Give me my Share of Wallet, Bankers Cry


Look, I may not be the favorite son of many a banker, and certainly the lot has been demonized over the last few years (many feel rightly so for their short term compensation focus that is backed by implicit government guarantees) but I don’t want to go there today. I want to talk about creating value. It’s 2015 and we are increasingly moving into a connected commerce world. And just because you as a bank are part of a relationship lending syndicate and contributing a pro rata share to some company’s revolver does not mean you should automatically get business […]

Dubai test case for new Pcard solution

Government of Dubai, Citibank, Visa, and Invapay partner to offer Smart Finance to ease supplier onboarding and provide early pay access. Good for the Government of Dubai. They have partnered with Citibank, Visa, and Invapay to offer Smart Finance, a way to enable small suppliers to get paid early, even if it is by pcard. Pcards are notorious for having poor supplier take up, first because of the rich invoice discounts, but also because of the fact suppliers must sign up with their customer’s program, and could be doing multiple pcard programs with their customers. In addition, if you are […]

How Banks are investing in Fintech


Speed dating? Hiring Silicon Valley scouts? Investment funds? Partnerships? HSBC’s recent investment in Kyriba and BBVA’s investment in Taulia show if you cant beat em, join em strategy being deployed by some banks around Fintech. Or there is the Citibank method, put your toe in the water with a number of ventures to keep abreast of the latest technologies before they scale and become mainstream. The reality is that connected commerce, APIs, mobile technology, peer to peer lending, crowdfunding, and of course cloud and data analytics are and will impact bank product offerings, alliances, partnerships, organization structures and of course […]

Buyer-Driven Finance Programs driving Suppliers Wonky


Can Suppliers handle multiple pcard, supply chain finance and dynamic discounting programs?  That is increasingly becoming an important question. In today’s exciting world of Buyer-led finance, one must remember that companies do not just sell to one buyer. In fact, a company could sell to multiple buyers that have multiple early pay solutions going. Imagine trying to participate in a marketplace from C2FO, pcard programs from various bank providers, early pay discount programs from Taulia and Ariba, and seven supply chain finance programs. Think that’s not the norm?   It is increasingly becoming the norm for companies if they want to […]

Register Today for Our Webinar on Global Trade Cost Reduction

Join us Friday, April 24 at 9 a.m. CDT for Q2 and Q3 Metal Market Forecast (And How Bearish Markets Create Opportunities for Global Trade Cost Reduction). Trade Financing Matters will participate in the live Q&A session along with representatives from MetalMiner™ and Bolero. Also to be covered on the webinar is a mid-year metals forecast for aluminum, copper, steel and stainless as well as tangible takeaways on how mining organizations are trimming time and money from their international trade cycles. Attendees in search of CEH credit will receive 1 CEH from ISM, and will also come away with the following: Walk away with a 3 and 6 month […]

What the heck is an Integrated Receivable Hub?


We tend to focus on purchase to pay solutions and early payment acceleration at Trade Financing Matters, but there is much activity around order to cash. I mean not all suppliers sell to large buyers with nice early pay solutions. One solution gaining in popularity is an integrated receivables hub. A hub is a solution that is designed to aggregate payments and their remittance details received from multiple payment sources, such as lockbox, checks, wire transfers, ACH, and cards. Think of it is a lockbox on steroids. In the U.S., 70% of large corporations still use a lockbox Banks have […]

Social Finance in Emerging Markets with Advance Global Capital


Can business have a conscious? Much has been said about the benefits of microfinance in addressing poverty. I recently spoke to Admir Imami, who is CEO of Advance Global Capital (AGC). AGC was established in 2012 to be both a capital provider and investment fund manager, specialising in alternative investments with a social bent. They want to help finance SMEs in emerging markets selling to OECD Buyers in Europe and the U.S. Janet McKinley is co-founder and has over 25 years investment experience, having managed global portfolios for three of the ten largest equity funds in the United States. Admir’s […]

Upcoming Webinar to Highlight Emerging Trade Markets

Trade Financing Matters is proud to announce that we will be featured on the upcoming webinar, Q2 and Q3 Metal Market Forecast (And How Bearish Markets Create Opportunities for Global Trade Cost Reduction) on Friday, April 24 at 9 a.m. CDT. In addition to a mid-2015 metals forecast, the webinar will also touch on emerging trade markets worldwide and how the impacts on dollar are affecting those trade markets with importers/exporters looking toward untapped savings in the form of working capital and efficient operations. We will join Lisa Reisman and Stuart Burns of our sister site, MetalMiner™ and Ian Kerr, CEO, Bolero for the […]