A New Beginning

Welcome to Trade Financing Matters (“TFM”). When Jason and I began discussions about creating a sister site to Spend Matters dedicated to trade credit and trade finance, we both felt the time was right to discuss the issues around the convergence of Banking and Finance with Supplier Networks, einvoicing, eProcurement, Purchase to Pay, and Order to Cash technologies.  TFM will be dedicated to Trade Credit issues impacting Corporates, Banks, Vendors and Investors.  We will work hard to help Corporates and Financial institutions better understand each other and be up to date with the relevant trade credit issues of the day.

At TFM, we have segmented the discussion into Payable (Buyer) and Receivable (Seller) centric solutions.  It is our desire to help facilitate this process with insightful ‘conversations and deep research, content and commentary from thought leaders, and insights that go beyond PR news releases.

There are many trends that are impacting how companies finance their Procurement and Sales, from technology to Regulation to zero based investing environments.  Our goal is to engage with the global community at large on issues and trends they and we collectively see, and do so in a format that is both user friendly and consumable.

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