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You. Jason Busch. Spend Analysis. 20 Minutes. Join Us.

If you'd like to join us for our quick-hit Get Smart on Procurement Briefing Series: Spend Analysis (in 20 minutes or less) webinar tomorrow at 10am Central, then you might want to consider registering now. As you may have read previously, Jason Busch is going to dust off his undergraduate and graduate degrees in history (yes, he once studied something entirely impractical) to provide an entertaining yet nuanced look at the history and future of spend analysis...in less than 20 minutes.

Yes, You Can Learn Spend Analysis in 20 Minutes or Less

Well - the basics at least. If you have 20 minutes to spare, we can promise you’ll come away with both a grounded understanding in the basics as well as tons of ammunition points next time you want to look smart with colleagues and bosses about where spend analysis is headed and what it means for your organization. Join Jason Busch this Friday, 5/23/14, from 10-10:15am Central for Get Smart on Procurement Briefing Series: Spend Analysis (in 20 minutes or less).

Introducing 20-minute “Procurement School” With Spend Matters Analysts

As you may have noticed, we do a LOT of webinars at Spend Matters. A lot. And we completely understand that an hour of your time is extremely valuable. So we decided to try a new format to target our practitioners out there who need a quick hit of procurement info but who, like us, are short on time. Our inaugural event is this Friday from 10-10:20am Central and features Jason Busch on spend analysis: From Access Databases & All Nighters to Big Data and Supply Analytics. He'll cover the history, evolution, and future of spend analysis...in 20 minutes or less. Click through to register and see the syllabus!

From Russia With Risk: Sanctions, Embargos, and Your Supply Chain [Plus+]

Supply Risk is coming to you! We couldn't convince Putin to join us on this week's Ask the Expert webinar, but we did secure Gert van der Heijden of Spend Matters Netherlands. He plans to cover how Russian sanctions might impact your supply chain, risk management tactics for this specific situation, different scenarios to consider, and solutions to support your contingency strategy. Plus and PRO members, please join us on Friday, May 16 from 10-10:30am Central for the latest Ask the Expert webinar, From Russia With Risk: Sanctions, Embargoes, and Your Supply Chain.

Contract Management Dilemmas – To Trust or Track the Supplier? [Plus+]

Trust only goes so far - but the same can be said for tracking as well! Peter Smith of Spend Matters UK/Europe will be our expert on our Plus/PRO member webinar this Thursday. He'll walk you through how to achieve a proper balance to assure that you're getting what you need from your suppliers - and they don't roll their eyes every time they receive an email or phone call from you.

Ask the Expert: B2B Commerce Networks Enter the Supply Chain Finance Space [Plus+]

Ask the Expert is back! In the last few months, there have been several announcements that companies are attempting to bridge the financing/banking and eProcurement, e-invoicing, purchase-to-pay, and supplier network worlds - Mastercard/Basware, Tungsten/OB10, Tradeshift/CapitalAid, Ariba/Discover, and Taulia with Citibank to name a few. These networks think they’re onto something big. What are these partnerships thinking, and how will they impact the traditional trade product sets – bank lines, factoring, invoice discounting, etc.? Join David Gustin (of Trade Financing Matters) this Thursday, April 10 from 10-10:30am Central for B2B Commerce Networks Enter the Supply Chain Space.

Webinar: Build Your (and Your Team’s) Procurement Skills

Peter Smith (of Spend Matters UK/Europe fame), as a former CPO himself, knows that capability is more often than not identified by procurement leaders as the number-one issue or problem holding back their organizational success. Pretty much every CPO Survey he's seen over the past year or so – and that's a lot of surveys – has that right at the top of the CPO’s wish-list. "IF only I had better, more capable staff, everything would be great." Well, we want to show you how to turn the staff you have into that better, more capable staff. Join us on April 11 from 10-11am Central for Sustaining Value: 4 Ways to Build Capability in Your Procurement Team.

Ask the Expert: Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Trends from Singapore and Malaysia [Plus+]

This week's Ask the Expert webinar features Thomas Kase on his recent travels to Southeast Asia. He spoke at ProcureCon Asia in Singapore - and also travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he spent several days with a local procurement suite solution provider, MyBiz, and some of their clients. On the webinar, he'll share some of his observations on procurement and sourcing trends in the region in the areas of CSR, corruption, transparency, multi-tier challenges, talent development, and more. Plus/PRO members, join us this Friday, March 28, from 10-10:30am Central!

Analysis & Analytics: Theory and Practice [Plus+]

This week's Ask the Expert webinar features Spend Matters Netherlands' Gert van der Heijden, who is keen to chat analytics. Specifically, he'll answer questions like: what is the current state of technology in this area? What are companies doing (or want to be doing) right now? How can you close the analysis and analytics gap? And finally...what will the future hold? Spend Matters Plus/PRO members, join us tomorrow, 3/20/14, from 10-10:30am Central.

Upgrade Your Procurement Scorecard – and Upgrade Your Procurement Performance [Plus+]

I'm filling in on this week's Ask the Expert webcast for my fearless colleague Gert over at Spend Matters Netherlands. Our session is a brain dump on 'everything I've ever learned about procurement performance measurement', especially drawn on my eight years experience at Hackett where I helped broaden/deepen its procurement benchmark and related set of performance measurement tools. My most frequent set of client inquiries by far had to do with this topic, and it's a really important one, and deceptively complex. We're even expanding the webcast to a full hour! Spend Matters Plus/PRO members, join us this Friday, March 14 from 10-11am Central.

How Should You Think About Supplier Diversity? Let Us Count the Ways [Plus+]

It's Ask the Expert time again. This Thursday, 3/6 from 3-3:30pm Central, Spend Matters UK/Europe's Peter Smith will discuss how we should really think about supplier diversity. How far does it go beyond a "feel-good" initiative? What are the real reasons to consider it? Spend Matters Plus/PRO members, we hope to see you on Thursday!

The Great P2P Debate: Pierre Mitchell vs. Jason Busch [Plus+]

We have a very special Ask the Expert webinar this week. Get ready for The Great P2P Debate: Pierre Mitchell vs. Jason Busch on Thursday, February 27, 2014 from 10-11am Central. Jason Busch thinks eProcurement and e-invoicing should have been breezy acquaintances rather than cozy bedfellows. Pierre Mitchell thinks he "must have visited Colorado recently..." and he "had to throw down the challenge and call bulls#*t." We've reserved a front-row seat just for Plus/PRO members.