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Do More Than Follow the Money

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Matthew Holzapfel, product marketer at Tamr.

Procurement organizations are looking to deliver value beyond traditional “spent analysis” and newer forms of analytics that can help generate the intelligence to discover this untapped value.

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Doug Leeby on the Future of Contingent Workforce Management: ‘You’re Not Going to Like This’ — Beeline Conference 2016 Dispatch

Beeline Conference 2016 Beeline President Doug Leeby cracked open the 2016 Beeline Conference with an address that focused on how Beeline is preparing for radical shifts in the contingent workforce space. Leeby began by covering some history and basic statistics about the company and some favorable benchmarking comparisons, but he quickly diverted into talking about his vision of the future and some predictions. These were often punctuated by the statement, “You’re not going to like this.”

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Self Sourcing, Services Procurement and More: Beeline Conference 2016 Dispatch

Beeline Conference 2016 At the 2016 Beeline Conference, I’ve now spent a couple of hours in and around Beeline’s Tech Expo (demo floor) between last night and today. Two of the product areas that I wanted to investigate further stand at two opposite ends of the services buying spectrum: complex services procurement (MSA/SOW/project-based) and the freelancer management system (FMS) area.

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Beeline Conference 2016 Kicks Off: A VMS Grows Up

2016 Beeline Conference Andrew Karpie and I are down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for the 2016 Beeline Conference, an event that has grown up considerably over the years. There are 137 people in attendance this year, including, as Beeline shared, more than 60 customer organizations and more than 40 partners. The last time I attended a Beeline event, in 2014, it was nearly half the size. But the numbers alone only tell part of the story.

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IT Professionals Lack Confidence in Suppliers’ Ability to Protect Data

big data Half of IT professionals are not confident their suppliers have effective security measures in place to protect sensitive data, but many are not requiring suppliers to pass security audits and some even continue to do business with suppliers that fail security standards. These were some of the key findings in a recent report from Tripwire, which provides IT operations solutions. Of the more than 320 IT professionals surveyed, 47% said they are not confident in their business partners’ security measures.

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ICYMI: Oracle Acquires Textura

- May 3, 2016 8:24 AM | Categories: Contract Management, Industry News, M&A, Trade Financing

kritchanut/Adobe Stock Last week Oracle announced it would acquire Textura, a provider of cloud-based construction management software, for $633 million. In an article published on our sister site, Trade Financing Matters, members of the Spend Matters Analyst Team took a look at what the deal means for both companies. It’s a “stiff price” for Oracle to pay for Textura, the team wrote, but its offerings will complement Oracle’s existing product line.

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IQN Announces Additional Progress in Execution of its Product and Market Strategy

ra2 studio/Adobe Stock At its IQNsiders user and partner conference Friday, IQN highlighted four major achievements as it pursues its platform-based product and market strategy to “reimagine VMS.” With the core technology foundation of the IQN platform now completed, IQN has begun to roll forward with new capabilities to drive business value.

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Design-Centered Thinking and Innovation in Procurement (Part 1) — An Introduction

- April 29, 2016 6:20 AM | Categories: Innovation, Technology

design thinking In the 1980s, GM learned a difficult lesson about technology when it copied Japanese auto manufacturers in their use of robotics — but didn’t copy anything else. GM figured that large capital investments in expensive technology were the key design element in the Japanese supply chain. Unfortunately, the technology itself was complicated and was not used within the context of a broader supply chain design that emphasized lean manufacturing principles.

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Procurement and Spend Analytics to Drive Value: Public Spend Forum Webinar

webinar.image Governments at every level constantly collect enormous troves of data, but how to use it, and specifically how to ensure that data is feeding the correct metrics to measure your procurement performance, has been an ongoing struggle for the public sector. We’ve heard this time and again from readers and members over at Public Spend Forum, so we’re hosting a free webinar titled Procurement and Spend Analytics – Key to Driving Value” on Thursday, May 12, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. EDT. Professor Joseph Sandor from the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University will kick it off with an introduction to spend visibility, and then our sponsor BravoSolution will present a case study in which one of its public sector clients greatly improved its performance by improving its analytics.

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Listen up! Your Travel Data is Trying to Tell You Something

- April 28, 2016 2:30 PM | Categories: Analytics, Cost Management, Travel

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from James Filsinger, president and CEO of Yapta.

You don’t have to be a travel expert to know that hotel and airfare prices have a frequency all their own, constantly shifting up and down. The price you paid today could be dramatically cheaper tomorrow — or grossly more expensive in a week. But what can you learn by tuning into all this noise around travel pricing? You may be surprised at what these price fluctuations can reveal — or by the questions that can surface.

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IQNsiders 2016 Conference Kicks Off: VMS Reimagined

Global Procurement Tech Summit The IQNsiders user and partner conference formally kicked off Thursday morning with a series of presentations on where IQNavigator is today and where it will be heading this year and beyond. The main themes have been reimagining VMS, customer experience and “technology in action” in the “enterprise labor management” space. IQN President and CEO Joe Juliano’s opening address, covered here in our first post, set the stage for the rest of the conference.

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Tricky Business with Supplier Lifecycle Management

Spend Matters welcomes this guest post by Santosh Reddy, of GEP.

ERPs are funny. Businesses are even funnier. The last month saw me in extensive discussions with threes companies in different industries and continents on one topic – supplier information, from the moment a supplier is identified as a potential source to being selected for procuring from and paying to. The approaches and the reasons behind how widely the companies varied in their final solution left me wondering about the constraints on efficiency imposed by legacy systems.

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