Orbians Experience with Non bank Investors in Supply Chain Finance Structures

Noted bank robber Willie Sutton explained why he robbed banks. Willie replied, “I rob banks because that's where the money is.”  Once true for supply chain finance as […]

Forbes FinTech 50 Leader Aztec Exchange files for Liquidation

PayMe has filed for Liquidation Aztec Exchange, based in Ireland, wanted to be the invoice finance company for the Spanish speaking world, spreading itself into […]

Why don’t More Institutional Investors buy Supply Chain Finance Assets?

As someone said, its all about risk versus reward tradeoffs.   And that certainly applies to SCF.  Just what is SCF anyway?  Its like asking 5 […]

Will Treasurers Use Cryptocurrency to Pay Suppliers?


There are many projects and proof of concepts going with Blockchain technologies and trade, that I tell a venture capitalist friend of mine that while […]

Funding Modern Supply Chain Finance: from Banks to Others

The recent views and comments in the press about the inflow of non-bank capital to Supply Chain Finance (SCF) markets has been more wishful thinking […]

Can FCIreverse avoid the same results as SWIFT’s Bank Payment Obligation?

Recently, FCI and Demica announced an interesting partnership. In my words, it went something like let Demica be the low cost platform for supply chain […]

Is Private Equity doing enough Due Diligence on Fintech Startups?

I’ve read a number of pitch decks these past twelve months with some sort of Fintech invoice finance scheme or new early pay finance technique. […]

Event triggered finance is still all about the Approved Invoice

I’ve received several questions around the evolution of finance available earlier in the source to pay cycle, such as PO finance and post shipment finance […]