites — in the Spend Matters Q1 2018 E-Procurement SolutionMap on a functional scoring basis. But how do they stack up against each other in a head-to-head bout?

Join us in this unfiltered SolutionMap results analysis from our Q1 2018 dataset, supplemented by commentary from Spend Matters Founder Jason Busch. These recurring Head-to-Head columns share insights from each quarterly SolutionMap report for SolutionMap Insider Subscribers, providing unique comparative cuts of SolutionMap benchmark data, along with the trademark quips that have defined Spend Matters analysis since its inception.

So prepare for some real data and expect at least a modicum of salty opinion as we pit Coupa and SAP Ariba head-to-head in the Spend Matters evaluation ring. Here’s a preview: In certain e-procurement capabilities — which span catalog management, shopping/requisitioning, ordering, receiving, supplier network, configurability, technology (overall), general services and a summary e-procurement average — Coupa gets the nod as the king of the hill e-procurement hill. But in others, SAP Ariba takes the prize. And at the final bell — well, we won’t give that away just yet. But the scoring might surprise you. (Hint: It’s bloody close.)

The Q1 2018 E-Procurement SolutionMap benchmark is now based on an underlying dataset featuring 19 separate providers, including all of the “biggies” procurement organizations can expect to consider in a typical selection process. Whether you’re in the market for a new e-procurement product or want to know if you made the right decision for your organization, our SolutionMap analysis and benchmark data can tell you the answer. Curious to learn more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Q1 SolutionMap℠: 40 Procurement Technology Solution Providers, Ranked

Spend Matters released its Q1 2018 SolutionMap, ranking 40 procurement technology providers across nine different solution categories — including an end-to-end view of Source-to-Pay (S2P) providers and their capabilities for the very first time.

Q1 2018 SolutionMap Release Notes: E-Procurement, Invoice-to-Pay and Procure-to-Pay

This Spend Matters SolutionMap Insider Release Note provides insight into the Q1 2018 SolutionMap release for E-Procurement, Invoice-to-Pay (I2P) and Procure-to-Pay (P2P), reviewing the process that we follow and highlighting what has changed since the last release.

The Q1 2018 SolutionMap release saw a number of changes from the Q4 2017 release. This includes the addition of the following new providers: OpusCapita, Oracle and Yooz. Additionally, a number of providers have received updated scoring based on the submission and demonstration of new production technology release capabilities. The SolutionMap analyst team also updated weights for select buying personas, to create clearer differentiation between personas. The Procure-to-Pay customer reference set now comprises nearly 200 different procurement organizations.

This SolutionMap Insider research note provides insight into these and additional changes in the Q1 2018 SolutionMap release.

Behind the Scenes: Interpreting Q4 2017 SolutionMap Results With Jason Busch — Jaggaer (and Jaggaer Direct) [PRO]

Today I’m wrapping up my series of observations on Q4 2017 SolutionMap suite providers with perhaps the most fun vendor of all to opine on beyond the data alone: Jaggaer. (Be sure to check out the previous installments covering SAP Ariba, Basware and CoupaDetermine, GEP and Ivalua; and BravoSolution and Zycus, too.) When I think of potential — using the truest sense of the word — in the procurement technology market, there is no provider more underutilized than Jaggaer, especially in scenarios where it can serve industry segments and geographies that have not previously embraced solutions designed for them. Below I share my thoughts on this opportunity and how Jaggaer did in the Q4 2017 SolutionMaps, with maybe a few Jägerbomb(shells) tossed down the thirsty Friday throat for good measure. Whether your mixer is a Red Bull or Heineken, sit back and enjoy.

Behind the Scenes: Interpreting Q4 2017 SolutionMap Results With Jason Busch — BravoSolution and Zycus [PRO]

Today I continue to offer my observations on technology providers that participated in the Q4 2017 SolutionMaps by turning to two suite providers: BravoSolution and Zycus. During the course of our analysis, I was struck by how different both providers are overall in what they actually serve up to customers and how they fit into the market, despite having similar product footprints. Comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges, which actually sums up quite well the odd, diverse and certainly complex category we today call procurement solutions. So sit back, relax and enjoy. And do drop me a line or post a comment if you want to add anything else to the discussion.

Behind the Scenes: Interpreting Q4 2017 SolutionMap Results With Jason Busch — Determine, GEP and Ivalua [PRO]

We recently published the Q4 2017 SolutionMaps across six different product categories and two integrated suite areas: spend analytics, sourcing (e-sourcing), contract lifecycle management (CLM), supplier management (SxM), e-procurement and invoice-to-pay (plus “strategic procurement technology suites” and “procure-to-pay” suites). Three of the providers that participated in all six core categories and both suites were Determine, GEP and Ivalua (in fact, the only other provider that participated in both suites was SAP Ariba). The full results of each tell three very different stories, but even their individual solution (and customer) narratives do not begin to get at the “whole vendor” — and what’s really happening in the market.

Q4 SolutionMap℠: 32 Procurement Technology Solution Providers, Ranked

With Major League Baseball playoffs in full swing, we're reminded of the fitted ballcaps some of us used to wear when we were kids, just like the pros wore. Then at one point, companies introduced some fitted caps that were incongruously labeled “One Size Fits All.” That promise didn’t hold up. One size never really fits all (some of us have bigger noggins than others, for example), so ballcaps promoting themselves as such miss the mark. The same can be said for traditional analyst rankings of procurement technology solutions. Behold, Spend Matters Q4 SolutionMap℠ — where we leave the “one fits all” approach behind.

Q4 2017 SolutionMap E-Procurement, Invoice-to-Pay and Procure-to-Pay Release Notes [PRO]

The Q4 2017 SolutionMap release for E-Procurement, Invoice-to-Pay (I2P) and Procure-to-Pay (P2P) saw a number of changes from the Q2 2017 release. This includes the addition of new providers and updated buying personas.

In addition, as new providers joined the process, solution innovation increased among existing participants and the number of customer references grew — approximately 150 customers in total for E-Procurement, I2P and P2P are now included in the SolutionMap benchmark — the overall SolutionMaps and scores changed considerably.

This Spend Matters PRO Release Note provides insight into the Q4 2017 SolutionMap release for E-Procurement, I2P and P2P, focusing on what changed from the previous release, including detailed analyst insights, updated persona definitions and vendor scoring criteria.

Vendor Summary Report: E-Procurement SolutionMap℠ Q4 2017 [PRO]

This SolutionMap℠ analyzes a select group of E-Procurement solution providers. It is part of our Q4 2017 SolutionMap report series, also featuring Spend Analytics, Sourcing, Supplier Management, Contract Management and Invoice-to-Pay providers. Our Q4 release also features SolutionMaps for Procure-to-Pay and Strategic Procurement Technology suites.


Spend Matters tracks over 50 procure-to-pay solution providers. This analysis features many of the largest e-procurement providers, including Basware, BuyerQuest, Coupa, Determine, GEP, IBX, Ivalua, Nimbi, SAP Ariba, Vroozi, Wescale and Zycus. Data from other providers is also included in our SolutionMap scoring benchmarks. Among the providers featured, this SolutionMap release includes select industry and specialty capability of providers, although it does not specifically highlight them in a specific “Persona” (a change from our last SolutionMap release).

Scoring and Ratings Inputs

SolutionMap ratings provide comparative rankings and insight into how each provider scored from a Solution perspective and Customer Value perspective. It provides a breakdown of Solution scoring for each vendor on an overall category level. This includes each provider’s comparative capability to support:
  • Catalog management
  • Shopping / requisitioning
  • Ordering / order management
  • Receiving
  • Supplier network
  • Configurability
  • Technology / architecture
  • Services
Solution scoring is based on analysis of individual vendor capability, including in-depth technology reviews, a highly detailed Spend Matters RFI and live demonstrations and Q&A by the Spend Matters team. The Customer Value score stems from aggregated direct customer input (survey-based). The SolutionMap also provides insight into how customers scored each Supplier Management vendor based on a Customer Value scorecard (e.g. likelihood of recommending the provider, level of value perceived, business value, ability to meet expectations, deployment speed, ROI, TCO and innovation). Spend Matters SolutionMap database includes over 275 customer references collected in 2017. Intentionally our “map” approach does not “co-mingle” Solution and Customer Value scoring, allowing readers to prioritize what matters most to them. Using SolutionMaps While Spend Matters does not recommend that existing and potential customers of providers use technology and customer scoring alone to shortlist and/or evaluate technology providers, the insight, along with SolutionMap persona-based ratings, provides a point-in-time perspective which may be useful as either a starting point in an evaluation or a contributing factor to a formal software selection process. Going Deeper in the Data Spend Matters reserves its most granular level of scoring and analysis for our practitioner advisory clients, and we invite procurement organizations to contact us for more information. For example, Spend Matters maintains detailed scoring insights and ratings in specific areas such as shopping / requisitioning (e.g., requisitioning set up, marketplace user interface, marketplace dashboard, profiles, search engine, third-party content, requisitioning process, systems integration, non-catalog, services requisitions, preferred supplier management, repetitive requisitions, help and support, shopping cart / checkout process, approval process / approval engine, guided buying, sourcing integration, requisitioning budget checking process, requisitioning inventory checking process, mobility, analytics, multi-currency / languages). This allows us to provide highly granular insight into how specific solutions compare to both an industry standard Spend Matters benchmark and peer group / competitive vendors, for each of these areas to support technology selection processes. We allow PRO subscribers — and on a much deeper level, our practitioner advisory clients within procurement organizations going through a selection process — to get into the data as much or as little as they require.

What is Your E-Procurement Persona? Understand Your Requirements and Mass Customize Your Vendor Shortlist (Q4 2017 Update) [PRO]

No two procurement organizations are alike. Each has its own persona that reflects not only its own value proposition and engagement approach but also the stakeholders it serves.

The same principle holds true of procure-to-pay (P2P) application providers. Each has a persona (or more than one persona) that reflects its value proposition, solution strategy and targeted customer segments. Therefore, procurement organizations should seek providers whose personas best align to theirs. In other words, there is no “magic” solution provider, and finding the right fit is critical, because a P2P application represents the main interface for most of procurement’s internal customers.

To that end, we are excited to preview our approach to Spend Matters SolutionMapTM, a comparative analytical framework for practitioners to evaluate relevant solutions to meet their procurement needs. Our SolutionMap initiative depicts vendor rankings based on specific buyer personas to reflect the unique value proposition, solution strategy and customer segments served by a vendor. Participating vendors are scored both on their solution as well as on customer value, based on in-depth tech reviews (including live demos) by the Spend Matters analyst team and aggregated direct customer input from surveys. Each SolutionMap is updated quarterly rather than in 12-month (or longer) cycles, to accurately reflect the pace of market developments.

As part of our second Spend Matters SolutionMap vendor comparison ranking, the Spend Matters analyst team has dedicated considerable time to developing the unique organizational “personas” that we’ve most often seen in our decades of experience working with procurement organizations. We have used these personas to weight the requirements that we used in solution scoring, which includes customer satisfaction scoring by solution customers.

Having collected feedback from hundreds of e-procurement users, vendors and consultants in recent months as part of our SolutionMap research, we see these personas as useful starting points for procurement organizations to classify themselves before looking at solution rankings of providers in the market. This multi-part Spend Matters PRO analysis shares five of the most common customer personas in e-procurement and invoice-to-pay (the two segments that comprise the P2P market), with a look here at e-procurement. Aimed at practitioners as well as vendors and the consultants advising them, this research brief is the first step in the “mass customization” of procure-to-pay solutions to meet specific organizational needs.

Below, we present our five personas for e-procurement. For each, we include the following: full definitions, typical organizational priorities (based on each persona), functional/solution and customer value emphasis and recommended selection processes. Comparative vendor rankings are published for each persona separately on Spend Matters (and updated quarterly).