Key Differences between Asset-Based Lending and Traditional lending

I often get asked this question, so here goes. The most typical type of Asset-Based Lending or “ABL” is made against the business’s accounts receivables. […]

Can Banks Really Provide Holistic Working Capital Solutions in this Digital World?

I hear many banks in the global trade, treasury and commercial finance areas are keen on providing holistic working capital solutions to their clients that […]

Key Players in the Receivable Finance Space

Traditional financing of trade receivables has been done by Banks directly and indirectly through credit facilities, by the Capital Markets and by Commercial Financiers. The […]

Reader Email Bag – SWIFT’s BPO, Marketplace Lending, and more

A few readers have asked is there anything SWIFT can do to revive the Bank Payment Obligation? One senior banker I spoke to recently commented: […]

The Wisdom of the Crowd Theory and Crowdfunding

There is the idea called the “Wisdom of the Crowd” and the idea is you can take the most sophisticated experts in any field and […]

Does Regulatory Arbitrage impact Trade Finance?

Banks, in being the primary originators of trade finance assets, are facing challenges like never before. Revisions to capital based regulation (Basel Accords) as well […]

Negative Press, Political pressure Force Aussie Firms to Back Down on Payment Terms

George Papanikolopoulos is head of supply chain innovation at timelio, peer-to-peer marketplace for invoice finance It’s not often you see two of Australia’s major corporates […]

Where Tungsten Finance Goes Next: An Interview with Prabhat Vira


I had a chance to have a discussion with Prabhat Vira, who recently was appointed President of Tungsten Network Finance, the supply chain finance arm […]