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MBA & Company: WIP of the Week

MBA & Company MBA & Company, based in London and founded in 2009, is a provider of an online marketplace platform which — as perhaps suggested by its name — allows enterprises to engage independent business consultants. The company’s platform and network of consultants is bundled with a set of services — namely account management, final matching of candidates to client requirements and upstream vetting of talent. MBA’s platform and services effectively support a full lifecycle of source-to-pay (S2P) solutions (i.e., from talent sourcing to payment).

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Manufacturers Investing in Automation Due to Supply Chain Pressures

manufacturing Global supply chains are becoming increasingly “digitized,” as companies improve business processes and operate more efficiently using new technologies. Suppliers are investing in more advanced technologies and buying organizations are implementing more advanced solutions to procure goods and services. Manufacturers, specifically, are feeling the impacts of the growing digital world. A recent survey of manufacturers by the MAPI Foundation shows supply chain pressures are driving automation activity in the manufacturing industry.

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The Rise of the Platform is Procurement’s Future

- June 23, 2016 8:12 AM | Categories: Procurement Strategy & Planning, Technology

platform Many of us here at Spend Matters are getting sick and tired of hearing “platform-this” and “platform-that.” We’re sure you are, too. Part of the problems is just semantics. In reality, many "platforms" aren't really platforms at all. As recently pointed out by Andrew Karpie, lots of tech vendors just label their solutions as “platforms” for marketing purposes. This begs two questions: What really is a platform, and why are software companies pulling the proverbial wool over eyes?

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Software Buyers Need More Than Just Software Selection Advice

- June 22, 2016 2:30 PM | Categories: Procurement Strategy & Planning, Technology

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Michael Shearer, director of marketing operations at SelectHub.

The software market is awash with vendors and platforms for every business function you can think of. And there are thousands of people and businesses looking for the right feature/function fit. In fact, more than 300,000 organizations in the U.S. are in the market for various types of small business and enterprise software.

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Toyota Material Handling Talks Digital Transformation

forklift Last week at the SAP Manufacturing Industries Forum in Lombard, Illinois, we got a glimpse into how Toyota Material Handling North America is helping its customers with information about the equipment they use and how TMHNA manages all of that collected user information using SAP's Hana database management system.

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LinkedIn, Microsoft and SpendLead — Social Media Principles Enter the Corporate Software World

SpendLead The timing was really quite extraordinary. I sat down to write this article about our recent webinar — all about social media and collaboration in the context of procurement — and as I started it, the notification about Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn popped up on my news feed. Microsoft has paid $26 billion, which is not bad for a business with a patchy profit record.

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Lessons from Global E-Invoicing Leaders Mexico and Latin America

Mexico The 2016 e-invoicing report from Billentis points out how many Latin American countries now have considerably advanced e-invoicing markets. Mexico, specifically, is identified in the report as global leader for e-invoicing, with more than 5.4 million taxpayers issuing e-invoices for goods and services bought in the country. We reached out to our e-invoicing expert in Mexico, Xavier Olivera, who serves as editor for Spend Matters Mexico and Latin America, to share his insights on the Mexican and Latin America e-invoicing market.

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Public Spend Forum Launches New Podcast – Subscribe Today!

- June 17, 2016 10:00 AM | Categories: Procurement, Public Sector

Spend Matters' sister site Public Spend Forum has plenty of untold stories to tell on the government providing new and innovative ways to deliver goods and services to its citizens – and is now launching a podcast to tell them. The Public Impact Podcast is live with its first episode featuring Dave Zvenyach, acquisition management director at the Genera Services Administration's digital services division, 18F. We encourage you to subscribe and rate via iTunes, Android or email.

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eYeka: WIP of the Week

Crowded.com eYeka, based in Paris and founded in 2006, is a creative crowd contest platform specializing in brand marketing. It has also been described as “an online co-creation platform providing marketing and innovation accelerating solutions for brands.” In effect, the eYeka platform enables big brand companies to engage a crowd of individuals in a contest format. A request for creative outputs — with an award payout amount — is distributed to a crowd of so-called “creators,” whose submissions can be selected and purchased by the client company.

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Oil Companies Lay Off 350,000, Face Worker Shortages — Why a VMS Makes Sense

oil While the oil industry has undergone extensive job losses of late (to the tune of 350,000 worldwide) it may seem ludicrous to imagine that oil companies could face an issue regarding a lack of skilled workers in their industry, but here we are. With the price of crude oil in a free fall, companies in states like Texas (99,000 direct and indirect oil jobs lost in the past two years) and North Dakota (nearly 1,000 drilled but uncompleted wells as of March) are feeling the pinch. One way that oil companies can cut costs is through VMS adoption. Andrew Karpie, research director, services and labor procurement at Spend Matters, has more in this complimentary research brief, Why Oil and Gas (O&G) Companies Need a VMS: Visibility, Flexibility and Control.

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‘Industry 4.0′ Demands Supply Chain Innovation

- June 16, 2016 6:15 AM | Categories: Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management, Technology

manufacturing The latest wave of the industrial revolution, known as “industry 4.0,” is demanding manufacturers make major changes to business functions, including supply chain operations. The impact advanced technologies and data analysis is having on the industry is huge, and companies are needing to change how they operate to remain competitive. Industry 4.0 and the innovative technologies shaping this revolution were a major focus this week at the SAP Manufacturing Industries Forum 2016.

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Figuring Out How to Use Data in Your Supply Chain? Work Backward

big data Supply chain and procurement organizations are aware of the benefits data analytics can provide, but recent research has shown most companies lack a clear strategy on applying the data to make better business decisions. Often, organizations are bogged down in deciding exactly how and where to use supply chain data and how exactly it will provide value for the organization.

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